VSM Setup on Windows 95 and 98

This page walks you through the steps of setting up VSM to run on Windows 95 and 98. These instructions work the same for regular users and demo users.

  1. Bring up a MS-DOS Prompt by clicking Start/Programs/MS-DOS Prompt.
    Enter these commands in the MS-DOS Prompt window:
    cd \batch

    If the BATCH directory was found (i.e. no error message given for the "cd \batch" command), then skip to step 3. If the BATCH directory was not found (i.e. invalid directory message given for the "cd \batch" command), then enter the following commands in the MS-DOS Prompt window:

    cd \
    md batch
    md util

    Now modify the PATH in your autoexec.bat file by entering the command:

    edit c:\autoexec.bat
    Use your mouse to move around in the file that will be displayed till you find a line that looks like:
    Modify this line so it reads:

    You must now reboot your computer so the changes will take effect. So click Start/Shutdown/Restart. When Windows comes back up, bring a MS-DOS Prompt window and continue to the next step.

  2. Insert your latest VSM Update (or Demo) disk in the A: (or B:) drive, then enter this command in the MS-DOS Prompt window:
    a:update a c

    Your VSM files are now properly installed in the new (and required) directories. Now that the UPDATE command has completed, enter these commands in the MS-DOS Prompt window:

    cd \batch

  3. Next create a customized VO command to run VSM by entering this command in the MS-DOS Prompt window:
    copy con vo.bat

    If you get a warning message saying "Overwrite vo.bat (Yes/No/All)?", then you already have a VO command so press N and ENTER to abort then skip to the next step.

    If you don't get the warning message above, then the cursor will just move down to the next line so you can start inputting lines for your new vo.bat file.
    If you skipped step 2 above, then omit adding the line below that begins with "path=".
    Now enter the following command lines for your VO.BAT file, pressing ENTER after each line:

    @echo off
    cd \
    vsm dataC %1 %2

    After entering the last line, hold down the CTRL key and press the letter Z one time, then release the CTRL key. Press ENTER and you will see the message "1 file copied". Your VO.BAT file has been created. Further customizations can be made to VO.BAT file such as specifying Printer and Display types, which are especially helpful if you are using VSM on more than one computer. In such cases, you would customize the vo.bat file for each computer. For example, you may have different printers on each computer and want to avoid having to reassign the printers each time you work on a different computer.

  4. Enter the command:
    and your MS-DOS Prompt will disappear so you are back on your Windows 95/98 Desktop.
    To add an icon to launch VSM from your desktop, click Start/Settings/Taskbar, then click Start Menu Programs, then click Add..., in Command Line enter "vo" (without the quotes), click Next, for Folder click the Start Menu folder, then click Next, for Title enter something like "Vending Sales Manager" (again without the quotes), then click Next, for Icon click whatever you like, then click Finish. You'll go back to Taskbar Properties where you click OK.
    Using your right (not left) mouse button, click Start and then Open. The Start Menu window will appear. Single click the "Vending Sales Manager" icon, then select Properties. Click the Program tab where you will need to click the box beside "Close on exit" so there is a check mark in the box.
    Then click "Change Icon ...", click "Browse", then enter this in the "File name" box:
    then click "Open". You should see a Fritos icon listed under Current Icon, so click "OK". Then click "OK" in the Properties window.

    Lastly, do a single click on "Vending Sales Manager" in your Start Menu window, then right click and select "Create Shortcut". Click the new icon that appears, hold down the left mouse button, and you can drag this icon to where ever you want on your main Windows Desktop. Release the mouse button and the icon will remain where you moved it.

  5. Click the new VSM icon to confirm VSM starts properly.
    Contact SMS if you need assistance.

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