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May/June 2005 Newsletter

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Star Bottling Works in Star, NC

Southeast Bottle Club
Editor: Reggie Lynch
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We welcome articles, stories, finds, and pictures for upcoming issues of the newsletter. Newsletters are released bi-monthly. For example, a Jan/Feb newsletter covers events in Jan-Feb, so it will not be released until March. All past newsletters are stored on the club web page for quick and easy reference, so there is no need to print them (save a tree instead). Information within this newsletter may be reprinted as long as credit is given to the source.

The Southeast Bottle Club is a non-profit organization serving the Southeastern United States. All events and shows are open to the public, so drop by and check us out. Club members receive the monthly newsletter via Email or postal mail, run free text ads in this newsletter, and participate in all the fun and benefits the club has to offer. An application can be found on the last page of the printed version or by clicking here. Free Email-only membership is also available - click here to request it.

Planned Events for Southeast Bottle Club

The Southeast Bottle Club sponsors an annual show, a spring and fall festival, and other events each year. Here's the list of upcoming events:
  1. Summer Swap Meet Saturday July 30, 2005 noon-2pm at Granddaddy's Antique Mall in Burlington NC. There will be an educational presentation by Jerry Roughton on NC tokens and medicine bottles. Everyone is encouraged to bring a max of two boxes of bottles for sale/trade; there is no charge to setup and sell and this event. There will be a raffle with some great bottles (pictured to right) which include a cobalt blue BLOUNT SPRINGS soda, triple script DURHAM NC Pepsi:Cola, Hillsborough NC straight-sided Coca-Cola, half pint EAST POINT DAIRY / LUMBERTON NC, ROBERSON ACL soda from NEW BERN NC, and DEAD STUCK FOR BUGS poison in rare small size. For a PowerPoint flyer on this event, click here

    Click to see close-up of Raffle Bottles for Summer Swap Meet

  2. Fall Festival Saturday Sep 24, 2005 9am-3pm outdoors on the lawn at the NC State Fairgrounds. This is the same weekend as the Sep 23-25 Southern Ideal Home Show and Sep 23-24 Liberty Antique Festival. Full details at:

  3. 4th Annual Greensboro Antique Bottle, Insulator & Collectibles Show & Sale Sunday Nov 20, 2005 9am-3pm in Greensboro NC. Full details at

The club maintains a web page directory where we publish a list of antique shops that help us promote our bottle events by allowing us to place flyers in their shops. This page is located at:
Contact us if your shop is willing to distribute bottle event flyers in exchange for a free listing on this web page directory.

Membership Status for Southeast Bottle Club

The Southeast Bottle Club does not require membership to receive its newsletter by Email or to attend any of its events. The newsletter is distributed free by Email to encourage more bottle collectors to participate in the events sponsored by the club and the other clubs in the Southeast region. But paid membership is encouraged to help support the many activites sponsored by the club. So why not consider joining today? Click here for the online membership application, or for a printed copy just fill out the application on the back page of each newsletter. Remember that paid members can run free ads in this newsletter, and when you consider the newsletter is distributed to over 4,000 collectors, that's pretty cheap advertising for your bottle dollars.

Thanks to these new members who recently paid dues to join the Southeast Bottle Club: John Swygert - Gaston SC, Marty Hankins - Trenton TN, Michael Norton - Hamlet NC, Evelyn Jones - Staunton VA, Rance Jones - Waxhaw NC.

and thanks to these collectors who recently renewed their membership: Herman Vick Jr. - Waxhaw NC, C. Vernon Vallance Jr. - Hamlet NC, Mike Page - Lyons GA, Clarence Jeffcoat - Pinopolis SC, Phil Perkinson - Norlina NC, Doug McCoy - Marietta GA, Glenn Stiwalt - Marshville NC, John & Dot Wood - Danielsville GA.

Featured Collector: Ralph Van Brocklin

While attending the Waynesville NC show this year, I was invited to visit the collection of Ralph Van Brocklin in nearby Johnson City TN. And what a collection he has! And Ralph is all too happy to show it. His enthusiasm for bottle collecting is infectious, and he's done a lot to improve the hobby as past president of the FOHBC.

