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Oct/Nov/Dec 2004 Newsletter

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Southeast Bottle Club
Editor: Reggie Lynch
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We welcome articles, stories, finds, and pictures for upcoming issues of the newsletter. Newsletters are released bimonthly. A Jan/Feb newsletter covers events in Jan-Feb, so it will not be released till March. All past newsletters are stored on the club web page for quick and easy reference, so there is no need to print them (save a tree instead). Information within this newsletter may be reprinted as long as credit is given to the source.

The Southeast Bottle Club is a non-profit organization serving the Southeastern United States. All meetings and events are open to the public, so drop by and check us out. We hope you'll consider joining the club. Club members receive the monthly newsletter via Email or postal mail, run free text ads in this newsletter, and participate in all the fun and benefits the club has to offer. Free Email-only membership is also available - just request it.

Planned Events for Southeast Bottle Club

The Southeast Bottle Club sponsors an annual show, a spring and fall festival, and other events each year. Here's the list of upcoming events:
  1. Saturday April 9, 2005 Raleigh, NC. We have decided to cancel this date for the Raleigh Spring Festival to avoid a conflict with the Waynesville NC show on the same weekend. After their September show was cancelled due to a hurricane, the Waynesville show has been rescheduled for April 8-9, 2005.

  2. Summer 2005 will pick a date in July for the Swap Meet at Granddaddy's Antique Mall in Burlington NC. Speaker will be Jerry Roughton.

  3. Saturday Sep 24, 2005 9am-3pm: Raleigh Fall Bottle Festival outdoors on the lawn at the NC State Fairgrounds. This is the same weekend as the Sep 23-25 Southern Ideal Home Show and Sep 23-24 Liberty Antique Festival. Full details at:

  4. Sunday Nov 20, 2005 9am-3pm: the 4th Annual Greensboro Bottle, Insulator & Collectibles Show & Sale in Greensboro NC. Full details at

The club maintains a web page directory where we publish a list of antique shops that help us promote our bottle events by allowing us to place flyers in their shops. This page is located at:
Contact us if your are willing to distribute bottle event flyers in exchange for a free listing on this web page directory.

Membership Status for Southeast Bottle Club

The Southeast Bottle Club does not require membership to receive its newsletter by Email or to attend any of its events. The newsletter is distributed free by Email to encourage more bottle collectors to participate in the events sponsored by the club and the other clubs in the Southeast region. But paid membership is encouraged to help support the many activites sponsored by the club. So why not consider joining today? Click here for the online membership application, or for a printed copy just fill out the application on the inside of the back page of each newsletter. Remember that paid members can run free ads in this newsletter, and when you consider the newsletter is distributed to over 3,600 collectors, that's pretty cheap advertising for your bottle dollars.

Thanks to these new members who recently paid dues to join the Southeast Bottle Club: Blake Schooley - Albemarle NC, Don DePra - Tampa FL, Mike Mauney - Stanley NC, Bill Herbolsheimer - Doylestown PA, Geraldine Dunn - Mt. Gilead NC, Jessica Crawford - Lambert MS, George Gregory - Dry Fork VA, Paul Benfield - Salisbury NC, and Thomas Frank - Hendersonville TN.

and thanks to these collectors who recently renewed their membership: Dennis Reed - Gainesville FL, Bill Marks - Deltona FL.

Computer Corner - Viruses, Adware, Spyware

While having a computer with internet access allows you access to a world of info about bottle collecting and everything else, it also exposes your computer to attack by viruses, adware, and spyware. This issue I'll provide some tips on how to keep your computer safe from such attacks.

A computer virus can be malicious or just a nuisance. In malicious form, it can Email itself to your friends by sending Emails with attachments that look like they came from you or someone you know. This is why it's wise to never open an attachment unless you are expecting it from someone you know. Otherwise, be safe and just delete it. A malicious virus can also wipe out the contents of your hard drive, which is why many collectors should consider some type of backup device to save their info in case a virus attacks or your hard drive crashes. A nuisance virus or spyware will cause annoying info to randomly pop-up on your screen. Spyware will monitor your computer activity and send that info via your internet connection to it's mother program. The info sent could include your login ID and password for places like eBay and PayPal. Adware will pop-up info on your screen that advertises some product.

The leading program for computer virus protection is Norton Anti-Virus. This program can be purchased online for $27 (after rebate), or bundled with Norton Internet Security for $34 (after rebate). I recommend the bundle which provides additional firewall and spyware protection. You can buy it online, or in most stores that sell computer software. There are other anti-virus programs out there; the point is to install anti-virus program and keep the virus definitions up-to-date.

