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July/August 2005 Newsletter

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INKS book by Faulkner

Southeast Bottle Club
Editor: Reggie Lynch
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Phone: (919) 789-4545

We welcome articles, stories, finds, and pictures for upcoming issues of the newsletter. Newsletters are released bi-monthly. For example, a Jan/Feb newsletter covers events in Jan-Feb, so it will not be released until March. All past newsletters are stored on the club web page for quick and easy reference, so there is no need to print them (save a tree instead). Information within this newsletter may be reprinted as long as credit is given to the source.

The Southeast Bottle Club is a non-profit organization serving the Southeastern United States. All events and shows are open to the public, so drop by and check us out. Club members receive the monthly newsletter via Email or postal mail, run free text ads in this newsletter, and participate in all the fun and benefits the club has to offer. An application can be found on the last page of the printed version or by clicking here. Free Email-only membership is also available - click here to request it.

Ink Bottle Book

This month the book corner features the new ink book written by noted ink bottle experts Ed and Lucy Faulkner. Above is a pic of the book's cover, and below is pic of a color page.

For a long time we have wanted to do an ink book for collectors. We finally did. This book has just been finished, and is 276 pages including the index. It has 95% color pictures, with company information, when known, in the first section. Other sections include special inks (idelible, printing, bluing used as ink), error bottles, writing accessories including inkwells and sanders, ephemera, and lastly a section on patents. The book received a good review from collectors at the National Bottle Show in Grand Rapids in August. It is an information book, NOT a price guide. This is a book not only for ink collectors, but for any bottle collector who has an interest in inks.

Price is $ 65 plus $8 shipping by priority mail anywhere in continental US. For more info and orders, contact: INKS book by Faulkner

Ed or Lucy Faulkner
4718 Kyloe Lane
Moseley, VA 23120
Or Email them at:

Planned Events for Southeast Bottle Club

The Southeast Bottle Club sponsors an annual show, a spring and fall festival, and other events each year. Here's the list of upcoming events:
  1. Fall Festival Saturday Sep 24, 2005 9am-3pm outdoors on the lawn at the NC State Fairgrounds. This is the same weekend as the Sep 23-25 Southern Ideal Home Show and Sep 23-24 Liberty Antique Festival. Full details at:

  2. 4th Annual Greensboro Antique Bottle, Insulator & Collectibles Show & Sale Sunday Nov 20, 2005 9am-3pm in Greensboro NC. Full details at

The club maintains a web page directory where we publish a list of antique shops that help us promote our bottle events by allowing us to place flyers in their shops. This page is located at:
Contact us if your shop is willing to distribute bottle event flyers in exchange for a free listing on this web page directory.

Membership Status for Southeast Bottle Club

The Southeast Bottle Club does not require membership to receive its newsletter by Email or to attend any of its events. The newsletter is distributed free by Email to encourage more bottle collectors to participate in the events sponsored by the club and the other clubs in the Southeast region. But paid membership is encouraged to help support the many activites sponsored by the club. So why not consider joining today? Click here for the online membership application, or for a printed copy just fill out the application on the back page of each newsletter. Remember that paid members can run free ads in this newsletter, and when you consider the newsletter is distributed to over 4,300 bottle collectors, that's pretty cheap advertising for your precious bottle dollars.

Thanks to these new members who recently paid dues to join the Southeast Bottle Club: Barbara Cole - Knightdale NC, Tom Hicks - Eatonton GA, Larry Ford - Parrish AL, Wyman Maner - Hampton SC, Charles Benton - Deland FL, James Austin - Elon NC.

and thanks to these collectors who recently renewed their membership: Scott Berry - Lewisville NC, Ken Scroggin - Madison AL, Don Diamond - Blackville SC, Lou Sutton - Mechanicsville VA, Randy Kiger - Rural Hall NC, Teddy & Annette Speas - Rural Hall NC, DeWitt Helm - Beaufort SC, Howard King - Denver NC, David Powell - Savannah GA, Paul Benfield - Salisbury NC.

Featured Collector: Mike Newman

Reggie had the privilege recently to visit Mike Newman in Augusta GA. After a nice lunch, Mike showed me his amazing collection. Mike began his collection with bottles from his home town of Augusta, and later put together quite a collection of colored sodas from Charleston. He had the good fortune to take part in the famous Line Street dig in downtown Charleston.

