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Brown's Bitters Victorian Trade Cards

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  1. Brown's Iron Bitters / 1880 Testimonials Click to view photo
    Excellent condition early tradecard for Brown's Iron Bitters with numerous 1880 testimonials on the reverse side. Measures 4 1/4 by 2 3/4 inches. The display side is clean as a whistle with no rubs, creases, tears, or stains. The reverse side is also in excellent condition asides from minimal yellowing of the edges.

  2. Brown's Iron Bitters / Man helping Lady over signs Click to view photo
    Custom cepia colored trade card shows man helping victorian dressed lady overy signs that advertise "Brown's Iron Bitters, Brown Chemical Company, Cures Malaria". Back has advertising text with some hazy spots but all text is readable. Tip missing on lower left corner - otherwise excellent condition.

  3. Brown's Iron Bitters / Broken Glass Click to view photo
    Custom card whose front side shows picture of lady through broken glass. The breaking of the cloudy glass is meant to symbolize the "breakthrough" achieved by using the medicine. Front reads "Brown's Iron Bitters, The Best Tonic, Cures Malaria, Dyspepsia & Female Infirmities". Rear side advertises the product, giving an extensive description of what it cures. This 3"x4" card is in excellent condition.

  4. Brown's Iron Bitters / Dogs in Barrel Click to view photo
    Front shows color picture of two dogs in a barrel with child looking inside. Caption reads "Brown's Iron Bitters, The Best Tonic". Back has advertising text. Very good condition - has one tear on side.

  5. Brown's Iron Bitters / Mrs. Langtry Click to view photo
    Excellent condition two-sided tradecard for Brown's Iron Bitters featuring the Jersey Lily (Mrs. Langtry). No creases, rubs, or tears. Measures 4 1/2 by 3 inches. The reverse side is also in excellent shape and has extensive advertising/promotional text praising the product especially as beneficial to women. The text on the front left of the display side reads "Certain cure for diseases requiring a complete tonic. Indigestion, dyspepsia, intermittent fevers, want of appetite, loss of strength, lack of energy, malaria and malarial fevers, &c. Enriches the blood, strengthens the muscles & gives new life to the nerves".

  6. Brown's Iron Bitters / Puzzle Card
    B&W front shows house and trees. Bottom lists things for you to find in the picture (face, mask, chicken, parrot, ...). Back has advertising text. Excellent condition with just age stain.

  7. Brown's Iron Bitters / Family Scene Click to view photo
    B&W front shows family scene of mother pouring product into cup while she is surrounded by husband and two kids. Front caption reads "If you want your children to be Healthy & Strong". Back has advertising text. Excellent condition except bottom border has been trimmed.

  8. Brown's Iron Bitters / Ladies Blotter New Click to view photo
    B&W (with some brown) front shows mother writing at table with 3 kids around her. Two kids have bottle of product. Front has ruler along bottom edge. Excellent condition.

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