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Antique Coca-Cola Bottle Hall of Fame

Here are some of the best antique Coca-Cola bottles seen on the Internet. If you have a top Coke bottle that you would like to brag about here, then please submit JPG picture and description to Also indicate whether you would like to publicize your name/Email as the owner of the bottle.

For more info, see Antique Coca-Cola Bottles.

Oval slug plate embossed Coca-Cola / Bottling Works / Fairmont, W.Va. Also see full size view.
Amber squat embossed in slug plate Coca-Cola / CAP. 10 FL. OZ. / BOTTLING WORKS / ROCHESTER, N.Y..
Coca-Cola / BOTTLING WORKS / 30 FL. OZ. / ROCHESTER, N.Y. with A.L. ANDERSON on base

11" tall.

Label Under Glass "Coca-Cola" bottle, 11" height, with W.T. & Co on base.

See closeup of label.

Amber Youngsville, OH by The Giering Bottling Co.

in circular slug plate.

30 oz Rochester NY with closure
Closeup of slug plate embossing
Circle Coca-Cola from Jackson, Tenn.
These are usually only seen in amber.
Coca-Cola Wilson-Goldsboro North Carolina


Unusual squat shape, ice blue color, and circular slug plate embossing make this a very desired Coke. There are later versions of this bottle without the slug plate.

Sold by Reggie Lynch

Original Property of Coca-Cola Botttling Co.

Rare Hutchinson Coke with Coca-Cola in script.

Reproduction Property of Coca-Cola Botttling Co.

Reproduction of the above Hutchinson Coke. Note how bottle has even been frosted to make it look old. The layout on the repro is higher on the shoulders and larger letters than the original. Also, the neck on the repro is too long and has a ring around it.

Also see closeup of this repro bottle. Here is a picture of another repro without the frosting.

Thanks to Danny Ragsdale for info on identifying a repro.

The Biedenharn Hutchinson-style bottle is accepted as being the first to ever contain Coke after Joe Biedenharn started filling them with Coca-Cola in 1894. The ROOT bottles (i.e. have "ROOT 471 on the foot) were made after Nov 1901 since that is when ROOT Glass Works was first started. The most valuable hutches are embossed with Coca-Cola.
Original Coke script hutch embossed on front: BIRMINGHAM COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. and on back: BIRMINGHAM ALA. ROOT 405
Vertical Coke E.L. Husting Co. / Coca-Cola / Milwaukee Wis.

Only Coke bottle embossed vertically.

Huntsville Ala in rare honey amber Huntsville Ala S-S Coke in rare honey amber coloration. These are usually seen only in dark amber.
Union SC in very rare citron Union SC S-S Coke in extremely rare citron coloration.

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