Raleigh Bottle Show - Dealer Contract

Sponsor: Raleigh Bottle Club
Date/time: Saturday April 28, 2001 9:00am-3:00pm (setup times below)
Place: NC Military Center on Reedy Creek Road in Raleigh NC

The undersigned below agrees to the following terms:

  1. The dealer agrees to be solely responsible for his contract and all acts of his agents and employees, and releases the Raleigh Bottle Club and the NC Military Center from all claims for theft and damage to person or property from any cause whatsoever during the occupancy of dealer on the premises.

  2. The Show Chairman will prearrange table space. There will be no refund unless a cancellation is received in writing at least 30 days before the Show Date.

  3. Should the Raleigh Bottle Club be unable to hold the show at the location and/or on the date stated, due to any cause whatsoever, the dealer waives the right to any claim for damages or compensations except that the deposit made for this space shall be refunded.

  4. At least 50% of dealers items should be related to antique bottles or insulators, including go-with advertising. All items displayed for sale must be clearly marked with the price. Reproductions, repaired items, artificially coated (e.g. oiled) items, and articially colored items must be so indicated on the sale item. While other antiques are encouraged, no modern collectibles like Beanie Babies will be allowed.

  5. The Show Chairman must approve any furniture, other than tables and chairs supplied by the Raleigh Bottle Club. Table coverings will be provided. For safey and insurance purposes, no objects, sale boxes, stands, or the like are permitted in the aisles in front of sales tables.

  6. No drugs or alcoholic beverages may be brought into the show area or anywhere else on the premises of the NC Military Center. Food or beverages may be brought in for personal consumption. Concessions will also be provided.

  7. Each dealer is allowed one assistant, regardless of the number of tables contracted. Both dealer and assistant must wear their show badges for the duration of the show.

  8. Setup time for dealers will be on Saturday April 28, 2001 at 7:00am. Dealers may start bringing in boxes at 6:00am that day, but no items may be sold or placed on the table until 7:00am. Early admission will begin at 7:00am, so these setup times are fair to our paid early admissions. Show opens to general public at 9:00am. Anyone inside the show before 9:00am must be wearing a Dealer, Displayer, Early Buyer or Official badge or you will have to leave the show area. All tables must be cleared by 4:00pm on the day of show.

  9. Sales tables must remain setup and open to the public until 3:00pm, as it is only fair to the other participants and the paying public. No Exceptions. Anyone in violation may not be invited back to next year's show.

  10. Priority for renting tables will first be given to Raleigh Bottle Club members. After January 15, 2001, renting tables will be open to everyone.

  11. 96 sales tables will be provided for dealers. Each table is 6 feet by 2 1/2 feet. Two chairs will be provided for each table. Only the dealer and his assistant are allowed behind the tables. Anyone behind a dealer table must be wearing their dealer or assistant badge.

  12. To receive your pre-show package in the mail before the show, your contract must be received by March 28, 2001. As this show is widely expected to be a sell-out, it is recommended you submit your contract as early as possible.

  13. Dealer show packages, which contain your badges and other useful info, can be picked up at the Admission table on the day of the show beginning at 6:00am. Dealers wishing to rent any remaining tables on the day of the show must wait for pre-paid dealers to be processed first.

  14. Subleasing of tables is prohibited.
Please return the portion below with your full payment to:
Raleigh Bottle Club
PO Box 13736
Durham, NC 27709
Phone: (919) 789-4545
Fax: (919) 781-9668
Email: raleigh@antiquebottles.com

I have read the above contract and agree to abide by its conditions. I wish to rent the following:
____ 6' table(s) at $20 each
____ optional Club membership - $10
____ Total
Full amount for renting dealer tables must be paid in advance to the "Raleigh Bottle Club". You can alternately pay online with your credit card using PayPal at www.paypal.com - make payment to "Reggie Lynch" at Email rlynch@antiquebottles.com
Signature (agreeing to terms above): __________________________

First/Last Name: ______________________________________________

Street Address: _________________________________________

City/State/Zip: __________________________________________

Phone number (optional): _____________________________

Email Address (optional): ____________________________

Badge names (2 per dealer) 1: ____________________ 2: __________________

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