Raleigh Bottle Club - April 2002 Newsletter

Club typically meets the first Tuesday of each month. Next meeting: Tuesday May 7, 2002 7-9pm
Meeting will be at Clancey & Theys Construction - see directions below
Presentation: Follow-up/feedback on April 27th show - bring bottles you picked up at show

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The Raleigh Bottle Club is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for area antique bottle collectors to get together, talk bottles, buy/sell/trade, organize club digs, and just have fun. The club also serves the community by answering bottle questions and sponsoring an annual Bottle Show and Sale. The public can bring their bottles to club meetings for free appraisals and possibly sell them.

Current 2001/2002 officers:
David Tingen
John Arnold
Frank Bishop
Reggie Lynch
Newsletter Editor
Show Chairman
Ronald Hinsley
Co-Show Chairman
Raleigh Bottle Club
Web: www.antiquebottles.com/raleigh/
Phone: (919) 789-4545, FAX: (561) 760-6246
All past newsletters are stored on the club web page for quick&easy reference, so there is no need to print and save them.

Meetings are open to the public, so drop by and check us out. We hope you'll consider joining the club. Club members receive the monthly newsletter, run free ads, and participate in all the fun and benefits the club has to offer.

Business & Misc

28 people attended the Apr 2 meeting at Clancey & Theys in downtown Raleigh. March minutes and treasurer report were approved. Club approved next meeting for Tue May 7 7pm at Clancey & Theys in downtown Raleigh (our regular spot). May meeting will be used to discuss how the show went and share any finds, with plenty of time left over for show&tell and buying&selling. For future presentation possibilities, see below.

Spring show was discussed - see below for details, especially the added Fri 4-7pm dealer setup.

Burney Auction - Dunn, NC

The estate auction of deceased bottle collector Ira Burney was held April 20, 2002 in Dunn, NC. There were more bottles at this auction than any I've every seen before. Some of the top bottles sold were:
  1. Casper's 4 cities half pint sold $370 - see pic below.
  2. Amber slug plate Ronceverte WV Pepsi sold $350, even with a divot out of the back.
  3. Aqua slug plate Ronceverte WV Pepsi sold $200 to Reggie.
Click to see enlargement

Happy buyer with � pint Casper's 4 cities bottle. See closeup.

Click to see enlargement

Auctioneer calling the action and selling lots of bottles at Dunn.

Membership - Renewal - Directory

We added 3 new paying members in April: Mark Robbins, Phil Glass, Jerry Jones. Total paid members: 106. Number newsletters mailed by post: 53, Emailed: 905.

Dues are $10 individual, $15 family. To join the Raleigh Bottle Club, please use the Membership Application web form or contact Reggie for a printed copy. The club newsletter is distributed to over 700 people, mostly in NC and the surrounding states. Members can place free ads, which will be seen by a large number of collectors in our area.

Click to see enlargement


The April raffle raised $40 for the club.

At right is a photo of some of the raffle bottles being offerred at our May 7 meeting. From left to right they are: amber blob top beer embossed "SIMMS & McNABB / THURMOND / W.VA.", BIM crown top CHRISTO-COLA with 5 cent logo and "HINTON, W.VA." in rectangular slug plate, pint milk with "MUNICIPAL MILK / PLANT / TARBORO, N.C." in circular slug plate, rectangular BIM medicine embossed "CHAMBERLAIN'S / COLIC CHOLERA & / DIARRHEA REMEDY", and straight-sided script "Coca-Cola" from Clifton Forge, VA. Raffle will include other bottles to be furnished at meeting.

Club members are encouraged to bring in bottles for the raffle we will have at each meeting. The raffle is fun for everyone and helps add money to the club treasury. For nicer bottles, the club treasury can reimburse the wholesale cost to the donator. Contact the treasurer before the raffle to make arrangements.

Show & Tell / Bottles For Sale

Members are encouraged to bring bottles into meetings for show and tell. These bottles are good candidates for pictures and maybe stories in our newsletter. But it's also a lot of fun to share and is a big part of what our hobby is about. Members are also encouraged to bring in bottles for sale, since the opportunity to buy nice bottles is another reason people come to meetings.

