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Safely Removing Stuck Stoppers

I can't count the number of times I've been asked how to safely remove the stuck stopper from a bottle, especially a pharmacy bottle. Scott Berry (a.k.a. "Soda Pop Kid") came to the rescue by providing this info:

Most stoppers are hand sanded for each bottle to fit well. This creates a problem for us because its such a tight fit that they commonly get stuck. Stoppers commonly have some dirt or very small foreign matter in between the stopper and the bottle that has dried and kind of pasted the stopper to the bottle. The foreign matter gets ground finer each time the bottle is opened, eventualy mixing with some ingredients of the bottle and turning to a paste. Other times the stopper is banged on the top, sticking it in the bottle and making it realy tough to open This method below works to loosen the stopper for both problems, but the second problem is worse and usualy takes longer to work loose.

If there is already a crack in the bottle, give up and don't buy the bottle as the heat will usualy crack it. Thinner glass bottles should be heated slower than stated because they will crack easier. You should spend more time if its a higher dollar bottle or a thinner glass one, or one with more bubbles in the neck. If it's a label under glass (LUG), you should tape plastic tightly over the thin glass label andtry not to get the hot water on it as it's sealed with beeswax that will loosen under hot water and may stain the label.

Make sure you have some WD-40 or some other penetrating cleaner spray oil. You will also need an old toothbrush. Start with the bottle at room temperature. Do not do this with a cold bottle; bottles should be left in the box when bringing them during cold weather. Using warm tap water, heat the bottle up a little around the neck while heating the stopper too (do the neck first, stopper second) and gradualy turn the heat till it's as hot as you hands can stand (i.e. close to 120 degees). You should spend around three to seven minutes raising the temperature to this level. Wiggle and try to turn the stopper and pull it out. Don't try too hard, because it usually won't come out yet.

Next, take the tooth brush and clean where the stopper and the bottle meet. Put the thin plastic tube in the sprayer nozzel of the penetrating oil (if you have it) and spray as close to the seam where the stopper and the bottle meet, all the way around this seam. Heat up the bottle and clean the area where the bottle and stopper meet with the tooth brush and spray again. Try to open the stopper by wiggling a little and turning. Repeat until it comes out. It usualy takes three or four times till it comes out. Good luck.

After you have it loose, stick a very small piece of paper between the stopper and the bottle. This will insure it does not jam the next timwe you open it.A little oil applied, all over the ground part of the stopper, also works.

I previously tried a method of just heating the bottle, but broke a few tops and gave up. Then I heard to spray the tops with WD-40, tried that, but no success either. Then I combined the two methods and I've removed the tops off of 10 bottles in a row (so far)! I have spent close to a � hour on a thin glass cobalt LUG bottle. It finaly came loose. If you're killing yourself trying to open it, you're turning it too hard and may break the bottle. Just repeat the steps because when it finaly loosens up, it will open with just a little wiggle turn. I hope this method works as well for you as it has for me. Remember not to pay as much for a stuck stopper bottle because this method is not foolproof and you have the risk of breaking the bottle. There's also the time you invest trying to get it unstuck.

Thanks to Scott for providing the above info. I searched the web and also found this article which describes a similar process. Between the two methods, you should find one that works for you.

Book Corner - Georgia Crown Top Soda Bottles

This month the Book Corner features the newly released book Georgia Early Embossed Crown Top Soda Bottles - Abbeville to Wrightsville by Carl Barnett and Ken Nease. Reggie had the pleasure of buying a copy from Ken in person at the recent Lumberton NC Show. The authors, with help from Bill Baab and a host of others, have done a "bang up" job of putting out a great book that will automatically become the "bible" for crown top Georgia bottles. The cover of the book is shown on first page of this newsletter. And a sample page is shown to the right. The book follows a layout similar to the way James Ayers did his Pepsi books. And I personally hope all future authors strive to follow this useful format. The book is spiral bound and contains 263 pages of not only bottle listings, but also interesting historical info. And all the pictures are in color! The book also includes a 2003 Price Guide showing the suggested price range for each bottle listed.