The tour started with a visit at Ralph's dental office. It's simply breath-taking to walk into his office and be overwhelmed in the presence of so many fantastic bottles. You'll quickly see that his passion is Western glass, especially whiskey flasks and mini-jugs. But he's also started adding Southern pieces, especially Tennessee.

Ralph has been collecting for over 35 years. He started digging as a kid in Salinas, California. His earliest collecting focused on western beer bottles, but quickly advanced to the whiskies.

To see all the pictures taken, click here.

Ralph in his office beside the back-lighted shelf with his most impressive bottles. What a place to work!

Another shelf with amazing western fifths, bitters, and mini-jugs. Shown are all four Casper fifths, including the hard to find 4 cities variants.

Amber and olive Western whiskey flasks are a passion of Ralph's, especially this wild two-tone, swirled NANSCAWEN & Co. / VISALIA flask.

In his home office, Ralph keeps this impressive collection of Western beers, sodas, and mini-jugs.

His favorite is this DUFFY'S CRESCENT SALOON / LOUISVILLE figural pig, which is unique in cobalt blue.

Star NC Bottling Works

As a bottle dealer, one of the most gratifying things you can do is provide a bottle to a relative of the bottle company. That happened recently when Reggie sold a pair of hutches from Star Bottling Works in Star NC to J.G. Maynard. Below info was provided by J.G.:

My great great grandfather was J.R. Ingrahm, who ran the bottling works in Star from 1904 until it was bought out by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company. There are not many papers or pictures from the place left. J.R. Ingrahm was the druggist in Star from 1902 until he retired sometime in 1909-1910, and I think that is how he got into the bottling business. The Bottling Works was located in the back of the white building behind the railroad tracks. Before he sold it, JR Ingrahm ran it as the Star Mercantile Company and Star Pharmacy. They sold and printed custom stationary, and they also sold soaps and perfumes imported from overseas. Of course, they also sold medicine. The small room on the right is where the drug store was. This building burned down, and later in 1912 Coca-Cola built on the same location. I don't know whether or not JR Ingrahm bottled Coke himself. This picture was made around 1911, and the white house on the left with the steep gables was built by JR Ingrahm. I remember my great grandma talking about a lawsuit or something of the like dealing with the stoppers they used at the Bottling Works. If I remember right, they contained lead or some other dangerous substance that dissolved into the contents of the bottles. That is about all the information that I know of. I am attaching 2 files that I think are relevant: the picture as described above and an old invoice from the drug store.

If you have any info to share about the company, please contact J.G. Maynard at PO Box 182, Ether, NC 27247.

Old Star Bottling Works building in 1911.

The two styles of hutchinson soda embossed STAR BOTTLING WORKS / STAR, N.C.. On left is taller with circular slug plate, and on right is the earliest style with tombstone slug plate.

New FOHBC Club Benefit: Cheap Show Insurance

The FOHBC recently provided a new inexpensive insurance benefit for its member clubs. For $150 per year, a member club can buy into their group policy which will cover their show and other club activities. The group policy covers up to $1,000,000 per occurence. The low $150 rate should offer considerable savings to clubs that have to insure their annual shows. For more information, contact Sheldon Baugh, Email:, phone (270) 726-2712.

Show Reports

This section provides reports on any recent shows, auctions, or other events where bottles were sold. If you are going to a bottle show that Reggie plans to attend, please bring your show & tell bottles so he can photograph them and publish in this newsletter. If you attend a show in the Southeast and want your pictures/story published here, then just submit your info.

Gray TN Show May 6-7, 2005

Reggie made his first trip to this bottle show nestled in the TN mountains and was rewarded with great hospitality and a fine bottle show. This was their biggest show yet with 69 dealer tables, 6 displays, and 26 early buyers. A nice advantage for dealers is the ability to drive into the building and unload in front of your table. On the first day of this two day show, dealers and early buyers were treated to a sumptuous meal with grilled chicken, hamburgers, and all the fixings. Ralph Van Brocklin kindly donated the chicken and hamburgers, and did a great job of cooking the chicken. Geff Moore pitched in by cooking the hamburgers. Other club members provided the other dishes, including a neat hillbilly cake.

On Saturday, there was a good general attendance due in part to the effective advertising, including radio interviews. Some interesting bottles were brought in by the public, including an early Jack Daniel's "Gunter" flask that was bought by one of the dealers. Hope to see ya' at next year's show.

