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Antique Figural Bitters Bottle Hall of Fame

Here are some of the best antique figural Bitters bottles seen on the Internet. If you have a top bitters that you would like to show off here, then please submit JPG picture and description to Also indicate whether you would like to publicize your name/Email as the owner of the bottle.

See Antique Bitters Bottles for more info.

McKEEVER'S ARMY BITTERS with cannon balls on top and drum design on bottom. Height 10 1/4". M-58 in Ring's "For Bitters Only" book.
ZINGARI BITTERS with ladies leg neck that was sold on eBay by thedanoa.

extremely rare and important California bitters listed as (C-78) in Carlyn Ring's book 'For Bitters Only', and #21 in "Western Bitters" by Bill & Betty Wilson. It is a brilliant yellow olive coloration, 9 5/8" high, with applied mouth. This example unfortunately has a small hole that was repaired.

This bottle was made for The F. & P. J. Cassin Wholesale Liquor Company of San Francisco, which was only in business from 1866 to 1870, accounting for the rarity of the bottles. Of the known examples only a few are in this exceptional yellow olive color.

Sold on eBay by Jim Hagenbuch (eBay ID: simonsays).

W & Co / N.Y.

Figural bitters shaped like a pineapple, height 8�", embossed "W & Co. / N.Y.", with open pontil base

J.C. & Co.

Figural bitters shaped like a pineapple, embossed "J.C. & Co.", with open pontil base


figural ear of corn in yellow with green tint.


in rare aqua with original label.


figural ear of corn in black puce.

SIMON'S CENTENIAL BITTERS figural of George Washington in amber, Ring code #110.

This is a mint example of the original, and NOT one of the many reproductions.

Simon's Centennial Bitters figural of George Washington in aqua.

Another "real thing" and not the repro.

BRYANT'S BITTERS cone BRYANT'S STOMACH BITTERS pontiled in olive green. This is the best known example of a extremely rare bitters made in 1857. This example was sold for $68,750 in a 1998 auction by Pacific Glass Auctions and became the new world's record holder for the most expensive bottle sold. See Pacific Glass Auctions web page for more info on this remarkable bottle.
BROWN'S CELEBRATED INDIAN HERB BITTERS Medium amber shading to yellow in arms and shoulders, figural of an Indian Queen, Ring code B-224, height 12 1/4", smooth base (has felt pads affixed to base), ground lip, retains 80% of the original gold trim paint, American circa 1868-1875.

Reggie Lynch, Email:

Fish Bitters in citron
W.H.Ware Patented 1866 / The Fish Bitters

in yellow with strong olive tone

Fish Bitters in rare aqua coloration

Typically seen in amber, scarce in this clear coloration with amethyst tint. Ex Burton Spiller collection.

Fish Figural Bitters See-thru golden amber glass (lovely color), height 11 3/4", smooth base, classic figural bitters shaped like a fish, Ring code F-45

Yellow with olive tone - great color for this bottle.

Owned by David Jackson of Greensboro, NC, Email:

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