This book will be on sale at the upcoming National Show in Louisville on June 29th. Cost of the book is $39.95, plus $3.95 postage for a total of $43.90. Georgia residents must add 7% state sales tax, which increases total to $46.97. Make check or money order payable to "Georgia Soda Bottle Book", then mail to this address:

Georgia Soda Bottle Book
1211 St. Andrews Drive
Douglas, GA 31533


Ebay Tips

Collection of tips on using eBay:
  1. Check the feedback of the seller before buying. If the seller has more than a few negative feedbacks, you will probably want to avoid bidding and contributing further to the negative feedbacks.

  2. Insist on a "buyer satisfaction guarantee". This means that you have the right to return the bottle for a full refund if it does not meet your expectations from the description. One of the most common reasons for returning a bottle is undisclosed damage. If the seller does not state there is a guarantee in the item description, then ask them before the end of the auction. Here are the standard questions that I ask each seller if the condition of the bottle is uncertain:
    What is the condition of this bottle with respect to chips, cracks, bruises (i.e. "fish eyes"), open bubbles, case wear, stain, scratches, repairs, etc.?
    For help with describing bottle condition, see:

    Do you offer a buyer satisfaction guarantee?
    Thanks .. Reggie Lynch,

    The link to the page describing bottle condition is helpful for sellers that are new to bottles and not familiar with "bottle lingo".

Upcoming Southeast Bottle Club Events

The Southeast Bottle Club sponsors an annual show and several other events each year. Two swap meets will be scheduled with a presentation, raffle, and buying/selling like that last event at Granddaddy's. We are currently planning these two swap meets:
  1. Fall event in Wilson, NC with presenation by Vernon Capps. The Wilson County Fairgrounds has agreed to let us use Exhibit Hall A for a reasonable price, but it's not air-conditioned (fans only) so will wait to schedule an event there when the temperatures cool down in the Fall. If anyone knows of a cheap air-conditioned facility near Wilson/Goldsboro, then please let me know.
  2. Winter event at Granddaddy's Antique Mall in Burlington, NC with presentation by John Patterson (NC Milk Bottle Expert).
These will be Saturday noon events. Stay tuned for details as we line up dates for each swap meet. If you are interested in presenting, please contact Reggie.

The annual indoor show has been confirmed for Sunday Nov 9, 2003 in Greensboro, NC. Details on this 2nd annual show are on this web page: Last year's show was a big success, and this year should be bigger as we do a joint show with the Blue Ridge Insulator Club.

Last item being planned is an outdoor bottle show on the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. This was done in 2001 and was a big success.

Jar Doctor ad


The Southeast Bottle Club does not require membership to receive its newsletter by Email or to attend any of its events. The newsletter is distributed free by Email to encourage more bottle collectors to participate in the events sponsored by the club and the other clubs in the Southeast region. But paid membership is encouraged to help support the many activites sponsored by the club. So why not consider joining today? Click here for the online membership application, or for printed copies just fill out the application on the inside of the back page. Remember that paid members can run free ads in this newsletter, and when you consider the newsletter is distributed to over 2,700 collectors, that's pretty cheap advertising for your bottle dollars.

Thanks to these new members who recently paid dues to join the Southeast Bottle Club: Mike Newman - Augusta GA, James Parris - Ellijay GA, Timothy Gibson - Eutawville SC, Anna Choi - Raleigh NC, James Davis - Morriston FL, Jimmie Wood - Denver NC, Howard King - Denver NC, Phillip Fulton - High Point NC, and Linwood Flynt - Mebane NC.

Member David Jackson has started a new site dedicated to Casper's Whiskey at The site also includes neat info on the other bottles he collects. He even has the first edition of a newsletter with interesting info on Wilmington NC saloons and other topics.

Upcoming National Show June 27-29

The FOHBC (Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors) is putting on their National Show June 29 in Louisville, KY. President Ralph Van Brocklin, Wayne Lowry, John Pastor, and many others have put a lot of work into this show to insure it will be successful for dealers and enjoyable for buyers. A few dealer tables remain - contact Ralph at (423) 913-1378, Email: or Wayne/June Lowry at (816) 318-0160, Email: Full show info is available on the FOHBC show page: The show will be held in the Kentucky International Convention Center in downtown Louisville, KY. The Hyatt Regency is the adjacent hotel. Hyatt's phone number: (502) 587-3434.