Below are some pictures from the show. To see all the pictures taken, click here.

Click to see enlargement
Geff Moore did a great job cooking the burgers for the Friday night dinner.
Click to see enlargement
Doug and Ginny Bowers did collectors a service by showing this pair of White House Vinegar Lighthouse bottles with a letter explaining how to identify the repro on the left. The easiest way to tell the difference is the bases, since the original base has a mold number and is concave, whereas the repro has no mold number, is flat, and has no ring.
Click to see enlargement
Melissa Milner did a fantastic display on fruit jars that had a lot of eye appeal.
Click to see enlargement
Ralph's table had some great offerrings and drew a lot of attention.
Click to see enlargement
Fred Milner (left) running the admission table where they had free bottles for kids, raffle bottle prizes for attendees, and a $25 dealer door prize.
Click to see enlargement
The club made a special hillbilly cake to celebrate the show.

Lumberton NC Show June 3-4, 2005

The annual Lumberton show was another sell-out, with all 80+ dealer tables sold. And there was a good buying crowd as well. The dealer dinner Friday night was very enjoyable, with show chairman Paul Valenti cooking his rice/chicken and rice/sausage dishes. On a sad note, there was a table with pictures and rememberings of Vernon Capps and Richard Stephens, who both died recently and were big contributors to the Lumberton show.

Below are some pictures from the show by David Jackson (Reggie forgot his camera). To see all the pictures taken, click here.

Click to see enlargement
Mason Bright and his wife made the trip down from Michigan to setup at the show and visit relatives.
Click to see enlargement
Corky Shore and Marshall McMasters checking out a bottle.
Click to see enlargement
Some buyer's viewing the bottles for sale at Reggie's Southeast Table.
Click to see enlargement
Doug Williams and Jake Hudson checking out some bottles at Paul Valenti's table.

Recent Finds

This section includes recent items sold on eBay and other items shared by collectors. If you have a recent find to post here, or just want to share a favorite bottle, please submit info to the Southeast Newsletter Editor. Most pictures can be clicked to see the original full size view before it was cropped to fit here.

