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Antique SC Dispensary Bottle Hall of Fame

Here are some of the best antique SC Dispensary bottles seen on the Internet. If you have a top SC Dispensary that you would like to brag about here, then please submit JPG picture and description to Also indicate whether you would like to publicize your name/Email as the owner of the bottle.

See Antique SC Dispensary Bottles for more info.

Amber Pint Amber pint flask with palmetto tree
Amber 1/2 Pint Amber 1/2 pint flask with palmetto tree

Be careful of reproductions of the amber 1/2 pint.

Pint Rum SC Dispensary rum, pint size cylinder. Be careful of amber reproductions.
1/2 pint cylinder 1/2 Pint Cylinder with palmetto tree and blue tint
Tombstone Flat Bottom SC Dispensary Tombstone Flat Bottom 1/2 Pint SC Dispensary. One of only 7 or 8 known.
Quart cylinder with palmetto tree
Quart cylinder with monogram
1/2 Pint Union Flask

Only a couple examples known with this rare whiskey style lip.

1/2 pint flask with palmetto tree
1/2 Pint JoJo flask with palmetto tree and blue tint
1/2 Pint JoJo flask with monogram.

This is the most common of the SC Dispensary bottles, although the style of the monogram makes this one a scarcer variant (notice the "C" in the monogram is shaped irregularily and is off-center).

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