Schedule of Events:
Date Time Event Location
Fri Jun 27 9:00am-12:00 Board Meeting Hyatt Regency
" 1:00pm-3:00 Membership Meeting Hyatt Regency
" 3:00pm-5:00 Club Rep Meeting Hyatt Regency
" 7:00pm-9:00 Awards Banquet Hyatt Regency
Sat Jun 28 8:00am-12:00 Display set-up Convention Center
" 9:00am-12:00 Dealer unloading - - dealers may bring items in and place beneath table, then clear hall.
Early Registration
Convention Center
" 9:00am-9:45 Ginger Beer seminar Convention Center
" 9:45am-10:30 Shaker items seminar Convention Center
" 10:30am-11:15 Louisville Breweries seminar Convention Center
" 11:15am-12:00 Bottle Cleaning seminar Convention Center
" 1:00pm-5:00 Registration
Dealer Set-up
Early Buyers
Convention Center
" 5:30pm-7:00 Cash Bar Reception Hyatt Regency
" 7:00pm-9:00 Live Auction Hyatt Regency
Sun Jun 29 7:00am-9:00 Dealer Set-up
Early Buyers
Convention Center
" 9:00am-3:00 General Admission Convention Center

Jerry Phelps has extended an invitation to attendees of the Louisville show to visit Van Buren Village, a collection of 18th Century log cabins and barns. The collection includes a country store (under construction) and an apothecary shop. Some of the finest medicines in the country will be on exhibit for those who wish to visit. Please arrive around 2:00pm on Friday, June 27th. Estimated time to make the trip is approximately 70 minutes, so plan upon leaving the hotel with that time frame in mind. Parking is limited, so carpool with friends if you can! Maps will be available at the FOHBC information table in the Hyatt lobby. Contact: Jerry Phelps, 1500 Van Buren Road, Mount Eden, KY 40046, phone: (502) 859-4063

Show Report

This section provides reports on any recent shows, auctions, or other events where bottles were sold. If you are going to a bottle show that Reggie plans to attend, please bring your show & tell bottles so he can photograph them and publish in this newsletter.

Harrisonburg VA Bottle Show

The 32nd annual Historical Bottle Diggers of Virginia bottle show was held April 27th in Harrisonburg, VA at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds. There were 59 dealer tables and a large buying crowd most of the day. A big thanks to show chairman Sonny Smiley for for putting on another nice show.

Below are some pictures from the show. Click any picture to see the close-up. To see all pictures, including the ones we couldn't fit in below, click here.

Bear Lithia Water display by Casey Billheimer. See close-ups of left, center, and right.

Dealer Matt Eggleston (left) and Mike Malanowski of Albion NY were having a good show.

Anthony Townsend showed this green W. CANFIELD / AGT FOR / SHC blob top soda, known to be from Richmond VA, with a nice iron pontil base.

This impressive Warner's display by Russell Dean won 1st place and people's choice award. There was also some nice go-with advertising on the left and right of the display.

At left is show chairman Sonny Smiley, and to right is Rodney Funkhouser holding a rare variant of the Bear Lithia water with stopper.

Don Taylor showed this OTTERBURN LITHIA SPRING bottle with embossed otter.

Talkin' bottles from left to right: David Jackson, ?, Rodney Funkhouser, and Don Taylor.

Gene Driver and Leroy Lohr running the admission table.

This half pint strap sided flask, with anchor on back, caused quite a stir amongst the NC collectors present. It's embossed THE BONANZA / No 43 SOUTH MAIN ST. / ASHEVILLE, N.C..

Viobot display by Nancy Botkins.

Some of the buying crowd, which was very strong in the morning and still going pretty good in the afternoon.

Anthony Townsend showed this S-S Coke with Coca-Cola / TRADE MARK / REGISTERED / DANVILLE, VA. in slug plate.