Click to see enlargement
Gallon jug stencilled JACK DANIEL / OLD TIME DISTILLERY / LYNCHBURG / TENN. sold on eBay for $995 by beachcomber.1223.
Click to see enlargement
Half gallon jug stencilled W.T. & C.D. GUNTER / LIQUOR DEALERS / JACK DANIEL'S No. 7 WHISKEY / 205 BROAD STREET / NASHVILLE, TENN. sold on eBay for $695 by beachcomber.1223.
Click to see enlargement
3 1/2" mini-jug stencilled Compliments of / T.H. Haynes Co., Inc. / Bristol, VA-TENN. sold on eBay for $174 by leisurelady65.
Click to see enlargement
Half pint strap-sided flask embossed GEO.ROEDIGER & CO. / No.15 E.THIRD ST / WINSTON, N.C. sold on eBay for $165 by privypaul
Click to see enlargement
Yellow amber 2-roof HOLTZERMANN'S STOMACH BITTERS listed as H-155 in the Ring/Ham book sold on eBay for $1,841 by pepsi-mom-2.
Click to see enlargement
S-S Coke embossed Coca-Cola on shoulder and Clarksville / Bottling Company / Clarksville TX in circular slug plate sold on eBay for $861 by leftbank1.
Click to see enlargement
11" dark amber whiskey cylinder embossed G. JAQUET / TOBACCO MANUFACTORY / NEW ORLEANS in a shoulder ribbon sold on eBay for $1,225 by litnop.
Click to see enlargement
1/2 gallon bail whiskey jug stencilled MAMMOTH SALOON, C.M. DREW, PROP. / DAWSON SPRINGS, KY. sold on eBay for $835 by oldthingsetc.
Click to see enlargement
Aqua hutchinson-style soda embossed Wells Caveman / {pic of caveman} / Trade Mark / Steam Bottling Works / Galveston, Texas sold on eBay for $610 by texsodaman.
Click to see enlargement
Pale green English target ball embossed FOR HOCKEY'S PATENT TRAP sold on eBay for $1,200 by claysmoke.
Click to see enlargement
7 1/2" medicine with original label and embossed HANFORDS / CELERY CURE / FOR / RHEUMATISM / NEURALGIA / SLEEPLESSNESS / NERVOUSNESS / HEART / TROUBLE / AND / NERVOUS / DISORDERS sold on eBay for $212 by wickerbill*1.
Click to see enlargement
10" aqua blob top beer with original bail closure and embossed F. DUSCH & SON / NO. 2 / EAST BROAD ST. / RICHMOND, VA. sold on eBay for $85 by
Click to see enlargement
Cobalt 3 1/8" oval shaped poison with hobnails embossed DAVIS & GECK INC / BROOKLYN, N.Y. U.S.A. on base sold on eBay for $832 by tomf38.
Click to see enlargement
Yellow fire grenade embossed HAYWARD HAND FIRE GRENADE / S. F. HAYWARD 407 BROADWAY N.Y. / PATENTED AUG8 1871 sold on eBay for $405 by old-fyre-stuff.
Click to see enlargement
Yellow amber target ball embossed BOGARDUS GLASS TARGET BALL / APRIL 10 1877 sold on eBay for $575 by shooter91gk.
Click to see enlargement
Aqua 7 3/4" S-S Coke embossed Coca-Cola on shoulder and COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS / BILLY'S / RACINE, WIS. in circular slug plate sold on eBay for $1,226 by bottbandit. Circa 1906 when Billy's started bottling Coke.
Click to see enlargement
Aqua half gallon fruit jar embossed BALTIMORE GLASS WORKS, listed as #399 in the Red Book, sold on eBay for $550 by msollars.
Click to see enlargement
Clear quart milk embosssed Long Branch Dairy / Mrs. W.S. Moore / Greensboro, N.C. sold on eBay for $77 by rgre428.
Click to see enlargement
12" tall ladies leg neck in rare citron color embossed PHD&Co. in monogram on shoulder and SAZERAC AROMATIC BITTERS on base sold on eBay for $1,230 by grbottleguy. Listed as S-74 in Ham/Ring book, the Patrick Henry Drake & Company started in Louisiana in the late 1860s.
Click to see enlargement
Gallon jug stencilled The Carter's Ink Co / Boston, New York, Chicago, Montreal sold on eBay for $135 by cjschaadt.
Click to see enlargement
Yellow amber BAKER'S ORANGE GROVE BITTERS sold on eBay for $620 by teikko.
Click to see enlargement
7 1/2" aqua S-S Coke embossed DRINK / Coca-Cola / CAROLINA BOTTLING / CONCORD, N.C. sold on eBay for $661 by thebottlevault.
Click to see enlargement
Amber S-S Coke embossed Coca-Cola on front and C. E. WRIGHT'S / ICE & COAL CO. / GREENWOOD / MISS. / THIS BOTTLE NEVER SOLD on rear sold on eBay for $295 by icre8one2.
Click to see enlargement
