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  1. Pickle amber Click to view photo For Auction
    Amber colored glass (wonderful and very rare color), height 7 1/2", BIM with single collar lip, square shaped with four arched panels, smooth base, circa 1880s, excellent condition for dug bottle - just some stain that would tumble out to make this a beauty - no chips/cracks/bruises, For Auction at eBay.

  2. Heinz Pickle
    See matching trade card.
    1. Click to view photo For Sale
      Clear glass, height 7", paneled body, ABM with wide mouth lip, smooth base embossed "H.J. HEINZ / 132 / LTD" over a rough circular mold mark (that could be mistaken for a pontil), excellent condition with some overall stain and a lip flake, $2.

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