Lumberton NC Bottle Show

The Robeson Antique Bottle Club held their annual Bottle Show in Lumberton NC at the Expo and Farmer's Market on Fri/Sat June 6/7. Show chairman Paul Valenti put on another fine show that was a sell-out with about 60 tables. Absent from this year's show was co-chairman Richard Stephens, who is sufferring from cancer; remember Richard in your prayers. Carla Baxley and Vernon Capps helped Paul with the fantastic dealer dinner Friday night. The "edibles" included rice and chicken stew, green beans and ham, scrumptious homemade pickles by Vernon's wife, bread, and deserts. Yum!

Below are some pictures from the show. Click any picture to see the close-up. To see all pictures, including the ones we couldn't fit in below, click here.

Click to see enlargement
Bill Owen and Steve Pfaaf chatting bottles with Ken Nease.
Click to see enlargement
Corky Shore (kneeling) and Tommy Brisson (standing) with ol' time bottle collector J.C. Edwards, who will be 98 in October.
Click to see enlargement
VANCEBORO / DISPENSARY / VANCEBORO, N.C. half pint flask that Paul Valenti cleaned for a customer.
Click to see enlargement
Looking to make a deal.
Click to see enlargement
Read Smartt shows a large 5 gallon water bottle that reads DRINK / Ozarka / SPRING / WATER / RADIO-ACTIVE on the front and DISTRIBUTED BY / THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO / WICHITA, KANSAS on the back.
Click to see enlargement
Scott Berry showed this tough to find Cheerwine bottle with cheeries embossed on the shoulder.
Click to see enlargement
Two nice minijugs brought in for show and tell by ?: J.A. KING / FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. and J.A. HARMAN / CURRIE, N.C.
Click to see enlargement
Young Travis Williman, a "nextgen collector", showing a teal ink bottle he traded for.
Click to see enlargement
VICK CHEMICAL CO. / GREENSBORO, N.C. bottle that Reggie sold to Scott Berry for his NC medicine bottle collection.

Recent Finds

This section includes recent items sold on eBay and other items shared by collectors. If you have a recent find to post here, or just want to share a favorite bottle, please submit info to the newsletter editor. Most pictures can be clicked to see the original full view before it was cropped to fit here.

Click to see enlargement
Blue/green 4�" pontilled W.W. HUFF'S / LINIMENT sold on eBay by simonsays for $1,800.
Click to see enlargement
Click to see enlargement
This KOLADINE remedy for headache from Bradham Drug Co in New Bern, N.C. sold on eBay by airbear77 for $200. Caleb Bradham invented Pepsi-Cola.
Click to see enlargement
J. Fox & Co. / Cincinnati / Saloon / Birmingham, Ala. � pint flask sold on eBay by rfstretch for $284.
Click to see enlargement
Pint DISPENSARY / RUTHERFORDTON, N.C. sold on eBay by acarr50 for $394.