Aqua 7 3/4" bowling pin embossed Indian Rock / Ginger Ale on shoulder and Coca-Cola / Bottling Company Co. / Washington, N.C. in circular slug plate sold on eBay for $515 by mr.neon.
Click to see enlargement
1909 Coca-Cola tray, called "The Exhibition Tray" because the background is of the St. Louis Worlds Fair, sold on eBay for $2,505 by jbschmader.
Click to see enlargement
12" clear painted with Wards Orange Crush sold on eBay for $437 by stinger3831.
Click to see enlargement
9 1/2" medium blue green blob top beer with original closure enbossed E.ABNER WASHINGTON D.C. on front and with E&A monogram on base sold on eBay for $425 by buckdwv.
Click to see enlargement
9 1/2" half gallon SPEAS VINEGAR jar with original bail and lid sold on eBay for $455 by lisasbuddy9.
Click to see enlargement
Aluminum 2 1/8" shot glass embossed THE CASPER CO., INC. / ROANOKE, VA. below lip and LOWEST PRICED WHISKEY HOUSE WRITE FOR PRIVATE LIST on base sold on eBay for $205 by twofromsalem.
Click to see enlargement
Colorful ACL soda that reads SHAKE AND ENJOY / DEVIL SHAKE / 10 FL. OZ. / A CHOCOLATE FLAVORED BEVERAGE FROM THE MAKERS OF PEPI-COLA sold on eBay for $79 by 102257tl.
Click to see enlargement
11" amber semi-cabin with fancy decorations and embossed Professor Geo J. Byrne New York on front and The Great Universal Compound Stomach Bitters patented 1870 on reverse sold on eBay for $2,125 by 6ncst.
Click to see enlargement
8" pint size Saratoga-style mineral water embossed HIGHROCK CONGRESS SPRING / 1767 / {pic of rock} / C & W / SARATOGA, N.Y. sold on eBay for $1,425 by bottleski.
Click to see enlargement
7 1/2" amber flask embossed FOR PIKE'S PEAK on front with pic of man hiking the peak, and pic of eagle and shield on reverse, sold on eBay for $3,150 by moregifts4u2.
Click to see enlargement
Clear BIM soda embossed NINETY SIX / BOTTLING WORKS / NINETY SIX, S.C. in circular slug plate sold on eBay for $371 by bigdavesc. Seller included a framed picture of 1969 Greenwood Index Journal newspaper article showing this unique bottle with story about it's discovery.
Click to see enlargement
Deep amber fire grenade with saline solution, unusual three chamber design, and embossed PERFECTION HAND GRENADE / PATD. BY A. JONES 1885 sold on eBay for $5,255 by joannepaulus.
Click to see enlargement
7 3/4" red&white ACL, No Deposit / No Return (i.e. "throw away") Coke bottle with 1967 date on the base sold on eBay for $356 by mr.neon.
Click to see enlargement
Half gallon tan and brown jug stencilled SPOON MOTLOW / DISTILLER / COOSA RIVER CORN / STANSFER SPRINGS / LINCOLN COUNTY / REGISTERED DIST. NO. 120 / GADSDEN, ALA. sold on eBay for $2,125 by alleykat! to the grandson of Spoon Motlow. Spoon was Jack Daniels nephew and operated this distillery for only a short period of time.
Click to see enlargement
Clear 7 1/2" Pepsi embossed OCALA / PEPSI=COLA / CO. / OCALA, FLA. sold on eBay for $810 by panamakid21.
Click to see enlargement
9" square amber bitters embossed Mansfield's / New Style // Highland / Stomach Bitters // Scotch Tonic / Memphis, Tenn. sold on eBay for $1,278 by thememphisdiggers.
Click to see enlargement
Cobalt smooth base soda embossed Olsen & Co. / Memphis / Tenn sold on eBay for $1,677 by thememphisdiggers.
Click to see enlargement
9 3/4" quart green milk bottle embossed ALTA CREST FARMS / SPENCER, MASS. with pic of cow sold on eBay for $917 by southerntiques.
Click to see enlargement
5 3/8" deep teal pharmacy embossed NEWHOUSE'S RETAIL DEPARTMENT / LOUISVILLE sold on eBay for $309 by sugnats.
Click to see enlargement
Amber 4 log DRAKE'S PLANTATION BITTERS with original front and rear labels was sold on eBay for $390 by 6ncst.
Click to see enlargement
Reddish orange amber quart GVI-4 CORN FOR THE WORLD historical flask with BALTIMORE and pic of Baltimore Monument on reverse and open pontil base sold on eBay for $2,700 by infallible2.
Click to see enlargement
7 1/4" cobalt soda embossed J.J. Springer Hollidaysburg, Pa. sold on eBay for $809 by lakay63.