Mike's most recent focus has been on historical flasks, and he has built quite a collection of them as shown below. Mike sets up regularly at shows throughout the Southeast and is a great guy to know. You can Email him at

To see all the pictures taken, click here.

Mike standing beside his collection of historical flasks, including colored CORN FOR THE WORLD and Scroll flasks.

Mike's amazing collection of sodas from Augusta, including some one of a kind colored examples.

Mike's complete set of amber Union-style S.C. DISPENSARY flasks, including the half pint, pint, and very rare quart size.

Part of Mike's collection of colored umbrella inks in a nice variety of colors.

Hurricane Katrina Aid

Many of our southern friends and family were impacted by the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. This category 5 storm wiped out New Orleans and many other towns in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. There will, unfortunuately, be many fradulent attempts to request aid to assist the victims. We've discovered that the safest way to give aid that will reach the victims is thru the Red Cross, who may be contacted at the web site or by calling 1-800-HELP-NOW. Please donate what you can.

Show Reports

This section provides reports on any recent shows, auctions, or other events where bottles were sold. If you are going to a bottle show that Reggie plans to attend, please bring your show & tell bottles so he can photograph them and publish in this newsletter. If you attend a show in the Southeast and want your pictures/story published here, then just submit your info.

Shupp's Grove Festival July 15-17, 2005

The 4th annual Shupp's Grove Bottle Festival was held in Adamstown PA. Despite the humid weather and occassional shower, the show was well attended with brisk sales reported by many of the 150+ paid dealers who came from all over the Northeast and as far away as California, New Mexico, and Florida. There were some killer bottles available, especially colored historical flasks, figural bitters, and colored umbrella inks. Many of the big name bottle collectors were there, including Barry Hogan, Jim Cheballa, John Pastor (FOHBC president), Jim Hagenbuch (AB&GC editor), Ed Gray, Jim & Jodi Hall, Jeff & Holly Nordsy, Ed Holland, and Rod Walck (BAM editor).

Reggie Lynch setup this year and was impressed by the number of nice southern sodas and fruit jars he was able to purchase. Sleeping in the car Friday night was not the most luxurious of accomodations, but shower facilities were available and plenty of good food, especially the Friday night cook-out. Your show certainly gets an A+ on setup when you can park your car right behind your table.

Below are some pictures from the show. To see all the pictures taken, click here.

Click to see enlargement
Ed and Juanne Herrold made the trip up north and offered some very nice bottles for sale.
Click to see enlargement
Making it happen: congrats to show chairmen Jere Hambleton and Steve Guion for another successful festival.
Click to see enlargement
Where else do you see a tent behind a table loaded with great bottles? That's Larry Marshall's table - he made the trip up from Florida.
Click to see enlargement
Sheldon Fawns showed this rare drape style ink with pontil base in a rare aqua color - usually seen in cobalt blue.
Click to see enlargement
John and Dot Wood made the trip up from Georgia and reported doing very well selling "Yankee bottles".
Click to see enlargement
Some of the dealers pitched and held a cook-out Friday night, complete with tiki torches and shrimp on the barby. That's Jodi Hall helping with grill duties.
Click to see enlargement
Kicking back and selling bottles. What a nice way to enjoy the outdoors weather.
Click to see enlargement
Ware Gates offered some beautiful bottles, flasks and NJ glassware pieces.

Burlington NC Swap Meet July 30, 2005

The Southeast Bottle Club held their summer Swap Meet at Granddaddy's Antique Mall in Burlington NC. About 40 collectors attended, 8 of whom took advantage of the free chance to setup and sell bottles. And quite a few bottles were sold to happy collectors.

The featured speaker was Jerry Roughton, who spoke about his research on NC tokens and showed some very rare examples of NC saloon tokens. Jerry is also working on a book about NC tokens. Jerry previously published a book about NC medicines.

The meeting concluded with the raffle drawing, where Randy Kiger won the Hillsborough NC S-S Coke and Bill Owens won the cobalt BLOUNT SPRINGS soda. Thanks also to Randy for donating some nice NC bottles for our next raffle.

To see all the pictures taken, click here.

Click to see enlargement
Jerry Roughton explaining the history behind some of North Carolina saloon tokens.
Click to see enlargement
Some of the crowd gathered to watch Jerry speak.
Click to see enlargement
A collector proudly shows his 5 CENTA bottle, the larger and much rarer variant of the 3 CENTA bottle.
Click to see enlargement
David Jackson shows a recent find: the rare Roanoke VA variant of the Casper Whiskey decanter that does not have the handle loop like the Winston NC variant.