Another program I use religiously to erradicate adware and spyware that can creep into your computer is Ad-Aware SE Personal from Lavasoft. This program is a free download and seems to always find things that Norton can miss.

Another thing to be concerned about is Emails that you receive warning that your eBay or PayPal account is in trouble unless you click a link and update your info. These are almost always malicious in nature and are trying to get you to divulge your eBay or PayPal id/password. In the case of eBay, someone who maliciously obtains your id/password may sell something from your eBay account like ridiculously cheap computer equipment, then try to get the buyer pay with an overseas wire transfer. In the case of PayPal, your PayPal funds will be transferred out of your account. Never, ever click a link in one of these Emails. If you have concern, just login to your eBay account from the regular eBay page at, or into your PayPal account from the regular secure PayPal page at: If there is something that needs your attention, PayPal will tell you after you log in. eBay has a "My Account" tab that you can click to view/update your eBay info.

As tax season approaches, if you still use an accountant or manually fill out your tax forms, you should consider using the Turbo-Tax Standard 2004 software to file your taxes. If you fill out Schedule C forms for small business, then get the Premier version instead. Both will also come with software to do your Federal and State income tax forms, then allow you to file online. It's quick, easy, and will find errors and deductions that you could typically miss. I've been using their tax filing software for over 8 years now and love it. You can buy it online, or in most stores that sell computer software.

Show Reports

This section provides reports on any recent shows, auctions, or other events where bottles were sold. If you are going to a bottle show that Reggie plans to attend, please bring your show & tell bottles so he can photograph them and publish in this newsletter. If you attend a show in the Southeast and want your pictures/story shown here, then just submit your info and we'll publish them.

Savannah GA October 2004 Show

The 7th annual Savannah Georgia Antique Bottle Show and Sale was held at the Savannah Armory. Show chairmen David Powell and Russ Butler put on another excellent show. The show filled up the armory with about 60 dealers and 90 sales tables. Free pizza and drinks were provided to dealers during the Friday setup. Dealers reported good sales, and buyers were proudly showing off their new purchases (including Reggie).

The only downside to this show was the report by four different dealers that bottles were taken from their tables sometime during Saturday morning. This re-emphasizes the need for dealers to have someone keep an eye on their table while they are out browsing the show floor. Such theft is a rare occurrence, but it's unfortunate for the impacted dealers when it does happen.

Below are some pictures from the show. To see all the pictures taken, click here.

Click to see enlargement
Ken Nease talks with Russ Butler about his bottle cleaning machine.
Click to see enlargement
As always, there was an impressive display of Georgia bottles to see. Click here to see other display shelf.
Click to see enlargement
Chip Cable chatting with prospective buyers about his dug bottles for sale.
Click to see enlargement
Chip Cable showed one of his recent finds: a rare cobalt pontilled soda embossed PREMIUM / S/ CHARLESTON / S.C. on front and SMITH'S / MINERAL / SODA WATER / NEW YORK on reverse.
Click to see enlargement
Mabel Hicks is all smiles while running Tom's table. Where's hubby Tom? If you guessed shopping for bottles on other tables, then you're a bottle nut.
Click to see enlargement
Chip also shared this rare scratch mini-jug which reads The Prophet / Whiskey / Matthies Stelling / Charleston SC.

Greensboro NC Show November 2004

The Southeast Bottle Club presented its 3rd annual Antique Bottle Show & Sale in Greensboro NC on Sunday Nov 21st. This year's show had 49 dealers and 124 tables, a 10% increase over last year's show. There were 33 early buyers. There was also a larger public attendance, helped by expanded advertising which included a pre-show TV spot on the local TV station.

Due to some theft problems at other shows, a uniformed Greensboro policeman was hired for security. No thefts were reported during the show.

Dealers reported good sales, and many collectors reported being very happy with their purchases. There were lots of interesting finds brought in for show & tell, some of which were sold to happy buyers.

Next year's show is scheduled for Sunday November 20, 2005.

Below are some pictures from the show. To see all the pictures taken, click here.