Raleigh Show & Tell

Here are some pictures from the Apr/May meetings of the Raleigh Bottle Club. Click any picture below to see a close-up.

Note that the Raleigh Club meets the first Tuesday of each month. For more details, including directions to the meeting, see
The Raleigh club meets at the Glen Laurel Clubhouse at 4330 Galax Drive in Raleigh.

To see all pictures, click for Apr or May.

Click to see enlargement
Donnie Medlin showed a recent find, this half pint strap-sided whiskey embossed R.P. GORREL / FINE LIQUORS / MOUNT AIRY, N.C..
Click to see enlargement
Club members are taking turns providing the bottles for each month's raffle. Here are the bottles Reggie provided for the May raffle, which included NC Cokes, Pepsi, pharmacies, and a rare Raleigh milk.
Click to see enlargement
Feature of the May meeting was a cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the fixings.
Click to see enlargement
Some members enjoying the chow.

Member Ads

Text ads are posted here free of charge to paid Southeast Bottle Club members. Submit ad info to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the next newsletter. Ads run for 2 months, then must be renewed to continue. If your ad ran before and you want to run it again without changes, just request "repeat same ad".

To run a display ad in this newsletter, contact the newsletter editor. Ads can be submitted as a JPG picture attached to Email, or just mailed a printed copy. Note the inexpensive cost of running your display ad in the most widely distributed publication for antique bottle collectors:
Ad Size Single Issue Three Issues
1/4 page $40 $100
1/2 page $70 $180
full page $140 $350

  1. Wanted: Colored blob top sodas from Georgia and South Carolina; historical flasks (especially Louisville double eagle and Corn For The World in color); green Drake's Plantation Bitters - Mike Newman, (706) 868-8391, Email:

  2. Wanted: a bottle from the Jones Distillery of Virgilina, Virginia. This distillery was run by my grandfather. Contact Evelyn at (540) 885-4534.

  3. For Sale: Aqua Hutches; 1] HYGEIA BOTTLING WORKS/PENSACOLA, FLA; aqua, 6 �", VNM. $23; 2]S.BECKER/SPARTANBURG, S.C. perfect. $140; 3] CHARLESTON BOTTLING/WORKS/CHARLESTON, W.VA. super perfect, $60; 4] WINCHESTER BOTTLING/WORKS/W.S./WINCHESTER, MD., VNM. $45; Bottle Bill - phone (215) 340-7156, EMail:

  4. Reward: paying $5000 - $10,000 for ceramic soda ftn. Syrup Dispensers. Names wanted include Wineberry, SMACK, Cherri Bon, Dixie Flip, Mattay Cola, JIM DANDY, Grape Smash, FAN TAZ, Afri Kola, INDIAN ROCK, Cherriola, Dr. Pepper, Viccola, Grapefruitola, WOOL'S Cherry Cheer, HIRES, Cannon's Punch, ZIPP'S and other unusual names. Also want any related advertising on these. Call collect anytime. 901-761-9507.

  5. Wanted: large Orange Crush bottle, amber, or clean 24/26/28/39 oz. in good condition. John Swygert, PO Box 165, Gaston, SC 29053.

  6. Bottle Cleaning: painted label and embossed bottles, Glenn Gunnell in Rural Hall, NC phone (336) 969-9643.

  7. Wanted: pre-1920 SC slugplate soda bottles. Also SC Coke and Pepsi bottles. Eric Warren, Email:

  8. Wanted: Wadesboro NC bottles, flasks, jugs, and memorabilia. James Price, (704) 694-3714, 694-8996 cell.

  9. Wanted: S-S amber cokes, especially Frankfort and Crawfordville Indiana, Corinth Miss, Pana Illinois, Cookeville Tenn. Call or write Jack Moulton, 799 Hale Road, Check VA 24072, Email:, (540) 651-4994.

  10. Wanted: any bottles from Ball Ground, Georgia. James Parris, (706) 669-2064.

  11. Wanted & For Sale: Always looking to buy old bottles, even whole collections. Especially older Coke, Pepsi, inks, blob top sodas, and NC whiskey flasks. Would really like to find an undamaged Spencer NC Bottling with the train. Reggie Lynch, Email:, phone: (919) 789-4545. Check out my bottles for sale on the Internet and in booth 615 at Granddaddy's Antique Mall in Burlington, N.C.

Calendar of Events and Upcoming Shows

Also see Antique Bottle Shows which has year round listings and more links to sites with shows.

