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Reggie's Antique Bottles For Sale

Come on in and browse through my For Sale List of Antique Bottles:

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Apothecary Barber Beer Bitters Black Glass Books .
Christmas Light Coca-Cola Codd Colgne/Perfume Cosmetic Cures .
Demijohn Figural Fire Grenades Historical Flasks Food Fruit Jars .
Gin Hair New Inks Jug Insulators Medicines Medicines Pontil
Milk Mini Jug NC Dispensary Oil Pepsi-Cola Pepper Sauce Pickle
Poisons Polish/Blacking Saratoga Sarsaparilla Sealed Seltzer .
Snuff Soda Blob Soda Crown Soda Hutchinson SC Dispensary New Target Balls Trays
Trade Cards Vinegar Virginia Dispensary Warners Whiskey Misc .

Each entry in the above table represents a specific bottle category. The bottles are ordered alphabetically within each category. See my Bottles Classification section for explanation of terms/abbreviations used to describe these bottles. Some bottles are marked as "For Sale" Click to see how to order For Sale bottles (click here for how to order instructions), and others are marked as "keepers".

Found some help in identifying my "keeper" bottles in my antique bottle books and from friends. If you can provide further help identifying them, especially history, it will be greatly appreciated. Besides sharing your bottles with other collectors, another advantage to creating a list like this is for insurance and inventory purposes.

Check out the bottles that Reggie currently has listed for For Auction auction at eBay Ebay logo

wanted Help me find the bottles I want (buy/trade) to expand my collection.

To see the picture of any bottles listed within these pages, just click the View Photo Click to view photo icon beside it.

Contact Reggie by Email at with any questions or to place an order.

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