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  1. H.A. BARTLETT / & CO PHILADA / HUB SHOE / DRESSING Click to view photo
    Aqua blue glass, height 5", BIM with smooth base, excellent condition with some haze and light wear.
    See matching matching trade card.

  2. BIXBY used the same bottle for ink and shoe polish. See my Bixby bottles listed on the Ink page.

  3. BLACK'S SEAL OIL GLASS / LADIES SHOE DRESSING label-only Click to view photo
    Aqua green glass, height 4 7/8", BIM with single collar lip, square body with smooth base embossed "2", label is red/white/black and covers 3 sides, label worn and 97% intact and easily readable, has original cork stopper that still has polish applicator attached, glass is near mint condition, Pending.

  4. GILT EDGE / DRESSING Click to view photo
    Green tinted glass, height 3 7/8", BIM with single collar lip, body has a bell shape with cross-hatch pattern of iron crosses, smooth base weakly embossed "PAT MAY 13 1890", manufactured by Whittemore Company of Boston, cleaned to near mint condition.
    See matching Gilt Edge Shoe Dressing trade card.
    Also see Whittemore bottle.

  5. TERRIO'S FRENCH INDIGO BLUEING Click to view photo
    BIMAL, green tinted glass, height 7.5", cork top, circa 1890. Blueing is a blue dye made from Indigo roots.

  6. Rubifoam for the Teeth Click to view photo
    Clear glass, height 4", smooth base, excellent condition with just some light haze.

  7. Swirled Rib bottle Click to view photo
    Light olive green color with swirled ribs sort of like a pitkin flask, small pontil hole mark in bottom. Since glass is not very crude but heavy and thick with smooth pontil, must assume this is a reproduction bottle. In fact, I've learned from Sean Jones that a vase like this is sold in the gift shop at a glass blowing house in Jamestown, Virginia.

  8. WHITTEMORE BOSTON / FRENCH GLOSS Click to view photo
    Citron glass, height 4 5/8", BIM with smooth base, rectangular shaped, near mint condition.
    Also see Gilt Edge bottle.

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