Sorry, but no pictures available from April meeting since Reggie forgot the camera. But some good things showed up, including a half pint strap flask embossed "CLAYTON DISPENSARY / HONEST MEASURE / CLAYTON, N.C." dug recently by Jack Murdock. David Tingen showed a hutch style bottle with marble stopper embossed "TALLMAN / GREENSBORO, N.C.".

Raleigh Spring Show

The April 27th show came off wonderfully in our new location in the Holshouser Building on the NC State Fairgrounds. Below are some pictures from the show. Once again we had some top rated displays - a big thanks to all our displayers.

About 85 dealer tables were sold, down from last year because of the conflict with Harrisonburg VA show that ended up on the same weekend. Next year we will work to avoid this conflict.

Click to see enlargement
Some of the buying action at the show.
Click to see enlargement
Scott Berry (a.k.a. "the sodapop kid") and his wife chat with a prospective buyer.
Click to see enlargement
Scott Berry's display of Odd Colors, with some rare broken bottles (i.e. heartbreakers or "crying glass")
Click to see enlargement
Jerry Icenhour's milk bottle display won 3rd place.
Click to see enlargement
Gary Arnolds "Mountain Dew in NC" display won 2nd place.
Click to see enlargement
Donnie Medlin's NC Whiskey Flask display won 1st place and People's Choice ribbons. Here's a better picture of the display.
Click to see enlargement
Marge McGee of Baltimore won "Most Educational" with her display on Ramon's Remedies.
Click to see enlargement
Randy Kiger showed this impressive BIM crown top beer bottle with ladies leg neck embossed "Wm. TALLMAN / Schlitz / GREENSBORO, N.C.".

Recent Finds

If you have any recent finds to post here, or just want to share a favorite bottle, please submit info to the newsletter editor Reggie Lynch. Most pictures can be clicked to see the original full view before it was cropped to fit here.

Click to see enlargement

Quart size strap-sided flask embossed in circular slug plate HOLBROOK AND WINFREE TRADE STREET WINSTON,N.C. was won on eBay by David Jackson.

Click to see enlargement

Bowling-pin style bottle embossed COCA COLA BOTTLING WORKS TARBORO NC. in circular slug plate sold for $372 on eBay.

Click to see enlargement

Quart size strap-sided flask embossed SHERMER & PHILLIPS / FINE LIQUORS / WINSTON, N.C. was bought on eBay by club member Donnie Medlin.

Click to see enlargement

Bowling pin bottle embossed Indian Rock GingerAle / COCA-COLA / BOTTLING CO / ROANOKE RAPIDS, N.C. was won on eBay by club member Bill Owen.

Click to see enlargement

1924 Pepsi letterhead from E.R. Mixon in Washington, NC was won on eBay by Bill Owen. Also see full size view.

Click to see enlargement

Rare script slug plate Coca-Cola from Live Oak, FL won by Bill Owen. Unfortunate crack in this example, but still a very nice bottle.

Click to see enlargement

Amber squat embossed on front with "F. DUSCH / RICHMOND VA� and on back with �XXX PORTER / THIS BOTTLE IS NEVER SOLD�. Sold on eBay for $578.

Click to see enlargement


Click to see enlargement

Damaged hutch soda embossed "WAGNER / BOTTLING WORKS / KINSTON, N.C." sold $177 on eBay.

Amber Hobbleskirt Coke that has been irradiated

Presentation: Fake Bottle Colors

No presentation at the meeting, so I'll use this space to share some important info on fake bottle colors. The comments below are my own opinion based on discussions with numerous bottle experts, some who disagree (typically the ones trying to sell the irradiated bottles). I welcome any rebuttal comments to this and will publish the feedback in the next newsletter. This always seems to be a controverial topic, but one that new collectors need to be aware of. Direct your feedback to Reggie at rlynch@antiquebottles.com. For more info on bottle colors, be sure to see this web page: www.antiquebottles.com/color

Here are several bottles that popped up recently on eBay. Some are their original color, some are sun colored, and some have been altered to produce a fake color. The fake deep purple color is achieved by irradiating the bottle in a commercial machine (a process I call "nuking"). The only bottles that will turn this color are 1895-1910 clear bottles that contained manganese. The more manganese, the deeper the purple color can become. The early clear Coke and Pepsi bottles contained manganese.

