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Digging Antique Bottles

While digging antique bottles may be the cheapest way to get them, it's a lot of hard work and you have to know where to dig.
Here is some help on digging antique bottles:

  1. See Glenn Pochs' articles on digging/finding bottles.

  2. The Bottle Battle is a digging story by Matt Schaeffer.

  3. Historical Bottlediggers of Indiana operated by Jason Blevins, Email:

  4. Just What are Outhouse Diggers?

  5. Digger Dick's home page where you can click on his "Digging & Collecting Bottles Shortcut" with neat info on digging bottles.

  6. The Secrets of Privie Digging is a book sold by Digger Odell Publications.
    Musings of a Privy Digger is an amusing/informative story published by Digger Odell.
    A Sprited Dig is a Halloween digging story published by Digger Odell.
    Can also contact "Digger", Email:, with questions about digging and cleaning bottles.

  7. Carl Pratt, Bottle Digger article from Antiques Near Me.

  8. Spring Steel Probes (5/16" or 3/8" size) for $25 each. Replacement tips are $5 each.
    Raybrite Tumbling Powder for $5.25/lb.
    Contact Chip Cable, Email:, Address: 235 Main Entrance Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15228, Phone: 412-343-4955.

  9. Spring Steel Probes 36-48", 1/4-3/8" diameter, "T" handle 1" diameter x 12" and ring 4" above tip, both welded. $35 including S/H. $3 extra for faster shipping. R.L. Wilcox, 7422 Park Drive, Mechanicsville, VA 23111, Phone (804) 746-9854, Email:

  10. sells treasure hunting supplies.

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