July 10, 2005
Muncie, IN
Midwest Antique Fruit Jar & Bottle Club Summer Show & Sale, 9am-3pm at the Horizon Convention Center, Muncie, IN. Info: NORMAN BARNETT, PO Box 38, Flat Rock, IN. 47234, phone (812) 587-5560, or DICK COLE, 1200 Minnetrista Pkwy, Muncie, IN. 47303, phone (765) 213-3549, ext. 117.
July 16-17, 2005
Adamstown, PA
Shupp's Grove 4th Annual Bottle Festival, (formerly York Bottle Festival), Sat/Sun at Shupp's Grove, Adamstown, PA. Dealer unload Fri 1:00pm (no early buyers). Info: STEVE GUION, PH: (717) 560-9480, Email: or JERE HAMBLETON, PH: (717) 393-5175, Email:
July 30, 2005
Burlington, NC
Southeast Bottle Club Swap Meet, Raffle and Presentation at Granddaddy's Antique Mall in Burlington, NC. Jerry Roughton will be doing the presentation on NC medicine bottles and tokens. Like all Southeast Bottle Club events, this swap meet is open to the public, so members and non-members may attend. Everyone is encouraged to bring bottles for sell and trade - but please limit what you bring to what will fit in two boxes. Please bring a folding chair to help us with the seating. There will be a raffle with some great bottles. Free appraisals will be given, and there will be free bottles for kids. Some come join us for the fun. Directions: in Burlington NC take Exit 145 at I-40/I-85, then north on Maple Ave about 1/4 mile. Grandaddy�s is on the right at 2316 Maple Ave. For a PowerPoint flyer on this event, click here
August 13, 2005
Vicksburg, MS
8th Annual Vicksburg Antique Bottle Show & Sale, 8am-4pm at the Battlefield Inn, 4137 N. Frontage Rd, I-20 Exit 4-B, Vicksburg, MS. Info: Cason Schaffer, 107 East View Drive, Vicksburg, MS 39183 phone (601) 638-1195.
Aug 13-14, 2005
Grand Rapids, MI
The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors National Show, at the DeVos Place, 303 Monroe Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, MI. Info: JOHN PASTOR, 7288 Thorncrest Dr. SE, Ada, MI 49301, phone: 616-285-7604, Email:
Click here for full details.
Aug 21, 2005
Millbrook, NY
Hudson Valley Bottle Club 18th Annual Show & Sale, 9am-3pm, early buyers 8am, at the Millbrook Firehouse, (4 miles East of Taconic State Parkway on Route 44), Millbrook, NY. Info: ART CHURCH, 411 Hillside Lake Rd., Wappingers Falls, NY 12590, phone (845) 221-4259.
Aug 21, 2005
Moorefield, WV
The Potomac Highlands Antique Bottle and Glass Collector's Club, 7th Annual Show and Sale, 9am-3pm at the Moorefield Fire Co. Auxiliary Bldg., the blue bldg. (along the RR on Jefferson St.) in Moorefield, WV. Info: Rodney Funkhouser, Rt. 1 Box 132, Baker, WV 26801, phone (304) 897-6910, Email:
Aug 26-27, 2005
Norcross, GA
35th Annual Bottle Show & Sale of the Southeastern Antique Bottle Club. Fri. 9am-6pm & Sat. 9am-4pm at the North Atlanta Trade Center, 1700 Jeurgens Court, Norcross, GA. In conjunction with The Pride of Dixie Antique Show. Info: Jack Hewitt, 1765 Potomac Court, Lawrenceville, GA 30243. PH: (770) 963-0220, Email:
Aug 27, 2005
Metairie, LA
New Orleans Antique Bottle Club's 33rd Annual Show & Sale Sat. 9am-5pm at the Quality Hotel, 2261 N. Causeway Blvd., Metairie, Louisiana 70001. INFO: KIRK DIEZ, 2605 Winifred St., Metairie, LA 70003, PH: (504) 887-8913, Email: .
Sep 2-5, 2005
Hillsville, VA
38th Annual Hillsville Antique Show in Hillsville, VA, at 440 West Stuart Drive. 4 big days-Labor Day weekend. Over 2000 vendors! For more information call Riley Horne at 919-553-4457 or Email:
Sep 11, 2005
Lewes, DE
Delmarva Antique Bottle Club 13th Annual Antique Bottle, Advertising, & Collectible Show & Sale Sunday 9am-3pm (early buyers 7:30am) at Cape Henlopen High School, Lewes, DE. Info: Ferd Meyer, phone: (302) 945-7072, Email: or Peter Beaman, (302) 684-5055, Email:
