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  1. ATLAS MEDICINE CO. / HENDERSON, N.C. U.S.A. Label+Contents+Box New Front/Label Click to view photo Back Click to view photo For Sale
    Amber see-thru glass, height 9 1/8", BIM with single collar lip and smooth base, nice whittling to neck, full front label for "Atlas Sarsaparilla", bottle is corked and full of original contents, top sealed with protective plastic to prevent content evaporation, also has original box that is in great shape except for missing top 15% of front, bottle is mint, the Atlas Medicines come in three sizes - this is the rarer large size, For Sale $100.

  2. Ayer's Sarsaparilla

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    1. AYER'S - SARSAPARILLA - COMPOUND EXT. - LOWELL MASS. U.S.A. Click to view photo
      Green tinted glass, BIMAL with nice whittling marks on neck, many bubbles in glass, cruder than most other bottles of this type, rectangular bottom embossed with number "36", height 8 1/2", item# SA7, SOLD.

  3. I.D. BULL'S / EXT OF SARSAPARILLA / HARTFORD, CON. Click to view photo For Sale
    Aqua tinted glass, BIMAL with rolled lip, very crude glass, height 6 7/8", open pontil mark on base, excellent condition, looks like it was professionally cleaned but still retains a few spots of wear and some wide bands of exterior stain (but the bands of "stain" may be swirls of impurities when glass was blown - I need an expert opinion), item# SA4, For Sale $120.

  4. DALTON'S SARSAPARILLA And NERVE TONIC / BELFAST / MAINE U.S.A. Click to view photo For Sale
    Very light green tinted bottle, BIM with double collar top and nicely whittled neck, still half full of original contents, label fully intact, also has original box which is stained on top where some of content leaked out, bottle is mint condition, item #SA6, SOLD.

  5. Hood Sarsaparilla
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    1. HOOD'S SARSA PARILLA / C.I. HOOD & Co / LOWELL MASS Click to view photo Sold
      Aqua tinted glass, BIM with double collar top, height 9", smooth base embossed "69", excellent condition with some light stain/wear but no chips/cracks, SOLD.

      Aqua tinted glass, ABM with double collar top, height 9", smooth base embossed "4", near mint condition and sparkling clean, a rarer example of this bottle, SOLD.

    Dark amber glass, BIM with crown top, smooth circular base, embossed in slug plate, height 9 3/4", near mint conditon, SOLD.

  7. Dr. TOWNSEND's / SARSAPARILLA / ALBANY NY iron pontil Click to view photo
    Dark emerald green glass, height 9 1/2", BIMAL with sloping collar lip, professionally cleaned to near mint - just retains a few light spots of case wear, item# SA3, SOLD.
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