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Antique Ink Bottle Hall of Fame

Here are some of the best antique ink bottles seen on the Internet. These are the desk top versions. For master inks, see this page.

If you have a top ink that you would like to brag about here, then please submit JPG picture and description to Also indicate whether you would like to publicize your name/Email as the owner of the bottle.

See Antique Ink Bottles for more info.

Called the Baltimore Star, similar to figures 139 and 140 in Covill's book. This example is a blood amber/puce color. See pontilled base.
Turtle style ink with scaloped edges and embossed cardinal on dome. #638 in Covill's book. Normally seen in aqua, this example is a rarer teal.
S.I. COMP. for Senate Ink Company. House shaped ink. #681 in Covill's book.
Clear flint glass geometric ink with thin flared lip and open pontil, similar to Covill #1217, GIII-25. Rare color since these are normally seen in olive and amber.
Eight sided umbrella ink, inside rolled lip, open tubular pontil. This varient has the shoulder edge which is considerably tougher to find. The color is a gorgeous medium to dark Red-cherry puce.
Cone ink with open pontil base and unusual ribbing around the sides.
Open pontilled cone ink with rolled lip. Rare style.
Open pontilled umbrella ink with rolled lip in citron.

Aqua pontilled umbrella.

J&IEM igloo in rare apple green coloration.
Annular ink with 6 rings in olive green, open pontil base. Circa 1800-30, New England, ex Watt White collection.
SANFORD'S tug boat style ink with original label
Amber pontilled umbrella ink
Purple amethyst igloo ink

This is a modern reproduction but sure is a beauty.

Emerald green, open pontil 8-sided umbrella with original label that reads:
CARTER'S Clover leaf paneled inkwell with label
CARTER'S cone ink in rare pink color.
Cobalt teakettle Cobalt teakettle inkwell

From Rob Goodacre's collection.

Cobalt pontiled cone with drape pattern Sapphire blue pontiled cone ink with 4 draped panels and a label panel.

Covill's Figure 27 - there are only 5 examples of this bottle known to exist.

Cobalt Figural

Cobalt figural ink of Benjamin Franklin (Covill's figure 1289) from John Ault collection.

Photo courtesy of Rob Goodacre.

Cobalt Teakettle

Cobalt Teakettle ink from John Ault collection.

Photo courtesy of Rob Goodacre.

Cottage Inks

Cottage Ink set from John Ault collection.

Photo courtesy of Rob Goodacre.

Green Sunflower Ink

Green Sunflower ink (Covill's figure 1294) from John Ault collection.

Photo courtesy of Rob Goodacre.

HARRISON'S COLUMBIAN pontiled cobalt Cobalt blue pontiled cylinder ink "HARRISON'S COLUMBIAN INK"

Sold by Reggie Lynch, Email:

Figural shoe ink Figural shoe ink

Reggie Lynch, Email:

Barrel ink with label Barrel ink with label, Covill's #669

Reggie Lynch, Email:

Honey amber pontiled cone ink Honey amber pontiled cone ink

Reggie Lynch, Email:

DERBY ALL BRITISH cobalt triangular Cobalt triangular-shaped ink "DERBY ALL BRITISH"

Reggie Lynch, Email:

Morrel's Bird Cage figural ink Figural ink shaped like a bird cage, embossed "M" for Morrel's.

Reggie Lynch, Email:

DAVID'S fountain ink Fountain ink embossed DAVID'S

Reggie Lynch, Email:

Olive Amber Pontilled FARLEY INK Olive Amber Pontiled FARLEY INK

John Glowa, Email

Breadloaf Pontilled Ink Pontilled breadloaf-shaped ink in black glass
SEATON KY Ink Pontiled medium green 10-panel Umbrella Ink embossed "J. P. W. Seaton / Louisville, Ky.".
Labeled Pontilled Umbrella Pontilled Umbrella Ink with 8 panels in light teal green and with original label for "Fine Blue Writing Ink Price and Sons".

Owned by Ron Caspari.

Puce Umbrella 8-paneled smooth-based umbrella ink in amethyst/puce
12-sided pontil Stoddard Inkwell in dark olive amber 12-sided pontil Stoddard Inkwell in dark olive amber

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