Noone disagrees that irradiating clear bottles with manganese produces a beautiful deep purple color. And since Coke/Pepsi colors are pretty boring (mostly aqua or amber), adding a splash of color to your collection on the shelf is a nice addition. I know reputable dealers that run the bottles through the irradition process, but they are quick to disclose up front that the bottle has been irradiated. But what hurts the hobby is when unscrupulous dealers pass these bottles off as being the original color. Some dealers justify that the bottle would have eventually turned purple after years of intensive exposure to outdoor sunlight, and that the irradiation process is just hurrying along the natural process. Long enough exposure to sunlight should attain the same results as irradiation. But typically sun colored bottles just achieve a nice amethyst/purple tint.

When the same irradiation process is applied to an aqua bottle, the bottle turns a brownish color. This is how amber hobbleskirt Coke bottles are produced (one is pictured above right). There are no natural hobbleskirt Cokes with an amber color, despite the claims of many trying to sell them on eBay as a rare, limited production, or experimental bottle.

Click to see enlargement

Slug plate Jacksonville FL Pepsi:Cola that has been irradiated to get the dark purple color. When asked, this seller acknowledged the bottle may have been irradiated.

Click to see enlargement

Richmond, VA Pepsi:Cola with original amethyst tint (has not been altered). Beautiful natural color.

Click to see enlargement

The seller claims this Rome GA S-S Coke bottle achieved its dark purple color through long exposure to sunlight and was never "nuked".

Click to see enlargement

This J.&E. MAHONEY DISTILLERS flask sold by Don Goodman has a wonderful sun-colored amethyst tint.

Future Presentations

Looking for other people to sign-up for presentations at future meetings, so please let us know when you would be willing to present. Presentations can be 5 to 60 minutes in length, and you can pick most any topic related to bottles and go-withs. There will be no presentation at the first meeting of each quarter to allow more time for chatting and buying/selling. May get Jimmie Wood to do ACL's and Charlie Perry to do White House Vinegar? Vernon Capps has offered to do USA Hospital bottles. Russell Griffin has offered to do Coke bottles. Sonny Howell has offerred to do a Sat presentation at Granddaddy's. John Patterson has offered to do a Sat presentation on NC milk bottles at Granddaddy's. Jerry Roughton wrote the book on NC medicines and has agreed to do a presentation on this topic and NC saloon tokens. Will Gorges may present on Civil War era. Talked about a Spring picnic and presentation at Donnie Medlin's house in Louisburg.

Meeting Location

Regular club meetings are held 7-9pm on the first Tuesday of each month at Clancy & Theys Construction Company where club member John Arnold works. Company is located at 516 W. Cabarrus Street in downtown Raleigh. Park in back of building by driving down road that runs between Clancy building and the AmTrak Station, then take first left that will take you behind the Clancy building. Use door at back center of building (door is locked, so knock on window to left where you will see club members). If you need help finding the meeting, call John Arnold (919) 427-0334 or Reggie Lynch (919) 612-0259 on their mobile phones.

Directions from the 440 Beltline: Take Glenwood Ave exit and head in town (away from Crabtree Valley Mall). Cross bridge over Wade Ave and turn right to "clover leaf" onto Wade Ave heading downtown. Merge right onto Capital Blvd heading downtown. Capital Blvd becomes N. Dawson St. Continue 0.7mi and turn right onto W. Cabarrus St. Cross railroad tracks, and just pass the Amtrak Station on right is #516 "Clancy & Theys Construction Co".

Directions from I-40: Take S. Saunders St exit and head North into downtown Raleigh. S. Saunders will turn into S. Wilmington St. Go pass Memorial Auditorium, then 2 blocks later turn left on W. Davie St., left on Dawson St, and right on W. Cabarrus St. Cross railroad tracks, and just pass the Amtrak Station on right is #516 "Clancy & Theys Construction Co".

You can also see directions on the Internet via www.mapquest.com by entering the "516 W. Cabarrus St, Raleigh, NC" address.