This mini-jug stencilled Compliments of / THE TENNESSEE / DISTILLING CO. / NASHVILLE, TENN. sold on eBay by crockman1948 for $137.
Click to see enlargement
Aqua quart J.J. SQUIRE fruit jar sold on eBay by for $1,136.
Click to see enlargement
This quart LIGHTNING in clear, the rarest color for a Lightning, sold on eBay by for $886.
Click to see enlargement
SWAMP FOX / FEVER & AGUE CURE / CURRY ARRINGTON CO. / ROME, GA. sold on eBay by x7staind for $520.
Click to see enlargement
2 gallon jug stamped James Redmond / Dealer in / Groceries Liquors & C. / New Berne N.C. sold on eBay by alsgt for $788.
Click to see enlargement
Amber midget MASON'S / PATENT / NOV. 30TH 1858 with N.C.L. Co. on the rear sold on eBay by jlee_nh for $5,300. Listed as #1862 in the Red Book, this variant is rarer than the one with just N.C.L (no "Co.") on the back.
Click to see enlargement
LONGHORN / SODA WATER ACL soda with PROPERTY OF SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. BIG SPRING, TEXAS on the back sold on eBay by 7nok for $312.
Click to see enlargement
This 7 oz. Jumbo Peanut Butter jar and matching lid sold on eBay by penandwoody for $78.
Click to see enlargement
CHRISTIAN SCHLEPEGRELL / SODA WATER / CHARLESTON, S.C. 8-sided, pontilled, cobalt blue soda bottle sold on eBay by relichnter for $950.
Click to see enlargement
C.J.LUHN / CHARLESTON, S.C. 7" cobalt blue medicine bottle sold on eBay by relichnter for $400.
Click to see enlargement
AUD B. KIEFER / Retail Liquor Dealer / 50 W. FIFTH STREET / QUINCY, ILL. 3�" mini-jug sold on eBay by pinetreeplace for $511.
Click to see enlargement
PRICES / PATENT / CANDLE / COMPANY / LIMITED 7" cobalt blue, wedge shaped bottle sold on eBay by simonsays for $355.
Click to see enlargement
The Florida Brewery / TAMPA, FLA. mug sold on eBay by elysantiques for $1,424.
Click to see enlargement
� pint, sapphire blue, 6�" double eagle historical flask sold on eBay by tick2u for $1,625.
Click to see enlargement
BRUNSWICK COCA-COLA / BOTTLING CO. / BRUNSWICK, GA. hutch soda sold on eBay by waterscoute1 for $1,325.
Click to see enlargement
1852 / JOHN RYAN SAVANNAH GA / EXCELSIOR / GINGER ALE honey amber soda sold on eBay by stlouisbottles for $261.
Click to see enlargement
Double-sided, painted, flange sign with two 16" buttons sold on eBay by for $3,800.
Click to see enlargement
C. C. HABENICHT / COLUMBIA S.C. / THIS BOTTLE / NEVER SOLD amber blob top ginger ale (circa 1879) sold on eBay by xdev27 for $795.
Click to see enlargement
BIRMINGHAM / Coca-Cola / BOTTLING CO. near mint hutch soda sold on eBay by berserker632000 for $3,500.
Click to see enlargement
LEFFERTS medium aqua green threadless insulator (CD #737) sold on eBay by sgur12 for $2,800.
Click to see enlargement
Mother Seigel's curative syrup cures dysepsia brass bottle with clock sold on eBay by bramblejam for $836. Also see back side which has song verse and testimonials.
Click to see enlargement
AHWHGADOGAH / DAIRY / SWANNANOA pint milk from N.C. sold on eBay by grbottleguy for $117.
Click to see enlargement
Swan Bitters / McFarland Bro's Meadville, PA. amber with fancy label sold on eBay by 66rat for $522.
Click to see enlargement
Dr Pepper / 10 2 4 / FROSTY, MAN, FROSTY! multi-colored, cone top can sold on eBay by for $1,900.
Click to see enlargement
Bowman's / Drug Store 9�" cobalt blue bottle sold on eBay by richllp for $4,761. Back has label for denatured alcohol that shows company is out of Fresno, Calif.
Click to see enlargement
Lash's Bitters 20x24" tin sign sold on eBay by wylieboy for $960.
Click to see enlargement
Green Pitkin 5" flask sold on eBay by thedanoa for $900.
Click to see enlargement
W.T. & C.D. GUNTER / LIQUOR DEALERS / JACK DANIEL NO-7 WHISKEY / 205 BROAD ST / NASHVILLE TENNESSEE 2-gallon 14" jug sold on eBay by fredc446 for $660.
Click to see enlargement
ACL ORANGE CRUSH seltzer bottle from Rock Island, IL sold on eBay by advman for $280.
Click to see enlargement
UPPER / BLUE / LICK / WATER and back with STANTON & PIERCE / PROPRIETORS / MAYSVILLE KY. 10" light cobalt blue oval shaped bottle sold on eBay by jarguy for $1,213.
Click to see enlargement
J.V. DELLICKER / RICHMOND Va / COLUMBUS, O. iron pontilled aqua soda sold on eBay by slimdigger for $1,005.

