Glenn Poch's Bottle Collecting Newsletter 1

Welcome members, this is the first issue of GLASS FROM THE PAST:

This monthly newsletter will be as great as you the users make it, this includes letting me know when others wish to join this newsletter.

I hope that the regular newsletter will contain information on these topics:

and much more.......

The members in this group collect a varity of things some are mentioned here:

A few members belong to bottle clubs, and if you don't now let me know if your interstead in knowing where your nearest club is!

Bottles have been with us for quite some time, the earliest bottles that exist date back to the roman and egyptian empires where there was an preavliance of sand.

****Bottle value****
Those starting out collecting bottles can follow these guidelines when trying to access worth to a bottle:

  1. age of bottle (this can be shown through the seam marks of a bottle - if the seam goes straight through the top it is ABM (Automatic Bottling Machine) 1907+ erea, generally the lower the seam the older the bottle.
  2. second way to date the bottle is to look for a pontil scar on the bottom of the bottle this is a sharp ring or glass piece or indented iron deposits on the bottle (these are usually pre 1865) and add considerable worth to any bottle
  3. embossing - very important if the bottle is going to have value, this can direct you to its purpose and manufactur.
  4. label only bottles are generally less valuable then embossing and typically later, but both embossed and labeled examples are prime specimins
  5. color, condition (chips, cracks, stained - all lower value)
  6. rarity
These are six general guidelines to follow when dating bottles.

There are numerous books avialable on the market for bottle price guides:

and many of the general line books contain information on bottle prices (i.e. schroder's etc.)

This newsletter will also attempt to review a book a month to let you know of useful knowledge (while most are out of print your local library may have some) I know of about 40+ so there really has been alot written on the subject.

Information I need from you!
What can we add to this format? Did I forget to mention something you collect? Suggestions/Improvements E-mail me with any ads for/sale or wants or any stories or book recommendations and I'll try to include them in this newsletter. tell others about the letter and let me know there e-mail address.

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