Agenda for the next meeting

  1. Bottle sales/trades till meeting starts (helps to arrive a little early).
  2. Sign-in sheet for attendees- introduce newcomers.
  3. Hand out badges - make badges for newcomers.
  4. Approve treasurer report and previous minutes in newsletter.
  5. Request articles for upcoming newsletters.
  6. Collect ads to run in the next newsletter. Current ads run for two months and must then be renewed. Just let Reggie know if you want to renew your same ad.
  7. Confirm date of next meeting as Tue June 4th 7pm at Clancey & Theys in downtown Raleigh.
  8. Discuss results of Spring Show. Review financial and survey results. Have members show the good bottles they found at show.
  9. Discuss changing formal Fall Festival to an informal get together where we just reserve a block of spaces and dealers provide their own tables for one or two days (dealer decides if they want to setup the 2nd day). Advertising would be whatever we could do free, like AB&GC and FOHBC show calendar, posters in area antique shops, and of course in this newsletter.
  10. Meeting presenters - sign-up people to do presentations of their collections at future meetings.
  11. Open discussion, announcements, digging stories, show & tell, latest bottles aquired, show reports, ...
  12. Invite a member to tell story of how they got started in bottle collecting.
  13. Setup/announce any raffle bottles. The club can reimburse a nominal amount for nicer bottles - see treasurer in advance.
  14. Setup/announce any auction bottles. The seller can set a minimum bid with the amount above the minimum going to the club. So please bring any bottles you want to auction (limit 5 per seller).
  15. Sell raffle tickets ($1 each, 6 for $5) while presentor gets ready. Also a good time to examine the raffle and auction bottles.
  16. Presentation.
  17. Auction any bottles being offerred.
  18. Draw winning tickets for the raffle. 1st winner gets first choice and so on till all bottles are gone.
  19. Turn in badges and have badge drawing. Winner gets 6 raffle tickets good toward any future raffle.
  20. Conclude with Swap Meet - announce who has bottles for sale. Each person is encouraged to bring in bottles for sale/trade. Please limit yourself to a maximum of 4 boxes. Tables will be provided where bottles can be displayed for show or sale.

Member Ads

Ads are posted here free of charge to club members. Submit ad info to club secretary for inclusion in the next newsletter. Ads run for 2 months, then must be renewed to continue. If your ad ran before and you want to run it again without changes, just request "repeat same ad".
  1. Wanted: Pepsi bottle caps with town names, esp. Sanford, NC. Other unusual Pepsi, Orange Crush, or local bottle caps. Also High Point, Mt. Airy, and Winston bottles. Phil Glass, (336) 249-8054, Email: Bottles@triad.rr.com

  2. Wanted: Poisons!! Looking for Bowman's Drug Store (K1-2) 2oz 4", 6oz 5�", 8oz 6�" in mint condition. Also any other K1-2 types regardless of color or size as long as mint. Jerry Jones, (336) 676-0194, Email: mmcculloch@triad.rr.com

  3. Wanted: Painted Labels from NC: T&J Beverage from Winston-Salem, NC; Hiway from Wilmington, NC; Hammonmd from Greensboro, NC; Dandy from Raleigh, NC. Jimmie Wood, PO Box 808, Denver, NC 28037 (704) 483-0298.

  4. Wanted: Ginger Ale bottle from Bullock NC made with pure Buckhorn Mineral Water. Label says "Ale with a Sale". Emil Sparger, 610 8th St., Spencer, NC 28159, (704) 633-1958.

  5. Wanted: embossed blob top bottles from NC (esp. pontilled sodas) in undamaged condition. Reggie Lynch, Email: rlynch@antiquebottles.com, phone: (919) 789-4545. Check out my bottles for sale on the Internet www.antiquebottles.com/rl/ and in booth 615 at Granddaddy's Antique Mall in Burlington, N.C.