Norcross GA Show August 26-27, 2005

Jack Hewitt and friends put on another successful show with about 40 dealer tables and a good crowd, especially on Saturday. There were some good finds made. Reggie Lynch picked up a rare size American Standard Ink that he needed to complete his set, plus a rare Ellington Springs NC mineral water in the half gallon size.

To see all the pictures taken, click here.

Click to see enlargement
Show chairmen John Joiner and Jack Hewitt put on another fine show.
Click to see enlargement
Vic Svendsen shows a rare cobalt blue pyramid-style C. ALFS / CHARLESTON, S.C. pontil soda that he recently dug. This is a bottle he has been hoping to dig for a long time.
Click to see enlargement
Jim Scharnagel had a fine offerring with many nice bottles.
Click to see enlargement
John Wood showed a pair of Like-Me sodas with the unusual slant top. The one on the right is rare prototype with paper label and patent number that the inventor Marvin Weaver tried unsuccessfully to sell to the Coca-Cola company. Label says "With the slanting top for easy drinking" so you don't have to "turn your head backwards". Company was out of Aberdeen, NC.

Recent Finds

This section includes recent items sold on eBay and other items shared by collectors. If you have a recent find to post here, or just want to share a favorite bottle, please submit info to the Southeast Newsletter Editor. Most pictures can be clicked to see the original full size view before it was cropped to fit here.

