Digging up bottle - drawn by Lloyd Marchand

Reggie's Antique Bottle Background

Reggie started collecting bottles when he was 11 years old. He would explore the woods near old chimney remains for old gulleys with rusty tin cans laying around, then start digging ever so carefully. To see our excitement at finding an old bottle still intact, you would have thought we were digging for gold! Now I'm told that if we had instead been digging old outhouses (or privies), we may have found some bottles worth their weight in gold. But convincing an 11 year old to dig where an outhouse use to be would have been a tough act.

Since then, Reggie has regained interest in expanding his bottle collection. But now he shops bottle shows, flea markets, antique shops, and the Internet. Times change, but the excitement of finding something special is still there. As Reggie learns more about this wonderful hobby, he tries to capture the valuable knowledge within these web pages.

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