Click to see enlargement
This year we were lucky to get pre-show coverage on local station FOX-8. Here anchor man Brad Jones interviews David Jackson.
Click to see enlargement
NC milk expert John Patterson helped this lady find info on her family's dairy.
Click to see enlargement
Dealer Paul Carter sold this quart E.A. LACKEY / DISTILLER / LIQUOR DEALER / HAMLET, N.C. and pint P.T. BENNETT / FINE / LIQUORS / WADESBORO, N.C. strap-sided whiskey flasks to a lucky collector.
Click to see enlargement
Corky Shore offerred this rare half gallon Casper Whiskey jug.
Click to see enlargement
Corky Shore chatting with customers.
Click to see enlargement
Reggie sold these two nice medicine bottles from Greensboro: 1) R.C. GLENN / DRUGGIST / GREENSBORO, N.C. with embossed pestle, and 2) GOOSE GREESE LINIMENT with embossed goose.
Click to see enlargement
Insulator dealer Doug Williams looking up some info for Lucy Faulkner.
Click to see enlargement
Reggie's step-son Eddie Kelly was having a busy day selling bottles.
Click to see enlargement
Fruit jar dealer Mason Bright and his wife made the trip down from Michigan and enjoyed the show.
Click to see enlargement
The lucky 50/50 raffle winner was kind enough to share part of his winnings with the two young ticket drawers.
Click to see enlargement
Randy Kiger brought in this collection of Greensboro Coca-Cola bottles, all different.
Click to see enlargement
Two happy young collectors show off their finds from the free kids box.

Bottle Story: "Just Goofing Off" by Eric Warren

How many times have you planned a bottle hunting excursion complete with early am departure, extra clothes, map, and every possible item that you think you are going to need for finding the booty? On the way home you�re thinking of excuses to tell the wife about being empty handed: "Somebody beat us to the lot", or "I tried to probe like the dickens but the ground was just too hard", or "the neighborhood scared me baby, you should have seen it." All these and a thousand more we have all used at one time or another. Well this is a story that happened a couple weeks ago while I was at work, "goofing off."

Click to see close-up I work in the service field of elevators and at times I have to go into the loft or attic of the buildings to do my work. I have been going to this building for five years. The equipment I service is located in the attic and I go there once a month. This particular morning I was not feeling well. I don�t know if it was the weather, or a hangover, or both but I did not feel like working. This building is circa 1895 and is downtown in a city in the Pee Dee area of South Carolina.

While I was sitting on my behind I started playing with my new flashlight. It�s a nice halogen four double A battery light that shoots a mean beam. I looked down in the rafters and saw a bottle. Jumping down to my knees I eased over and pulled it out. It was a quart clear slugplate crowntop bottle with no embossing. A quick look told me it was from the twenties and I thought there might be a hobbleskirt coke up here. All of a sudden, I started feeling better. You have to imagine where I was at, you had to be on your knees with your neck crooked to the right to get a good look down in the rafters.

I moved on down the wall a couple feet and POW! Right there is a half pint jo-jo SC Dispensary monogram laying there. I grabbed the bottle and jumped up with my head making a dent in a two by eight board that was part of the ceiling. I had the bottle in one hand, my eyes closed rubbing my head with the other hand. After sitting there a minute or two I regained my composure. I told myself, "Let�s try not to do that again." I moved on down the wall and believe it or not there was another one. I looked up to gauge the ceiling and started salivating. I grabbed the bottle and blew the dust off of it and saw a full label. I could not believe it and tried to stand up for some stupid reason. WHAM!

Two bottles and two knots on my head. At this time I had to make a decision. I wanted to keep looking but my head was killing me. I was over the initial shock and my heart rate had returned to normal. I moved on down the wall and found two more, both with labels. I had about a twenty-minute lull and thought it may be over.

I then saw an opening behind a wall that had an air vent running down it on the floor. It was about a two-foot space. I could see down beside the wall and there was a space that opened up about five feet down the line. I�m a pretty big guy and I knew it would be a tight fit but at this point I�m set on going. It took about ten minutes to go the distance, inching along with the dust, sweat, and pigeon crap. The whole time I�m thinking, "I�m not sure I can get back out of this place I�m in." Finally, I make it to the opening. I rest a second and find I can stand up. The beam of light is my only vision and looking around this area I see three-pint jo-jo�s laying on the floor. At any moment I feel like I will wake up and be lying in bed beside my wife as I have done so many times before, but it does not happen. I comb the area well and scoop the bottles. Now I have to go back through that hellhole I just came out of. I make it out and just lay down on the floor and rest.