Click to see enlargement
9 3/8" quart Saratoga style in emerald green embossed PAVILION & UNITED STATES SPRING / SARATOGA / N.Y. - PAVILION WATER / APERIENT sold on eBay for $1,120 by bottleski.
Click to see enlargement
Green 4 5/8" master ink embossed AMERICAN / STANDARD INK / FREDERICK, MD. sold on eBay for $204 by safref2000.
Click to see enlargement
8 1/4" Label Under Glass (LUG) apothercary jar that reads Tr. CANNABIS (where "Tr" stands for Tincture and Cannabis is more commonly know as Marijuana) sold on eBay for $382 by pharmboy810.
Click to see enlargement
Quart light green GI-42 flask embossed THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY / {bust of Washington} on front and A LITTLE MORE GRAPE CAPTAIN BRAGG / {bust of Taylor} on reverse with open pontil base sold on eBay for $785 by bottleski.
Click to see enlargement
Gallon jug embossed PURE APPLE CIDE / VINEGAR / S.V.A.C. & VCO / WINCHESTER VA. sold on eBay for $407 by wickerbill*2.
Click to see enlargement
1/2 gallon whiskey jug stencilled NICHOLAS. LANG / WINES & LIQUORS / SAVANNAH, GA. sold on eBay for $181 by giterdone17.
Click to see enlargement
Huge 18 1/2" olive green Dutch case gin with pontil base sold on eBay for $1,428 by inspiration54.
Click to see enlargement
Thanks to scpls10509 (David Sharpe) for selling this half pint whiskey and clearly indicating the CORN / {pic of ear of corn} / WHISKEY / COLUMBIA, S.C. / DISTILLERS label was a repro. This style label with other town names has been seen - they are all repros.
Click to see enlargement
Clear bottle embossed ESCAMBIA / Pepsi:Cola / BOTTLING CO. / PENSACOLA / FLA. sold on eBay for $810 by pepsi-mom-2. Only hutchinson style Pepsi and tough to find with no damage.
Click to see enlargement
3" cobalt coffin shaped bottle embossed POISON with skull and crossbones and DP on the front sold on eBay for $503 by botlenut.
Click to see enlargement
6" clear flask with label under glass showing the Battleship Maine sold on eBay for $280 by eaglebot1. The label shows a photo image of the Maine under power with a caption that reads "WARSHIP MAINE Sunk in Havana Harbor, February 15th 1898." To the left of the ship is a stone lithographed inset of a rampant eagle on top of a cannon and cannon balls with an American flag hanging down.
Click to see enlargement
4 3/8" aqua bottle dug in Brooklyn and embossed METZGER'S / ROACH POWDER sold on eBay for $588 by ralphiefierro. (and shaped Same shape as a Lyon's bed bug powder.
Click to see enlargement
Pint strap-sided flask embossed J.A. TURNER JR. / 1904 HULL ST. / MANCHESTER, VA. in slug plate and B.R.G. Co. sold on eBay for $230 by thisol*house.
Click to see enlargement
Clear S-S Coke embossed CONTENTS 8 OUNCES / Coca-Cola / BOTTLING WORKS / FAIRMONT, W.VA. in oval slug plate sold on eBay for $1,775 by coke1910.
Click to see enlargement
Dark green iron pontil blob top soda embossed BRUMMEL & BYRNE / RICHMOND, Va. sold on eBay for $610 by samwhiterelics.
Click to see enlargement
I don't usually list items that fail to meet reserve, but this ink was just too nice to omit. 8-sided 2 1/8" light cobalt umbrella ink with open pontil base was offered by pontiled.
Click to see enlargement
3" mini-jug stencilled Compliments of / R. H. BOWMAN / VALLEY GROVE, W. VA. sold on eBay for $402 by sarahscrazy8.
Click to see enlargement
1915 hobbleskirt Coke embossed SPRINGFIELD / TENN. on base sold on eBay for $736 by tasslesandlace. Listed as unknown in Porter's Coke Bottle Checklist, this may be the first known example.
Click to see enlargement
Two gallon jug stencilled McGOWEN / HARDWARE / LENOIR, N.C. on the front and BRUCE PRODUCTS on the side sold on eBay for $230 by doorknocker1.
Click to see enlargement
Amber square bitters embossed HENDERSON'S / CAROLINA BITTERS / TRADE MARK H.C.B. with extensive cracks sold on eBay for $79 by 6ncst. Listed as H80 in the Ring/Ham book. Found in a NC estate and possibly a NC bottle - anyone know for sure?
Click to see enlargement
10" dark olive green bottle embossed F. Dittmar�s / Stomach Bitters sold on eBay for $1,231 by n-merten.
Click to see enlargement
Quart milk embossed JM Fesperman & Sons / Mooresville, N.C. sold on eBay for $407 by brenda53180.
Click to see enlargement
Cobalt blue 2 1/2" target ball embossed Stacey & Co / London sold on eBay for $990 by mick560.
Click to see enlargement
Pre-prohibition shot glass that reads B. & B. / ATLANTA / GA / HIGH GRADE / LIQUORS sold on eBay for $93 by stilz. "B.& B." is probably BLUTHENTHAL & BICKART, a distiller in the Baltimore, MD area.
Click to see enlargement
Quart cylinder S.C. DISPENSARY with palmetto tree and original label sold on eBay for $825 by paintshoe.
Click to see enlargement
Half gallon fruit jar in rare corn flower blue color embossed PATD DEC 28TH 1858 / THE QUEEN / PATD JUNE 16TH 1868 with original lid sold on eBay for $1,592 by hoosierjar. Not listed in Red Book, but is listed on page 154 on the Fruit Jar Annual.
Click to see enlargement
5 3/4" cobalt blue bottle with original label and embossed Ponds Extract Catarrh Remedy sold on eBay for $212 by oldbots.
Click to see enlargement
Circa 1951 ACL soda with three color label that reads Paul Sez / "It's Tops" / 7 Fl. Ozs. / PAUL BUNYAN BEVERAGES sold on eBay for $295 by iluvmoxie
Click to see enlargement
Cobalt blue quart fruit jar embossed The Canton / Domestic / Fruit Jar with original clear lid sold on eBay for $5,000 by meidea.
Click to see enlargement
Dark green iron pontiled blob top soda embossed MAACK & ARNY / GEORGETOWN / D.C. sold on eBay for $490 by grbottleguy.
Click to see enlargement
Aqua S-S Coke embossed Coca-Cola / BOTTLING WKS. / MINIMUM CONTENTS / 6 1/2 FLUID OUNCES / REGISTERED on shoulder and R.J. SHINE / WINCHESTER, VA. above base sold on eBay for $317 by holdenrock.
Click to see enlargement
Clear S-S Coke embossed Coca-Cola / TRADE MARK REGISTERED on shoulder and FORT MEADE / BOTTLING WORKS / FORT MEADE, FLA. in circular slug plate sold on eBay for $392 by wickerbill*1.
Click to see enlargement
Amber 8 5/8" medicine embossed Dr THENARD / GOLD LION {pic of Lion} IRON TONIC sold on eBay for $375 by thebottlevault.
Click to see enlargement
Trade card from Toll Gate Saloon in Dayton Ohio that indicates closing saloons due to Prohibition could deprive citizens of alcohol needed to cure malaria. Though quinine was the prescribed cure for malaria, whiskey was a substitute when quinine was not available. Sold on eBay for $63 by screenheads.
Click to see enlargement
9 1/4" salt glazed jug incised E.A. POE. sold on eBay for $751 by rstiller0605. From the book Turners And Burners by Charles G. Zug, there is info Edgar Allen Poe of Fayetteville NC who ran a brick company 1880-1898 and did pottery on the side.
Click to see enlargement
Rare variant of the classic trade card showing a man using Hunt's Remedy to beat off death. Sold on eBay for $364 by gr8paper. Shows advertising on reverse.
Click to see enlargement
Aqua bottle embossed Coca-Cola Bottling Works / Rochester, N.Y. 30 FL. OZ and with rare label that reads Contents 28 OZs / COCA-COLA Bottling Works / SARSAPARILLA / 190 Berlin St. / Rochester, N.Y. sold on eBay for $431 by thebutcherofbennett. Photo by Chris Delle Fave - Copyright, All rights reserved.

