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McMurray Antiques and Auctions

Established auction house offering fine quality antiques. Operated by Terry McMurray.

McMurray Antiques and Auctions is currently conducting their 20th mail/phone bid catalogued auction of patent medicines, apothecary/drugstore items, paper, pills and tins and veterinary items. The closing is Saturday, February 8, 2003 at 10:00 PM EST.

A fully illustrated color catalog (including post-auction price list) is available for $15 from McMurray Antiques and Auctions, P.O. Box 393, Kirkwood, N.Y. 13795. Phone 607-775-5972. Phone/Fax: 607-775-2321.

Quality consignments are being accepted for auction #21, which will be held in June 2003.

Highlights for Auction #20 include:

LABELED PATENT MEDICINES: WARNER'S Log Cabin Extract and Sarsaparilla with boxes, Warner's Safe Nervine, Safe Rheumatic Cure along with 3 other Warner's, Dr. Agnew's Heart Cure, Dr. Leeson's Tiger Oil Cures, Primley's Speedy Cure, Dr. Kilmer's Indian Cough Cure, 5 different Indian Remedies, Peekham's Croup Remedy The Childrens Cough Cure, Dr. Shoop's Sarsaparilla, Nice Dr. Flint's Quaker Bitters, 3 different Dr. McLean's: Strengthening Cordial, Chills & Fever Cure, Lung Balm, Dr. J. Walkers Vinegar Bitters, Ayer's Hair Vigor, Hall's Hair Renewer, Van Buskirk's Sozodont For The Teeth, 3 different Merchant's Gargling Oils (2 cobalt blue), Cobalt Wisdom's Robertine, Mother Seigel's Curative Syrup, 2 different Dr. Miles, Pontiled Helmbold's and Rogers Canchalaugua, Selection of controlled substance bottle and more!!

TINS: Dr. Martel's Female Pills, Ponca Compound, Dr. Wordens Female Pills, Nature's Cure, Goodrich Ointment, Dr. Bells Anti-Septic Salve, Bryan's Asthma Powder, 2 different sized Dr. Kinsman's Asthma Remedies, Noyes Anodyne, sample talcs, William's Talc, Egyptian Talc, Nice Dr. hands Chafing Powder, Peerless Tooth Powder, Nice 5lb Try Moses' Cough Drops, etc...

PILLS: Dr. Kilmer's Headache Cure, Dr. Key's Kidney Cure, Hibbard's Rheumatic and Liver Pills, Brain-oids Cure Headache, Dr. Shoop's Tablets & Rheumatic Remedy, Dr. True's Aseptic Hair Wash counter display. Wood pill ovals and more!!!

APOTHECARY: Nice pair of hanging Show Globes with wall brackets, Counter Globe, Label Under Glass jars including some in cobalt blue, Dr. Simmon's Aspirin Laxative Tablets for Pain glass labeled counter jar, Dr. Pierce's Anuric Tablets counter jar, Set of 5 Merck inverted display jars, Early Drug Chopper, Brass Powder Folder, 2 Early Carbouy Globular Druggist bottles in amethyst & green, Great large size walnut and marble Pill Roller, Morstadt Cachet filling and closing apparatus, Eastman Capsule filler, etc...

VETERINARY ITEMS: Bottles = Early Dr. Wilson's Horse Ointment, Columbia Liniment, Security Antiseptic Healer, trial size Hammond's King of Cures, Elkay's Eye Wash, Morris' English Stable Liniment, Dr. Hobson's Fever & Distemper Tonic for Dogs, etc.. Most of the above with labels and box!! 8 different colorful Conkey's canisters, Dr. Daniel's tins, Nourse Gall Remedy, 2 different sized Bickmorine Powder Tins, Dr. Roberts Soothing Paste & Haverine Tins, Pratt's, Lamprey Healing Powder, Dr. LeGears and more!!!

PAPER & ADVERTISING: Featuring the fourth session of a Major Medical Trade Card collection (over 500 cards), Tax Stamps, 2 unusual Dr. Miles booklets, Almanacs, Nice 1883 Van Schaack Catalog, Broadsides, Reference Books, etc.

ADVERTISING: Signs = Rare Tin-Schenck's Mandrake Pills, Scotch Oil for Man or Beast canvas roll down, Celluloid Muller's Medical Discovery, Tin-Fellows Asthmatic Compound, Ayer's Country Doctor die-cut, Thorn's Sarsaparilla die-cut, Great Green's August Flower & Boschee's German Syrup Die-cut match holder/striker with black man sitting on a brick wall, Fee-a-mint and Castoria counter displays, W&S Cough Drops Pedestal based counter jar. Dr. Miles' Heart Puzzle, Lyon's Kathairon Pony Wagon puzzle, Hood's calendars, wood shipping crates and more!!

This auction will contain the first part of a 25 yr. collection of Patent Medicines and related items from a collector whose main focus was rarity, condition, graphics and eye appeal. It will be my pleasure to offer the collection in this and upcoming auctions.

Another great Auction. Don't miss out!!! Next Auction in June.

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