Then my pager goes off. I had forgot all about work. I strain to see the message on the pager and it reads, "911 Trapped Passenger on elevator 11 at Carolina Hospital call with ETA". Holy Jesus!! Panic Attack 101. I pack my stuff up and leave the building. Going down the road I look in the rear view mirror and gasp, "Oh No, I look like I�ve been in the coal mine for two weeks straight." I cannot go to the hospital looking like this. My brain is racing and I get a flash, I�ve got a good friend at the Hampton Inn who is the maintenance engineer, so I set sail up to the back entrance of the motel. I see one of the maids outside and I say, "Is Levon around anywhere." She says, "I�ll go get him."

Click to see close-up He comes out and walks up to the van and stares at me and said, "Bo, where the hell have you been?"I said, "I don�t have time to explain, I need to take a shower fast. I�ve got somebody stuck at the hospital and I got to go." We ease in the back door and he takes me to a room under renovation that still has water. I grab a couple soaps, and shampoo from a cart and go to work. He says, "What about the people stuck on the elevator?" I reply, "They ain�t going nowhere, they�ll be there when I get there." Well, I made it work, got cleaned up, rescued the people and was in the parking lot relaxing looking at my bottles when it hit me, "Hey, I was not finished bottle hunting in the building." So back I go and low and behold find a couple more later that afternoon.

Well, that�s my story and can swear that it's the gospel truth. I just cannot believe it all started by just GOOFING OFF. Bottle Count: 11 monogram SC Dispensary bottles, 8 half pints and 3 pints. 7 with labels. One of the half pints has a California Glass Co mint mark; it also has a beautiful label that reads "South Carolina State Dispensary / Hand Made Double Stamped Corn Whiskey". Several labeled only whiskeys, Meyer Pitts, J.W. Kelly, a couple of Nashville TN labels that read "Peerlass Lincoln Co Sour Mash". Several unembossed flasks. And last but not least, the one everybody wants, a 1936 RC Cola.

Happy Hunting!! .. Eric Warren

Click here to see all pictures for this story.

Recent Finds

This section includes recent items sold on eBay and other items shared by collectors. If you have a recent find to post here, or just want to share a favorite bottle, please submit info to the newsletter editor. Most pictures can be clicked to see the original full view before it was cropped to fit here.