Raleigh Show & Tell

Here are some pictures from the June/July meetings of the Raleigh Bottle Club. Click any picture below to see a close-up.

Note that the Raleigh Club meets the first Tuesday of each month. For more details, including directions to the meeting, see
The Raleigh club meets at the Glen Laurel Clubhouse at 4330 Galax Drive in Raleigh.

To see all pictures, click for June or July.

Click to see enlargement
Steve O'Connor showed his Indian Rock / Ginger Ale bowling pin NC sodas, including a LEXINGTON / Coca-Cola / LEXINGTON, N.C. and a Pepsi:Cola / BOTTLING CO. / HIGH POINT, N.C.
Click to see enlargement
Skinny Medlin gave an information presentation on the bottles and products from the Frank Tea & Spice Company, which was most famous for their Jumbo Peanut Butter jars. While the green Jumbo figural is his favorite, he also likes the animal shaped mustard jars: he has 5 of the 6 shapes including a monkey, parrot, dog, cat, and owl.
Click to see enlargement
Reggie's was very lucky recently in finding these very nice bottles, including some good finds from a NC antique shop.
Click to see enlargement
Donnie Medlin showed this recent find: a half pint strap-sided flask embossed TARBORO / NO. 1 TOWNSHIP / DISPENSARY / TARBORO, N.C.

Member Ads

Text ads are posted here free of charge to paid Southeast Bottle Club members. Submit ad info to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the next newsletter. Ads run for 2 months, then must be renewed to continue. If your ad ran before and you want to run it again without changes, just request "repeat same ad".

To run a display ad in this newsletter, contact the newsletter editor. Ads can be submitted as a JPG picture attached to Email, or just mailed a printed copy. Note the inexpensive cost of running your display ad in the most widely distributed publication for antique bottle collectors:
Ad Size Single Issue Three Issues
1/4 page $40 $100
1/2 page $70 $180
full page $140 $350

  1. Wanted: Good GA and AL bottles & jugs including stencilled, incised, traditional alkaline-ash glaze, miniature & pottery pigs. Good colored blob top sodas and pontiled bottles of any type from any deep south state. Call Tom Hicks, (706) 485-9280.

  2. Wanted: HARRIS COUGH REMEDY sample bottle. Call Wyman Maner (803) 942-1404,

  3. Wanted: Ohio and Kentucky 1/2 pint milk bottles, old glass baby bottles. Contact Barbara Cole, (919) 266-6579, Email:

  4. Bottle Cleaning: painted label and embossed bottles, Glenn Gunnell in Rural Hall, NC. Phone (336) 969-9643.

  5. Wanted: Colored blob top sodas from Georgia and South Carolina; historical flasks (especially Louisville double eagle and Corn For The World in color); green Drake's Plantation Bitters - Mike Newman, (706) 868-8391, Email:

  6. Wanted: a bottle from the Jones Distillery of Virgilina, Virginia. This distillery was run by my grandfather. Contact Evelyn at (540) 885-4534.