Calendar of Events and Upcoming Shows

Also see Antique Bottle Shows, AntiqueNC.com, NC State Fairgrounds Calendar of Events, NC Festivals and Fairs, Southeastern Antiquing & Collecting, Raleigh OnLine, Spectator Magazine - Special Events, Independent Magazine - Special Events,

May 11, 2002
Mansfield, OH
Ohio Bottle Club's 24th Annual Mansfield Antique Bottle & Advertising Show & Sale (9am to 3pm) at the Richland County Fairgrounds, Mansfield, Ohio. Info: Bill Koster (330) 753-7607 or RON HANDS (330) 654-4411, Email: rshands25@yahoo.com
May 17-18, 2002
Montgomery, AL
The Montgomery Bottle & Insulator Club 31st Annual Show & Sale, 7am-4pm, at the Ed Teague Arena, Garrett Coliseum, Montgomery, AL. Info: JAMES HOPKINS, 2021 Merrily Dr., Montgomery, AL 36111. PH: (334) 288-7937, or JAMES ROBBINS, 3334 Southmont Dr., Montgomery, AL 36105, PH: (334) 264-4583.
May 18, 2002
Mountain Home, NC
Dixie Jewels Insulator Club spring swap meet, to be held in Mountain Home, NC (a few miles from Hendersonville) on Saturday, May 18. Details are available under the ICON �Special Events� window at www.insulators.com. This will be at a private home and is open to anyone with an interest in insulators. It�s a great opportunity to meet some other collectors in person, ask dumb (or esoteric) questions, buy & sell, show & tell, whatever. A good way to see some great glass, too.
May 18, 2002
Gainesville, FL
The Matheson Museum at 513 East University Avenue, Gainesville, Florida is hosting their first annual antique bottle show May 18, 2002 9:00am-3:00 pm with dealer set up at 7:00am. $18 per 6x3' table or 2 for $30 (limit 2 tables per dealer). Info: Ron McCormick (352) 373-8365 or Bill Brand, P.O. Box 402, Ocala, FL 34478-0402, (352) 237-2962.
May 31-June 1, 2002
Lumberton, NC
Antique Bottle & Collectible's Show & Sale sponsored by Robeson Antique Bottle Club. Free Admission Fri 3-9pm, Sat 9am-3pm. Dealer setup Fri 1pm. Location: The Expo and Farmer's Market, Exit 14 off I-95 in Lumberton, NC. 7,000 square foot air-conditioned convention building with excellent lighting & facilities. 100+ dealer tables. Crawfish festival next door on June 1.
For info write to Richard Stephens, 1830 Riverside Blvd, Lumberton, NC 28358, Phone: (910) 738-6075, Email: rhstep@nc.rr.com
or Paul Valenti & Carla Baxley, phone (910) 738-3074, Email: cbaxley@nc.rr.com
June 7-8, 2002
Knoxville, TN
"Knoxville in June", East Tennessee Antique Bottle & Colletibles Society 14th Annual Show & Sale, (Sat. 8am-5pm, early buyers Fri. 2-7pm), at the Merchants I-75 Expo, at I-75, Exit 108, Knoxville, TN. Info: LARRY ACUFF, 220 N. Carter School Rd, Strawberry Plains, TN 37871. PH: (865) 933-2333. Email: dkpeters@bellsouth.net
June 8-9, 2002
Savannah, GA
Savannah Bottle Show & Historic Savannah Civil War Show & Sale, (9 AM to 5 PM), at the Savannah Civic Center, Savannah, GA. Info: EDDIE SHUMAN, PH: (912) 231-9437, or GENE AUTRY, PH: (912) 748-7510.
June 29, 2002
Ringgold, GA
The Chattanooga-North Georgia Urban Archaeology Club Bottle Show & Sale, 9:30am-3:30pm, dealer setup Fri 5pm, early buyers Fri. 7pm and Sat 8am, at the Catoosa Civic Center, between Ringgold and Fort Oglethorpe, GA. Free general admission. Capacity 100 tables, $20 first table and $10 for additional tables, Info: DAN DEAL, 17 Pamela Lane, Ringgold, GA 30736, PH: (423) 304-0327. Email: dealpikl@catt.com
June 30, 2002
Bethesda, MD
Potomac Bottle Collectors Annual Show & Sale, 10am-3pm, at the Washington Waldorf School, 4800 Langamore Road, Bethesda, MD 20816. Info: JIM SEARS, PH: (703) 243-2409, Email: searsjim@usa.net

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