Raleigh Show & Tell

Here are some pictures from the April/May meetings of the Raleigh Bottle Club. Click any picture to see a close-up. Note that the Raleigh Club meets the first Tuesday of each month. More details, including directions to the meeting, can be found at
Here are the April pictures - more here
Click to see enlargement
Kurt Cottrell showed two of the nicer bottles that he he recently dug: a U.S.A. / HOSP DEPT and a cylinder whiskey.
Click to see enlargement
Jack Murdock picked up this blob top beer from the Raleigh show. It's from the bar run by Babe's Ruth father and is embossed: STATEN ISLAND BOTTLING COMPANY / GEORGE RUTHS PROPTR / TRADE MARK / {GR logo} / REGISTERED / BALTIMORE, MD
Click to see enlargement
Charlie Perry showed this tough to find 1/3 quart milk: THIRD QUART / LIQUID / PINE STATE / CREAMERY / CO. / RALEIGH, N.C. The 1/3 quart bottle was quickly discontinued because of its confusion with the pint size bottle.
Click to see enlargement
Ron Atkins (Kurt's digging buddy) showed two of the nicer bottles that he recently dug: a U.S. ARMY / HOSPITAL / DEPARTMENT and a green Philly soda.
Click to see enlargement
Gerald Stickland gave an informative presentation on his collection of NC license plates.
Click to see enlargement
David Tingen brought in this pair of 1917/19 porcelain Raleigh city tags that he dug many years ago.

Here are the May pictures - more here
Click to see enlargement
Everett Eatmon showed this rare Christo Ginger Ale jar.
Click to see enlargement
Donnie Medlin showed this unusual multi-colored Pepsi bottle from Aruba.
Click to see enlargement
Jack Murdock showed this only known example of a S-S Coca-Cola with Raleigh, N.C. in cursive.
Click to see enlargement
Marshall Clements showed this beautiful framed picture from a Nehi calendar that use to hang in one of his relative's store.
Click to see enlargement
Donnie Medlin showed this old leather bag that was stamped with "Xmas Greeting" / PEPSI-COLA / BOTTLING WORKS / Beverages "JULEPS" Supreme / TARBORO, NORTH CAROLINA.
Click to see enlargement
Ron checks out some items that Reggie brought for sale.

Member Ads

Ads are posted here free of charge to paid Southeast Bottle Club members. Submit ad info to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the next newsletter. Ads run for 2 months, then must be renewed to continue. If your ad ran before and you want to run it again without changes, just request "repeat same ad".

To run a display ad in the main part of the newsletter, contact the editor for arrangements. Price is $40/month for a � page ad. Rates available upon request for other ad sizes.

  1. Wanted: S-S amber cokes, especially Frankfort and Crawfordville Indiana, Corinth Miss, Pana Illinois, Cookeville and Pikeville Tenn. Call or write Jack Moulton, 799 Hale Road, Check VA 24072, Email:, (540) 651-4994

  2. Wanted: BALL GROUND GEORGIA soda / Coke bottles, embossing may be whole wording or abbreviation of BALL GROUND, several types out there. Any style or condition. James Parris, Email: JUMBOPEANUTBUTTER@HOTMAIL.COM

  3. Wanted: "Thomas Bros Dairy / Raleigh, N.C." milk bottles and any other related items. Contact Anna Choi, (919) 787-4101, Email:

  4. Wanted: certain Wilmington NC and applied seal bottles for my collection; also certain slab sealed pottery. Contact: Lad Bright, (910) 799-6163, Email:

  5. For Sale: aqua Pepsi=Cola 1912-15 with 242 on base rarity 1 $60, Pepsi=Cola with 1621 on base rarity 2-3 $95. Machine cleaned and near mint. Bill Clark Email: or (919) 467-0114.

  6. Wanted: Rockingham and Stokes County NC bottles. Contact: Matt Cardwell, Email:

  7. Wanted: Veterinary medicines and North Carolina medicines. Contact: Stan Tart, (336) 992-3152 or Email:

  8. Wanted: Peppermint bottles from H.G. Hotchkiss (Lyons, NY), L.B. Hotchkiss (Phelps, NY), Hale & Parshall (Lyons, NY) and others. Contact Dick Kelley, phone: (315) 946-6316 or Email:

  9. For Sale: rare 1800's Chas. Lippincott soda fountain + 6 ft. refrigerated counter. Marble, onyx, alabaster, mahog.- manuf'd & signed in Philadelphia. Fountain is also personalized with Druggist's name on German Silver plaque above the spigots. This museum piece has been quoted as one of the finest fountains in the country & has been in storage & out of use for some time. Price: $27,000. For inquiries call 901-761-9507 anytime.