  7. For Sale: Aqua Hutches; 1] HYGEIA BOTTLING WORKS/PENSACOLA, FLA; aqua, 6 �", VNM. $23; 2]S.BECKER/SPARTANBURG, S.C. perfect. $140; 3] CHARLESTON BOTTLING/WORKS/CHARLESTON, W.VA. super perfect, $60; 4] WINCHESTER BOTTLING/WORKS/W.S./WINCHESTER, MD., VNM. $45; Bottle Bill - phone (215) 340-7156, EMail:

  8. Reward: paying $5000 - $10,000 for ceramic soda ftn. Syrup Dispensers. Names wanted include Wineberry, SMACK, Cherri Bon, Dixie Flip, Mattay Cola, JIM DANDY, Grape Smash, FAN TAZ, Afri Kola, INDIAN ROCK, Cherriola, Dr. Pepper, Viccola, Grapefruitola, WOOL'S Cherry Cheer, HIRES, Cannon's Punch, ZIPP'S and other unusual names. Also want any related advertising on these. Call collect anytime. 901-761-9507.

  9. Wanted: large Orange Crush bottle, amber, or clean 24/26/28/39 oz. in good condition. John Swygert, PO Box 165, Gaston, SC 29053.

  10. Wanted & For Sale: Always looking to buy old bottles, even whole collections. Especially older Coke, Pepsi, inks, blob top sodas, and NC whiskey flasks. Would really like to buy a quart size Ellington Springs / Stoneville NC bottle. Reggie Lynch, Email:, phone: (919) 789-4545. Check out my bottles for sale on the Internet and in booth 615 at Granddaddy's Antique Mall in Burlington, N.C.

Calendar of Events and Upcoming Shows

Also see Antique Bottle Shows which has year round listings and more links to sites with shows.