Click to see enlargement
9" Edgefield style half gallon jug with missing handle sold on eBay for $2,245 by youngauctioneer. This Edgefield type jug is half gallon size and has a lovely alkaline glaze. Incised S C / DISPENSARY with palmetto tree, circa 1893-1897.
Click to see enlargement
Shot glass acid etched with The Woodward Company / Virginia Aristocracy / High Grade Blend / Roanoke, Va. sold on eBay by momancan for figscollectibles.
Click to see enlargement
Aluminum token embossed Pine Hill / Dairy / Reidsville N.C. on front and Good for 3 c upon return of bottle on reverse sold on eBay for $48 by jlindsay933.
Click to see enlargement
Pint size honey amber pint jar embossed THE MAGIC / {star} / FRUIT JAR with original iron 3-piece clamp sold on eBay by hoosierjar for $2850.
Click to see enlargement
1923 orange & black Pepsi:Cola cap that reads COLONIAL BEACH BOTTLING WORKS / COLONIAL BEACH, VA. sold on eBay by biggamehunter695 for $178.
Click to see enlargement
Scratch mini jug that reads Shull & Shull / Columbia SC sold on eBay for $482 by herzo. Circa 1875.
Click to see enlargement
Rare style S-S Coke bottle similar to a ten-pin with HIRES on the shoulder and Coca-Cola / BOTTLING CO / DANVILLE, VA. sold on eBay for $809 (despite damage) by poorboyscollectibles.
Click to see enlargement
Amber bottle embossed Coca-Cola on front and Buchheit�s Bottling / Wks / Registered / New Decatur, ALA. in slug plate on rear sold on eBay for $799 by bluecrab49.
Click to see enlargement
Half pint milk embossed OAKDALE DAIRY / W.M. MANCUM PROP. / MONROE, N.C. sold on eBay for $71 by happyjackcsc.
Click to see enlargement
Quart milk embossed JOHN STOKES / FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA in slug plate sold on eBay for $202 by vainkcollector.
Click to see enlargement
3 1/2" cast iron advertising axe with picture of Carrie Nation (leader for prohibition against whiskey) on the front and the words 1901 / Ax Of All Nations / Cut Out the Whiskey. Reverse reads Buy Laurel Stoves & Ranges / Art Stove Co. Detroit, Mich.. Sold on eBay by stovestuff for $61.
Click to see enlargement
Amber 8 1/2" blob top beer with original closure embossed C.H. Nickel / Richmond, VA. sold on eBay for $365 by mwants.
Click to see enlargement
Here's a Charleston SC slave tag that popped up recently on eBay. It turned out to be a fake. Turns out there are some very good fakes out there that even fool the experienced. Here's a great web site to educate yourself on how to indentify the repro's :
Click to see enlargement
Amber square embossed DR STOUCHTEN�S / HAMBURG, PA / NATIONAL BITTERS PATd sold on eBay for $1425 by happyvalleylady
Click to see enlargement
11 1/2" mineral water embossed VIRGINIA / BEAR SPRING WATER / {pic bear} / TRADE MARK / FROM / SHENANDOAH VALLEY / VIRGINIA sold on eBay for $810 by elziard. Embossed on rear near base with CONTENTS FIVE PINTS.
Click to see enlargement
1930's wooden Coca-Cola Kay display sold on eBay by colachic for $1975.
Click to see enlargement
This pretty but reproduction reddish amber scroll flask recently sold for $26 on eBay by curmudgeon!, who noted it is probably a Clevenger reproduction. Key to identifying it as a repro is the flat base and heavier than normal weight.
Click to see enlargement
Lockport green MERCHANT'S GARGLING OIL with original paper label sold on eBay for $140 by rusty9958.
Click to see enlargement
9 3/8" pint size red amber WARNER'S SAFE CURE / PRESSBURG sold on eBay for $711 by tmjkaj.
Click to see enlargement
1890s pocket mirror advertising Old Stock Pilsner Beer from brewery of E. Robinson's Sons Scanton PA sold on eBay by edzhistoricalam for $142.
Click to see enlargement
4 1/4" cylinder shaped bottle embossed Sample Bottle / Dr. Kilmer's / Female Remedy / Binghamton, N.Y. sold on eBay for $660 by smithtown.
Click to see enlargement
Amber Kimball's Jaundice / Bitters / Troy, N.Y. with original label sold on eBay for $1,800 by tartiana.
Click to see enlargement
Amber half pint S.C. / DISPENSARY with palmetto tree sold on eBay for $950 by bigtoe02.
Click to see enlargement
SPEAS U-SAVIT jar in rare half gallon size with orignal lid sold on eBay for $512 by twelve23.
Click to see enlargement
Sapphire blue ten-pin style soda embossed C.A.COLE COLE & CO. / C.F.BROWN BALTIMORE / NO.118 NORTH HOWARD STREET with smooth push-up base sold on eBay for $1,193 by budsbottles.
Click to see enlargement
9" pineapple bitters in aqua embossed PAT D OCTOBER 1st 1870 by A.L. LACRAIX. on the pontil base sold on eBay for $1,200 by oklahomasong.
Click to see enlargement
Aqua 3-sided bottle embossed Turf Oil Dove & Co Richmond VA. with tubular pontil base sold on eBay for $234 by texsodaman.
Click to see enlargement
12" Whistle flange sign sold on eBay for $570 by no-repros.
Click to see enlargement
Quart size wax sealer fruit jar embossed L&W, listed as #1532 in the Red Book, sold on eBay for $511 by tomschumm.
Click to see enlargement
Emerald green 1/2 gal "Petal Jar" listed as #3067 in Red Book. This example has ten petals and a graphite pontil base. Sold on eBay for $2,590 by tomschumm.
Click to see enlargement
Amber copper 6 3/4" BRENT, WARDER & CO / LOUISVILLE KY barrel shaped bottle sold on eBay for $2,257 by thebottlevault.
Click to see enlargement
Despite the damaged top, this pink tinted soda embossed FLA. ICE FACTORY / & / BOTTLING WORKS / Coca-Cola / TALLAHASSEE, FLA. in circular slug plate with DIXIE on the base sold on eBay for $231 by pephut-auctions.
Click to see enlargement
Golden amber flask embossed J. F. CUTTER / EXTRA / TRADE MARK / OLD BOURBON with shield and star sold on eBay by leisalu for $1250. Blown in 1870s at San Francisco Glass Works.
Click to see enlargement
2" aluminum shot glass that reads THE CASPER CO INC / ROANOKE VA below the lip and LOWEST PRICED / WHISKEY / HOUSE / WRITE FOR PRIVATE LIST on the base sold on eBay for $196 by brenda53180.
Click to see enlargement
Aqua smooth-based 8-panel ink embossed G.A.MILLER / QUINCY ILL sold on eBay for $361 by diggerdaveb. George A.Miller was in business in Quincy, IL during the 1850's and early 1860s era.
Click to see enlargement
Threadless MULFORD BIDDLE insulator sold on eBay for $481 by z-pants.

