Vending Sales Manager Demo

To obtain a free demo of the VSM software, you may download it now by the following the steps below, or contact SMS and a demo package with 3�" floppy disk will be mailed to you.

Download Demo

Follow these steps to download the VSM v9.9-R demo:
  1. Download this DVSM99R.ZIP file to your PC.

  2. Unzip DVSM99R to a floppy diskette (e.g. in the A: drive) with the DOS command:
    You now have a floppy that can be used to install the VSM demo on any computer system.

  3. Run the DOS command:
    and follow the instructions given to complete the installation.

  4. Once the VSM demo is properly installed, you just run the "VSM" command to start the program. First prompt will ask for drive letter where data is stored, so just press ENTER key to accept the default. You will now be in the OPERATIONS MENU, from where you can reach all functions of VSM. Press "H" (for Help) in the OPERATIONS MENU to see an online version of the VSM User Manual that will provide further instructions. The demo works just like the production version of VSM, except the demo only allows you to assign a maximum of 25 accounts. So assign some data and try out the commands to see how the program works.

  5. If you want to purchase the production version of VSM with the ability to assign an unlimited number of accounts, then contact SMS. Price of VSM for a single user is only $400. Network pricing is also available so multiple users can work simultaneously on the same VSM database (useful for larger operations with over 1000 accounts).

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