Sep 16-17, 2005
Union, SC
Uniqely Union Bottle Show & Sale, Fri. noon-7pm & Sat. 8am-1pm at the Union County Fairgrounds, Hwy. 176 by-pass, Union, SC. Will have auction on Fri 7:00pm with bottles, jugs, and other antiques. Info: MIKE SANDERS, 1008 Bishop Road, Union, SC. 29379, PH: (864) 427-3367 (days) or (864) 427-9340 (nights)
Sep 17-21, 2005
Harrisburg, PA
All-Dairy Antiques & Collectibles 8th Annual Show & Sale, Sat. 9am-5pm, Sun. 10am-5pm, Mon, Tue, & Wed. 8am-4pm, at the Farm Show Complex, 2300 North Cameron St., Harrisburg, PA. Info: CHARLES A. ITLE, PH: (717) 423-6789 or LOLLY LESHER, PH: (717) 787-2905.
Sep 18, 2005
Kirtland, OH
The Ohio Bottle Club 37th Annual Show & Sale, 9am-2pm, early buyers Sat. 7-9pm, at the Lakeland Community College, 1/4 mile south of I-90 on Rt. 306, Kirtland, OH. Info: ROBERT SMITH, PH: (440) 285-4184, Email: or TIM KEARNS, PH: (440) 285-7576, Email:
Sep 18, 2005
Winchester, VA
Apple Valley Bottle Collectors Club 32nd Annual Show & Sale Sunday 9am-3pm, early buyers 7:30am, (Always on the 3rd Sunday of September) at the Hampton Inn, 1204 Berryville Ave., exit 315 off I-81, Winchester, VA. Info: GINNY BOWERS, 681 Coal Mine Rd., Strasburg, VA 22657. PH: (540) 465-3952.
Sep 23-24, 2005
Jacksonville, FL
Antique Bottle Collectors of North Florida 38th Annual Show & Sale, Sat 8am-3pm, early buyers Fri 6-9pm, at the Fraternal Order of Police Building, 5530 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL. Info: WAYNE HARDEN, 3867 Winter Berry Road, Jacksonville, FL 32210, phone: (904) 781-2620, Email:
Sep 23-24, 2005
Liberty, NC
Liberty Antique Festival has over 300 dealers. A few bottles can be found. Fri/Sat 8am-6pm. From I-85 in Burlington, take the Hwy 49 exit and head south to Libery. Then follow signs. Put on by Janmar Promotions, PO Box 939, Liberty, NC 27298. Call Vito or Mary Ellen Sico or Janet Hill at (336) 622-3040 or 622-3535.
Sep 24, 2005
Raleigh, NC
Southeast Bottle Club's Annual Raleigh Fall Bottle Festival outdoors 8:00am-3:00pm on the lawn at the NC State Fairgrounds on Blue Ridge Road in Raleigh, NC. Info: Reggie Lynch, (919) 789-4545,
Oct 1, 2005
Richmond, VA
RABCA's 34th annual bottle show Saturday 9am-3pm in Richmond, VA at the Show Place Annex, Rte 360 (3002 Mechanicsville Turnpike). Next door to Antique Extravaganza. Early admission 7:30am-9:00am. INFO: ED FAULKNER, 4718 Kyloe Ln., Moseley, VA 23120, PH: (804) 739-2951; E-mail: or MARVIN CROKER, PH: (804) 275-1101. Directions: North on I-95, East on I-64, exit 192 (Mechanicsville), 6 blocks on left.
Oct 1, 2005
Hamburg, NY
Greater Buffalo Bottle Collectors Association's 7th Annual Show & Sale, Sat. 9am-3pm at the Erie County fairgrounds Health Expo Building, Hamburg, New York. INFO: ED POTTER, PH: (716) 674-8890 or PETER JABLONSKI, PH: (716) 834-2249, E-mail:, or JOE GUERRA, PH: (716) 674-5750.
Oct 1, 2005
Point Pleasant, WV
West Virginia State Farm Musuem Bottle and Antique Show, Sat 9am-5pm, at the Farm Museum, 4 miles north on Rt 62 of Pt. Pleasant, W VA take Fairgrounds Rd. 1 mile to Museum. Info: CHARLIE PERRY, 39304 Bradbury Rd., Middleport, OH 45760, phone (740) 992-5088, Email:
Oct 1, 2005
Cameron, NC
Antiques & Collectibles Fair Day, Sat October 1 (always 1st Sat of Oct). Ten permanent shops, over 300 outside dealers. More than 300 dealers display their antiques and collectibles along the streets of the historic district of Cameron. Info: (910) 245-7001.
Oct 2, 2005
Albany, NY
Capital District Antique Bottle, Insulator & Table-top Collectibles 9th Annual Show & Sale 9am-2:30pm at the Historic 1848 Shaker Meeting House, 875 Watervliet Shaker Road, Albany, NY. Info: BOB LATHAM, PH: (518) 463-1053, Email: or FRAN HUGHES, PH: (518) 377-7134, Email:
Oct 2, 2005
Dryden, NY
The Finger Lakes Bottle Collectors Assoc. 36th Annual Show & Sale, 9am-3pm, early buyers 8am, at the Dryden Fire Hall, Neptune Hose Co., Route 13, Dryden, NY. Info: GEORGE BLAASCH, PH: (607) 589-6436, Email:
Oct 7-8, 2005
Morristown, TN
Tennessee Valley Traders and Collectors Club and the Morristown Parks and Rec. Department 2nd Annual Bottles, Antiques and Collectibles Show & Sale, Fri. noon-6pm, Sat. 8am-2pm, early buyers Fri. noon-6pm, at the Talley Ward Building, 321 South James Street, Morristown, TN. Info: BILL HENDERSON, 346 Fuller Estate Circle, Morristown, TN 37813, (423) 581-8386, or PETE WYATT, PH: (865) 471-0146.
Oct 7-9, 2005
Selma, NC