Raleigh Show & Tell

Here are some pictures from the October and November meetings of the Raleigh Bottle Club. Click any picture to see a close-up. Note that the Raleigh Club meets the first Tuesday of each month. For more details, including directions to the meeting, see
The Raleigh club meets at the Glen Laurel Clubhouse at 4330 Galax Drive in Raleigh.

Pictures from the Oct 2004 meeting:

Click to see enlargement
Pem Woodlief showed two blob top beers that he found at the recent Liberty NC Antique Festival: CAROLINA BREWING / REIDSVILLE, N.C. and Wm. YOUNG / BOTTLER / REIDSVILLE, N.C..
Click to see enlargement
Reggie Lynch showed some of his recent finds, including NC milks from the recent Otis Coppley auction, rare master Carter's inks, and early NC Coca-Cola invoices.

The November meeting featured the annual contest for best bottles dug and aquired, for both under $50 and over. Pictures from the Nov 2004 meeting:

Click to see enlargement
Donnie Medlin describes his over $50 non-bottle entry: an impressive sign for ESCAPERNONG Wine from Weldon, NC.
Click to see enlargement
Donnie's entry for best bottle aquired over $50 was this impressive amber pint strap-sided flask embossed J.D. AARON / WINES & LIQUORS / MOUNT OLIVE, N.C..
Click to see enlargement
Visitor Karen Bethane brought in her find: a script center slug plug Pepsi:Cola bottle from Raleigh NC, and was please to see how desirable it is around here.
Click to see enlargement
Reggie Lynch's entry for best bottle aquired over $50 was this rare 8 3/4" patent medicine embossed INDIAN ROOT BLOOD PURIFIER / S. WOOLARD / NO. 60 HANCOCK ST. / NEW BERN, N.C.
Click to see enlargement
Though damaged, this under $50 entry from Donnie was still impressive. A half pint strap-sided flask embossed RETURN TO / CARR & LEWIS / TARRBORO, N.C..
Click to see enlargement
Another entry (not sure who's) was this Hutchinson soda embossed GEO. R. PARKER / WADESBORO, N.C..

Member Ads

Text ads are posted here free of charge to paid Southeast Bottle Club members. Submit ad info to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the next newsletter. Ads run for 2 months, then must be renewed to continue. If your ad ran before and you want to run it again without changes, just request "repeat same ad".

To run a display ad in this newsletter, contact the newsletter editor. Ads can be submitted as a JPG picture attached to Email, or just mailed a printed copy. Note the inexpensive cost of running your display ad in the most widely distributed publication for antique bottle collectors:
Ad Size Single Issue Three Issues
1/4 page $40 $100
1/2 page $70 $180
full page $140 $350

  1. Wanted: Cheerwine collector is looking to buy any and all Cheerwine oldies from embossed and plastic bottles to cartons, openers, signs, and any other neat items. Thank you for your help! Call Cheerwine's #1 fan at (704) 986-0787.

    Click to visit the BAM Magazine web page

  2. Sale: The bottle booth at Snoopers Antique Mall in Wytheville, VA will be going out of business end of March. Everything is marked down 20%. Tammy Vass,

  3. For Sale: "Dutch" Onions wholesale - minimum quantity 5 for $65 each. Free shipping. Onions in good condition with no cracks, stars, or obvious chips. Call Don at (813) 985-7714 or Email for further info, come visit me in Tampa FL.

  4. Wanted: need an 8 oz Returnable Coca Cola bottle used in 1960's from North Carolina Coca Cola Bottling Plant of Lexington. Please contact: Doug McCoy, 2851 Milford View, Marietta, GA 30008, Email: or 770-435-9138.

  5. For Sale: Handcut quill pens (writing quality) for your ink bottle collection or Revolutionary and Civil War reenactment. Hand-turned pens and large porcupine quills with ferrules and steel pen nibs. Ferrules allow pen nibs to be quickly interchanged. Call Paul at (703) 437-5077 or Email

  6. For Sale: I have collected over 160 inkwells/bottles including figurals pontils, etc. Many listed in Covill's. Would like to dispose of entire collection. Serious inquiries, only to Clifford at

  7. Buy/Sell/Trade: antique bottles and old paper items for Georgia. John Groves, 18 Rosemont Dr SE, Rome, GA 30161, phone (706) 232-3516.