  10. Reward: paying $5000 ++ for ceramic Syrup Dispensers. Wanted round, urn & figural shaped dispensers with these names: ALMOND SMASH, Fan-Taz, SMACK, Viccola, MATTAY COLA, Afri Kola, DIXIE FLIP, Wineberry, JIM DANDY, Chero Crush, WOOL'S, Cherriola, etc. Also any literature & advertising. Call Toll Free 1-800-729-2723 days or call COLLECT 901-761-9507 anytime.

  11. Want to buy or trade: NC advertising jugs (especially - "When Empty Return To:" stencil jugs), any state mini jugs / Saloon marked items, NC / GA embossed whiskey flasks and error fruit jars. Bill Wrenn at 706-769-8995, Email: Note Bill's new Email address.

  12. Wanted: DISPENSARY flasks from N.C. towns. Reggie Lynch, Email:, phone: (919) 789-4545. Check out my bottles for sale on the Internet and in booth 615 at Granddaddy's Antique Mall in Burlington, N.C. Contact Reggie to consign your nicer bottles for sale/auction and receive top dollar.

Calendar of Events and Upcoming Shows

Also see Antique Bottle Shows which has year round listings and more links to sites with shows.

June 26-29, 2003
Springfield, OH
2003 National Insulator Association Show & Sale. 26 - 29 June at Clark County Exposition Center, Springfield, OH (exit 59 off I-70). 27 June: NIA members only (8:00 am to 4:00 pm), 28 June: general public (8:30 am to 4:00 pm, 29 June: general public (8:30 to 3:00 pm). Info: Steve Blain, 105 State Route 56 SW, London, OH 43140 phone: 740-852-3148, Email: or Glenn Drummond, 600 Co. Rd. 87, Notasulga, AL 36866 phone: 334-257-3100, Email:
June 28-29, 2003
Louisville, KY
The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors National Show, Sunday 9am-3pm, early admission Sat. 1pm-5pm & Sun 7am-9am, at the Kentucky International Convention Center, Louisville, Kentucky. INFO: RALPH VAN BROCKLIN, 1021 W. Oakland Ave., Suite #109, Johnson City, TN 37601 PH: (423) 913-1378, E-mail: or Wayne and June Lowry, phone (816) 318-0160, Email:
Click here for full details.
July 12, 2003
Dallas, PA
The Many Mountains Bottle Club 3rd Annual Show & Sale, at the Traver's Auction Barn, Route 309, Dallas, PA. Friday the 12th 3pm to 9pm is setup with an early buying time from 6pm to 9pm. Saturday early buyers carry over from friday 8am to 9am General admission 9am till 3pm no charge. $1 Raffle at the door. Early auction Saturday at 12:00pm Contact Rick Kern (570) 298-2536, Email:
July 17-19, 2003
Adamstown, PA
Shupp's Grove 2nd Annual Bottle Festival, (formerly York Bottle Festival), Thur. 5pm till ??, Fri. 6am-dusk, & Sat. 6am till dusk, at Shupp's Grove, Adamstown, PA. Info: STEVE GUION, PH: (717) 560-9480, Email: or JERE HAMBLETON, PH: (717) 393-5175, Email:
July 26, 2003
North Blenheim, NY
Capital Region Antique Bottle & Insulator Club Annual Antique Insulator, Bottle and Collectibles Swap Meet 9:00am-3:00pm at the New York State Power Authority Blenheim-Gilboa Visitors Center, Route 30, North Blenheim, NY Info: KEVIN LAWLESS, 3363 Guilderland Avenue, Apt. 3, Schenectady, NY 12306-1820. Phone (518) 357-2333 (eves. & weekends), Email:
July 26, 2003
Stratford, CT
Southern Connecticut Antique Bottle and Glass Collectors Association's Annual Show and Sale, Sat 8am-1pm at the Christ Episcopal Church, 2000 Main Street, Stratford, CT. Info; BRUCE MITCHELL PH: (203) 799-2570 or JIM MEGURA PH: (203) 922-4372.