East Coast Antique Show with hundreds of vendors. Info: (888) 334-2856, Email:
Oct 8, 2005
Pennsylvania Antique Bottle, Breweriana and Advertising 5th Annual Show & Sale, 9:30am-2:30pm, early buyers 8am, at the Merchant's Square Antique Mall, 12th & Vultee St., Allentown, PA. Info: MARK ZEPPENFELT, 4881 Cypress Street, Wescosville, PA 18106. PH: (610) 391-0271, Email:
Oct 9, 2005
Bedford, PA
Bedford County Antique Bottle Club 28th Annual Show & Sale, 9am-1pm (early buyers 7am) at the Bedford County Fair Grounds 4-H Building, Bedford, PA. Info: LEO McKENZIE, PH: (814) 623-8019 or CHARLES HAZLETT, PH: (814) 695-0128.
Oct 9, 2005
Keene, NH
Yankee Bottle Club 38th Annual Show & Sale, Sat 9am-3pm (early buyers at 8am) at the Keene High School, Arch Street, Keene, NH. Info: CREIGHTON G. HALL, 382 Court Street, Keene, N.H. 03431. PH: (603) 352-2959.
Oct 16, 2005
Findley, OH
Findley Ohio 29th annual Antique Bottle and Collectibles Show. Sunday 9am-3pm at "The Old Barn", take I-75 to Exit 159 then one mile West on Rt. 224 to Findlay, OH. Info: Fred Curtis, 1635 Washington Ave, Findley, OH 45840, phone (419) 424-0486.
Oct 16, 2005
Scriba, NY
The Empire State Bottle Collectors Assoc. 7th Annual Fall Show & Sale, 9am-3pm at the Scriba Fire Hall, US Rt. 104 East, Scriba, NY. Info: BARRY L. HAYNES, PO Box 900, Mexico, NY 13114. PH: (315) 963-0922 or (315) 963-3749.
Oct 21-22, 2005
Savannah, GA
The 8th annual Savannah Georgia Antique Bottle Show and Sale will be held at the National Guard Armory, Eisenhhower Drive, Savannah, GA. Fri dealer setup 2:00pm-7:00pm (no merchandise on table till 4:00pm). $10 Early Buyers Fri 4:00pm-7:00pm and Sat 8:00am-9:00am. Fri dinner provided to dealers. Public: Sat 9:00am-3:00pm. INFO: David Powell, 2617 Salcedo Ave., Savannah, GA 31406 Phone (912) 354-3576 or Russ Butler P.O. Box 264, Havana, FL 32333 Phone (850) 627-4909, Email:, web:
Oct 29, 2005
Memphis, TN
Memphis Bottle Collectors Club 25th Annual Show & Sale, 9am-3pm, early buyers Friday during set-up, at the State Fairgrounds, Pipkin Building, Memphis, TN. Info: GENE BRADBERRY, 3706 Deerfield Cove, Bartlett, TN. 38135, PH: (901) 372-8428.
Nov 2-6, 2005
Charlotte, NC
Metrolina Antiques & Collectibles Show - Antiques Spectacular At 7100 Statesville Rd., off I-77 Exit 16A. Largest monthly antique & collectibles market in the country. Over 2,000 dealers. First weekend of each month. Early buyers day Thur. 8-5, $10 adm. Fri. & Sat. 8-5; Sun. 9-5, $4 adm. each day. 4 day pass $15. Info call 800-824-3770.
Nov 6, 2005
Elkton, MD
Tri-state Bottle Collectors & Diggers Clubs 33rd Annual Show & Sale Sunday 9am-3pm at the Singerly Fire Hall, Routes 279 & 213, (I-95 exit 109A), Elkton, MD. Info: DAVE BROWN, PH: (302) 738-9960.
Nov 13, 2005
Oakland, NJ
North Jersey Antique Bottle Collectors Association's 36th Annual Show & Sale (Sun. 9am-2pm (early buyers 8am) at Valley Middle School, Route 202 (off I-287), Oakland, New Jersey. (Always scheduled for the second Sunday in November.) INFO: KEN DICKSON, PH: (973) 907-7351.
Nov 13, 2005
Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh Antique Bottle Club Annual Show & Sale, 9am-2pm (early buyers 7am) at The Ice Garden, (Exit 46-B off I-70 to Rt 51 North, 4.1 miles), Rostraver, Twp, PA. Info: BOB DeCROO, 694 Fayette City Rd., Fayette City, PA 15438, PH: (724) 326-8741, or JAY HAWKINS, 1280 Mt. Pleasant Rd., West Newton, PA 15089, PH: (724) 872-6013.
Nov 20, 2005
Greensboro, NC
Southeast Bottle Club's 4th annual Greensboro Antique Bottle & Collectibles Show & Sale 9am-3pm on Sunday Nov 20, 2005 at the Farmer's Curb Market on 501 Yanceyville St, Greensboro, NC. Dealer setup 6am-9am, Early buyers 7:30am. Info: Reggie Lynch (919) 789-4545, PO Box 13736, Durham, NC 27709. Web:
Nov 27, 2005
Bethlehem, PA
Forks of the Delaware Bottle Collectors Assoc. 32nd Annual Show & Sale, 9am-3pm, early buyers 7:30am, at the Bethlehem Catholic High School, Madison & Dewberry Aves, Bethlehem, PA. Info: BILL HEGEDUS, 20 Cambridge Place, Catasauqua, PA 18032, PH: (610) 264-5945.

Southeast Bottle Club T-shirts, Caps, Tote Bags

Show your pride in Southeast bottle collecting by buying one of the t-shirts, caps, tote bags, or other items bearing the Southeast Bottle Club logo. These items can be ordered online at:
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The Southeast Bottle Club newsletter is hosted by the Antique Bottle Collectors Haven.

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