  8. Wanted: John Ryan soda bottles and other Savannah Sodas. Please contact Dennis at:

  9. Wanted: North and South Carolina applied color label (ACL) sodas. Dandy - 12 oz - red & white - Raleigh NC; Big Nickel - 10 oz - green & white - Denmark SC; Buds - 10 oz - white (green glass) - Winston-Salem NC. Jimmie Wood, PO Box 808, Denver, NC 28037, (704) 483-0298.

  10. Wanted: Southern straight-sided Coca-Cola bottles and Alabama whiskey jugs, flasks & shot glasses. (256) 772-7483.

  11. Wanted: LaGrange GA embossed whiskey flask, pint or half pint. Email:

  12. For Sale: rare 1800's Chas. Lippincott soda fountain + 6 ft. refrigerated counter. Marble, onyx, alabaster, mahog.- manuf'd & signed in Philadelphia. Fountain is also personalized with Druggist's name on German Silver plaque above the spigots. Price: $27,000. For inquiries call 901-761-9507 anytime.

  13. Reward: paying $5000 ++ for ceramic Syrup Dispensers. Wanted round, urn & figural shaped dispensers with these names: ALMOND SMASH, Fan-Taz, SMACK, Viccola, MATTAY COLA, Afri Kola, DIXIE FLIP, Wineberry, JIM DANDY, Chero Crush, WOOL'S, Cherriola, etc. Also any literature & advertising. Call Toll Free 1-800-729-2723 days or call COLLECT 901-761-9507 anytime.

  14. Wanted & For Sale: Always looking to buy old bottles, even whole collections. Especially older Coke, Pepsi, inks, blob top sodas, and NC whiskey flasks. Reggie Lynch, Email:, phone: (919) 789-4545. Check out my bottles for sale on the Internet and in booth 615 at Granddaddy's Antique Mall in Burlington, N.C.

Calendar of Events and Upcoming Shows

Also see Antique Bottle Shows which has year round listings and more links to sites with shows.

