Win95 Peer-To-Peer Ethernet Networking

Steps to setup Peer-to-Peer networking between computers running Windows 95 and using ethernet adapters. The computers should be connected with thin-net cable and BNC connectors. The computers connected together will be called a Workgroup. This type of network does not require a dedicated server like NT or Novell, but the computer that shares it resources (e.g. disk drives and/or printers) with other computers will be designated the server for identification purposes within these instructions.

  1. Start/Settings/Control Panel/Network/Configuration
    The following network components should appear: Use Add and Remove commands as appropriate to make your list appear as above. For example, to add "Client for Microsoft Networks" use Add/Client command. Or to add "NetBEUI" (which is a protocol), use Add/Protocol. If your network adapter card is missing from the above list, use the Add/Adapter command. The NetBEUI protocol is used for each ethernet (e.g. 3Com EtherLink III) adapter. Delete all other protocols (e.g. TCP/IP, IPX/SPX) from ethernet adapter. The dial-up adapter only needs the TCP/IP protocol.

    For File and Print Sharing, be sure the Files/Printers boxes are checked on the computer who will be the server.

  2. Start/Settings/Control Panel/Network/Identification
    Insure each Computer name is unique. Insure Workgroup name is identical for every computer on network.

  3. My Computer on Server
    On server, do single click on disk drive (e.g. C:) to be shared, then click right mouse button and select Sharing. Insure Shared As is clicked and enter a Share Name like "Hard Drive C:". Change Access Type as required - if other users will need to write to the server's disk drive, then click Full.

    Repeat for each drive (including CD-ROM) and printer to be shared. Not that you can also share a fax/modem by selecting it's driver under Printers (e.g. WinFax).

  4. Once all changes are complete, restart the computer (server first). Double click Network Neighborhood and you should see each server computer listed (i.e. those sharing drive/printer resources with other computers in the workgroup). You will not see computers listed that don't share resources.

    Double-click the server computer you want to access, and you should see a list of the drives and printers it is sharing to the workgroup.

    Double-click the folder icon for a drive and you will see the root directory listing of that drive. Double-clicking a program name will run that program.

    Before printing the first time to a server's printer, double-click the printer listed under Network Neighborhood to start the Printer Wizard which will setup any required Windows printer drivers and also allow you to print from DOS programs. After the first time setup, use your application's print command to and go to printer selection/setup to select the server's printer.

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