Aug 2, 2003
Old Forge, NY
Central Adirondack Bottle, Postcard and Paper Show and Sale, 10am-4pm at 183 Park Ave. Municipal Bldg., Old Forge, NY. Info: GAIL MURRAY, Director, Town of Webb Historical Assoc., phone (315) 369-3838, Email: or BOB KENNERKNECHT, phone (315) 369-2229, Email:
Aug 3, 2003
Millville, NJ
The Wheaton Village in Assoc. with the FOHBC Annual Show & Sale, Sun 10am-4pm, early buyers Sat. 5pm, at the Wheaton Village, Millville, NJ. Info: WHEATON VILLAGE, 1501 Glasstown Road, Millville, NJ 08332. phone (856) 825-6800, ext. 2735.
Aug 9, 2003
Vicksburg, MS
6th Annual VIcksburg Antique Bottle Show & Sale, 8am-4pm at the Battlefield Inn, 4137 I-20 N. Frontage Rd, Exit 4-B, Vicksburg, MS. Info: Cason Schaffer, 107 East View Drive, Vicksburg, MS 39183 phone (601) 638-1195.
Aug 9, 2003
Kansas City, MO
Midwestern Bottle & Insulator Show and Sale, 9am-2pm at the Holiday Inn Northeast, 7333 NE Parvin Rd., Kansas City, MO. Info: GENE DeVAUX, 374 Jenna Ave., Belton, MO 64012 phone (816) 322-1862.
Aug 10, 2003
Bethesda, MD
Potomac Bottle Collectors Annual Show & Sale, 9am-3pm, at the Washington Waldorf School, 4800 Sangamore Road, Bethesda, MD 20816. Info: JIM SEARS, PH: (703) 243-2409, Email:
Aug 15-16, 2003
Asheville, NC
12th Annual Antique Bottle & Collectible Show sponsored by the Western North Carolina Antique Bottle & Collectibles Club. New location: Haywood County Fairgrounds - take exit 24 off I-40, then south on Hwy 209 to Lake Junaluska. Go 2.7 miles and fairgrounds will be on the left. This is a larger facility with room for 100+ tables, super lighting, and great parking. Dealer setup times: Fri 11:00am-noon, Sat 7:00am-8:00am. Public: Fri noon-7:00pm, Sat 8:00am-2:00pm. Security provided Fri 7pm till Sat 7am. Info: Larry Glenn, PO Box 1391, Candler, NC 28715, phone (828) 667-2049 days, 667-0529 nights, 712-1117 cell, Email: or Tim Branch (828) 669-5486, Email:
Note: This show use to be the 2nd weekend of Sep at the Best Western motel, but they had to change locations and also the dates.
Aug 17, 2003
Millbrook, NY
Hudson Valley Bottle Club 16th Annual Show & Sale, 9am-3pm, early buyers 8am, at the Millbrook Firehouse, (4 miles East of Taconic State Parkway on Route 44), Millbrook, NY. Info: KEVIN DeMARTINE, R.R. 1,Box 180, Rt. 44, Salt Point, NY 12578, phone (845) 677-3638, or ART CHURCH, 411 Hillside Lake Rd., Wappingers Falls, NY 12590, phone (845) 221-4259.
Aug 22-23, 2003
Norcross, GA
33rd Annual Bottle Show & Sale of the Southeastern Antique Bottle Club. Fri. 9am-6pm & Sat. 9am-4pm (early buyers Fri. 9 AM) at the North Atlanta Trade Center, 1700 Jeurgens Court, Norcross, GA. In conjunction with The Pride of Dixie Antique Show. Info: Jack Hewitt, 1765 Potomac Court, Lawrenceville, GA 30243. PH: (770) 963-0220, Email:
Aug 24, 2003
Moorefield, WV
The Potomac Highlands Antique Bottle and Glass Collector's Club, 5th Annual Show and Sale, 9am-3pm at the Moorefield Fire Co. Auxiliary Bldg., the blue bldg. (along the RR on Jefferson St.) in Moorefield, WV. Info: Rodney Funkhouser, Rt. 1 Box 132, Baker, WV 26801, phone (304) 897-6910, Email:

The Southeast Bottle Club newsletter is hosted by the Antique Bottle Collectors Haven.

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