Greensboro Antique Bottle, Pottery & Collectibles Show & Sale

Dealer Info and Sign-up

There are two ways to sign-up for a dealer table at our show:
  1. Online: read the info/rules below, then click this link to sign-up and pay by credit card using Square:
  2. By mail: print this page, fill in the information below, and mail completed page with your check.

Date/time: Sunday November 18, 2018, 9:00am-3:00pm for the Public
Dealer Setup: Sunday 7:30-9:00am, No Early Buyers
Deadline to reserve same table as last year: September 18, 2018.
Location: Greensboro Farmers Curb Market, 501 Yanceyville St., Greensboro, NC 27405
Info: Reggie Lynch, cell: (704) 221-6489, PO Box 2286, Forest, VA 24551, Email:
Web page with full show info:

I wish to rent the following:

____ 10 ft table(s) at $35 each - you are allowed one assistant - additional tables $25 each
____ 5 ft table at $20 each - 5 ft tables are NOT allowed an assistant
____ Total
Complete the following info and return with payment.
Prior dealers only need to fill in what info has changed since the previous year.
Dealer badge name and city/state: ______________________________________
Assistant badge name and city/state: ____________________________________
Mailing Address: _________________________________________
City/State/Zip: __________________________________________
Phone number: _____________________________
Email Address (optional): ______________________________________
Please locate me near these other dealers: ________________________
Signature agreeing not to hold the Southeast Bottle Club or Greensboro Farmerís Market responsible for any broken or stolen merchandise:

Make check payable to "Reggie Lynch". Fill out the info above and mail with your check to:

Reggie Lynch
PO Box 2286
Forest, VA 24551
No drugs or alcoholic beverages may be brought into the show area or anywhere else on the premises of the Greensboro Farmerís Curb Market. Food and drinks may be brought in for personal consumption, but not for sale. Concessions will be available in the building during the show.

Each dealer with a 10 ft table will be provided two chairs, regardless of the number of tables rented. If you only rent a half-size 5 ft table, then only one chair will be provided.

While shelves and anything else that goes on top of your table is perfectly acceptable, please request prior approval for anything you bring that wonít fit on top or under your table. Dealers will be responsible for providing their own table covering. All table have nearby electrical outlets, but you will need to bring your own extension cord. For safety and insurance purposes, no objects, sale boxes, stands, or the like are permitted in the aisles in front of sales tables.