Feb 18-19, 2005
Columbia, SC
South Carolina Antique Bottle Club's 32nd annual Show & Sale Fri/Sat at Meadowlake Park Center, 600 Beckman Rd, Columbia, SC. Showtimes Friday 12-6pm and Saturday 9am-2pm. No early admission fee. Show located off I-20 at exit 71. This is the North Main St exit on Hwy 21. Travel north to the first stoplight after the intersection. Turn right on Beckman Rd and the gym is there on the right. This location is only 3/8 of a mile off I-20 which will make it an easy find. Info: Marty Vollmer, 1091 Daralynn Drive, Lexington, SC 29073 Phone: (803) 755-9410, Email: or Eric Warren, 238 Farmdale Dr., Lexington, SC 29073, Email:
Feb 20, 2005
Columbus, OH
The Columbus Ohio Bottle Show, 9am-3pm, early buyers 7am, at the Ohio State Fairgrounds, 17th Ave. & I-71, Columbus, OH. Info: ADAM KOCH, 763 Jolson Ave., Akron, OH. 44319. PH: (330) 644-0274.
Mar 6, 2005
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Antique Bottle Club 25th Annual Antique Bottle Show & Sale, Sunday 8am-3pm at Essex Community College, 7201 Rossville Blvd., Baltimore, Maryland. Info: Bob Ford, phone: (410) 531-9459, Email:
Mar 13, 2005
Tylersport, PA
The Bucks-Mont 11th Annual Bottle Show & Sale, 9am-3pm at the Tylersport Fire Co., Rt. 563, Tylersport, PA. Info: CLAUDE A. WAMBOLD, 1837 Perkiomenville Rd, Perkiomenville, PA 18074, phone: (215) 234-8413, Email: or GREGORY GIFFORD, 832 Clover Dr., North Wales, PA 19454, phone: (215) 699-5216.
Mar 19, 2005
Raleigh, NC
Raleigh Bottle Club's 5th annual Show & Sale in the Holshouser Building on the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC. Public Sat 9am-3pm. Dealer setup Sat 6-9am. Early buyers Sat 7:30am. Full show info on the club web page. Info: David Tingen, Email: P. O. Box 18083, Raleigh, NC 27619-8083 Phone: (919) 848-4387.
Mar 19, 2005
DeLand, FL
The DeLand M-T Bottle Collectors Assoc, 35th Annual Antique Bottle & Insulator Show & Sale, 9am-3pm at the Volusia County Fairgrounds, I-4 & S.R. 44 Exit 118 (old 56), DeLand, FL. Info: M. Pallasch, 7 Monroe, Ave., DeBary, FL. 32713. phone: (386) 668-4538.
Mar 20, 2005
St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Antique Bottle Collectors Assoc. 35th Annual Show & Sale, 9am-3pm at the Two Hearts Banquet Center, 4532 S. Lindbergh at Gravois, St. Louis MO. Info: RON STERZIK, 2080 Sterzik Dr., Arnold, MO 63010, PH: (636) 296-3114, & GEORGE CASNAR, PH: (636) 337-2326.
Mar 26, 2005
Daphne, AL
Mobile Bottle Collectors Club, 32nd Annual Show & Sale, 9am-3pm at the Daphne Civic Center, Whispering Pines Road and U.S. Hwy. 98, Daphne, AL. Info: JIM SIMMONS, 8851 Four Mile Road, Irvington, AL 36544, PH: (251) 824-2697, Email: or ROD VINING, 8844 Lee Circle, Irvington, AL 36544, PH: (334) 957-6725, Email:
Show flyer, dealer contract, map, and hotel info can be found at the club web site.
Mar 30-Apr 3, 2005
Charlotte, NC
Metrolina Antiques & Collectibles Show - Antiques Spectacular At 7100 Statesville Rd., off I-77 Exit 16A. Largest monthly antique & collectibles market in the country. Over 2,000 dealers. First weekend of each month. Early buyers day Thur. 8-5, $10 adm. Fri. & Sat. 8-5; Sun. 9-5, $4 adm. each day. 4 day pass $15. Info call 800-824-3770.
April 3, 2005
Syracuse, NY
Empire State Bottle Collectors Association's 35th Annual Show & Sale, Sun 9am-3pm at the American Legion Post #1468, 110 Academy Green (just off Rt. 80, Valley Drive), Syracuse, NY. Info: JOHN SPELLMAN, P.O. Box 61, Savannah, NY 13146. PH: (315) 365-3246 or Email:, Website:
Apr 8-9, 2005
Waynesville, NC
13th Annual Antique Bottle & Collectibles Show & Sale sponsored by the Western North Carolina Antique Bottle & Collectibles Club. At the Haywood County Fairgrounds - take exit 24 off I-40, then south on Hwy 209 to Lake Junaluska. Go 2.7 miles and fairgrounds will be on the left. This is a larger facility with room for 100+ tables, super lighting, and great parking. Dealer setup times: Fri 11:00am-noon, Sat 7:00am-8:00am. Public: Fri noon-7:00pm, Sat 8:00am-2:00pm. Security provided Fri 7pm till Sat 7am. Info: LARRY GLENN, PH: (828) 667-2049, Email: or TIM BRANCH, PH: (828) 669-5486.
Apr 17, 2005
Rochester, NY
The Genesee Valley Bottle Collectors Assoc. 36th Annual Show & Sale 9am-3pm at the ESL Sports Center, 2700 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road, Rochester, NY on the Monoe Community College Campus. Info: DON ANGELINI, PH: (585) 265-9516, Email: or LARRY FOX, (585) 394-8958, Email: or CHRIS DAVIS, PH: (315) 331-4078, Email:
Apr 23, 2005
Washington, PA
Washington County Antique Bottle Club 31st Annual Show & Sale, 9am-3pm, at the Alpine Star Lodge, 735 Jefferson Ave, (Exit 17 off I-70), Washington, PA. Info: NIGEL DUNMORE, 121 Highland Ave, Avella, PA 15312, PH: (724) 587-5217, Email:
Apr 24, 2005
Harrisonburg, VA
Historical Bottle Diggers of Virginia 34th Annual Show & Sale, 9am-5pm Sun at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds, US Route 11 (Exit 243 off I-81), South of Harrisonburg, VA. Normally have 60-70 tables. Info: Sonny Smiley phone: (540) 434-1129, 1025 Greendale Rd., Harrisonburg, VA 22801, Email:
Apr 29-30, 2005
Liberty, NC
Liberty Antique Festival has over 300 dealers. A few bottles can be found. From I-85 in Burlington, take the Hwy 49 exit and head south to Liberty. Then follow signs. Put on by Janmar Promotions, PO Box 939, Liberty, NC 27298. Call Vito or Mary Ellen Sico or Janet Hill at (336) 622-3040 or 622-3535.

The Southeast Bottle Club newsletter is hosted by the Antique Bottle Collectors Haven.

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