Sep 11, 2005
Pekin, IL
The Pekin Bottle Collectors Assoc. 36th Annual Show & Sale, 8am-3pm at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 715 N. 11th Street, Pekin, IL. Info: JIM SEARLE, 1003 Illinois St., Pekin, IL 61554. phone: (309) 364-7804, or JIM MORGAN, phone: (309) 649-1946.
Sep 16-17, 2005
Union, SC
Uniqely Union Bottle Show & Sale, Fri. noon-7pm & Sat. 8am-1pm at the Union County Fairgrounds, Hwy. 176 by-pass, Union, SC. Will have auction on Fri 7:00pm with bottles, jugs, and other antiques. Info: MIKE SANDERS, 1008 Bishop Road, Union, SC. 29379, PH: (864) 427-3367 (days) or (864) 427-9340 (nights)
Sep 18, 2005
Kirtland, OH
The Ohio Bottle Club 37th Annual Show & Sale, 9am-2pm, early buyers Sat. 7-9pm, at the Lakeland Community College, 1/4 mile south of I-90 on Rt. 306, Kirtland, OH. Info: ROBERT SMITH, PH: (440) 285-4184, Email: or TIM KEARNS, PH: (440) 285-7576, Email:
Sep 18, 2005
Winchester, VA
Apple Valley Bottle Collectors Club 32nd Annual Show & Sale Sunday 9am-3pm, early buyers 7:30am, (Always on the 3rd Sunday of September) at the Hampton Inn, 1204 Berryville Ave., exit 315 off I-81, Winchester, VA. Info: GINNY BOWERS, 681 Coal Mine Rd., Strasburg, VA 22657. PH: (540) 465-3952.
Sep 23-24, 2005
Jacksonville, FL
Antique Bottle Collectors of North Florida 38th Annual Show & Sale, Sat 8am-3pm, early buyers Fri 6-9pm, at the Fraternal Order of Police Building, 5530 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL. Info: WAYNE HARDEN, 3867 Winter Berry Road, Jacksonville, FL 32210, phone: (904) 781-2620, Email:
Sep 23-24, 2005
Liberty, NC
Liberty Antique Festival has over 300 dealers. A few bottles can be found. Fri/Sat 8am-6pm. From I-85 in Burlington, take the Hwy 49 exit and head south to Libery. Then follow signs. Put on by Janmar Promotions, PO Box 939, Liberty, NC 27298. Call Vito or Mary Ellen Sico or Janet Hill at (336) 622-3040 or 622-3535.
Sep 24, 2005
Raleigh, NC
Southeast Bottle Club's Annual Raleigh Fall Bottle Festival outdoors 8:00am-3:00pm on the lawn at the NC State Fairgrounds on Blue Ridge Road in Raleigh, NC. Info: Reggie Lynch, (919) 789-4545,
Oct 1, 2005
Richmond, VA
RABCA's 34th annual bottle show Saturday 9am-3pm in Richmond, VA at the Show Place Annex, Rte 360 (3002 Mechanicsville Turnpike). Next door to Antique Extravaganza. Early admission 7:30am-9:00am. INFO: ED FAULKNER, 4718 Kyloe Ln., Moseley, VA 23120, PH: (804) 739-2951; E-mail: or MARVIN CROKER, PH: (804) 275-1101; E-mail: Directions: North on I-95, East on I-64, exit 192 (Mechanicsville), 6 blocks on left.
Oct 21-22, 2005
Savannah, GA
The 8th annual Savannah Georgia Antique Bottle Show and Sale will be held at the National Guard Armory, Eisenhhower Drive, Savannah, GA. Fri dealer setup 2:00pm-7:00pm (no merchandise on table till 4:00pm). $10 Early Buyers Fri 4:00pm-7:00pm and Sat 8:00am-9:00am. Fri dinner provided to dealers. Public: Sat 9:00am-3:00pm. INFO: David Powell, 2617 Salcedo Ave., Savannah, GA 31406 Phone (912) 354-3576 or Russ Butler P.O. Box 264, Havana, FL 32333 Phone (850) 627-4909, Email:, web:

Southeast Bottle Club T-shirts, Caps, Tote Bags

Show your pride in Southeast bottle collecting by buying one of the t-shirts, caps, tote bags, or other items bearing the Southeast Bottle Club logo. These items can be ordered online at:
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The Southeast Bottle Club newsletter is hosted by the Antique Bottle Collectors Haven.

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