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  1. Amethyst German Quilted Target Ball amethyst Front Click to view photo Top Click to view photo For Sale
    Amethyst glass, diameter 2 1/2", circa 1870s, mint condition with just a rough lip where it was cut during the manufacturing process, from the East German town of Gablonz in northern Tschechei, SOLD.

  2. IRA PAINE'S FILLED BALL PAT. OCT 23 1877 yellow Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo Top Click to view photo Base Click to view photo Sold
    Golden yellow amber glass, height 2 1/2", 3PM, variant with an extra "B" above the "C" in "OCT", American, circa 1877-80, near mint condition, SOLD.

  3. Man Shooting in Circle pink Color Click to view photo Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo Top Click to view photo Bottom Click to view photo For Auction
    Pink amethyst glass - lighter shade than you normally see, Color was hard to capture with photo since ball looks lighter inside and darker outside but the one marked "Color" shows the color and best and also shows the amethyst swirls, this is the rarest color for the Man Shooting balls that come in a variety of colors with cobalt blue being the most common, if you are trying to put together a rainbow set of these then this will is the hardest color to get, color is swirled - being almost clear in some spots but light pink amethyst overall, crude glass that is slightly caved in on left side (front photo shows this - due to being slightly underblown at manufacturing time), all embossing/pattern is nice and crisp, 2 5/8" diameter, sheared top, circa 1880s, mint condition. This was lot 598 in the Oct '99 Glass Works Auction where this ball was pictured on the back cover of the catalog.
    sold on eBay - ends Sep 16, 2002.

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