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Burdock Blood Bitters Victorian Trade Cards

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  1. Burdock Blood Bitters / Boy with Bottle Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo
    Front has picture of little boy holding a bottle of BURDOCK BLOOD BITTERS. Back has advertising for product with store stamp, Very good condition with small tear at bottom.

  2. Burdock Blood Bitters / Lady in slip with coat Click to view photo
    Front reads "Burdock Blood Bitters" and shows B&W litho of lady in slip wearing a coat. Excellent condition with a corner crease and some slight paper removal on back, but most of the advertising text is readable on back.

  3. Burdock Blood Bitters / Boy with Bottle For Sale
    Same as card above. Very good condition with lower left corner crease and a few rub marks on front. Back has one glue spot (that does not detract) and a small rub that obsures a few letters at the very bottom. For Sale $8.

  4. Burdock Blood Bitters / Girl "May" in blue dress with kitten Click to view photo
    Front has color litho of girl (named "May") in blue dress holding a kitten and a bottle of product. Back has advertising text with one rub spot in text - otherwise card is perfect other than some aging.

  5. Burdock Blood Bitters / Girl with Doll Click to view photo
    Front shows color litho of girl holding doll and bottle of product. Back has advertising text with list of five things that product will do like "cure all weaknesses of the stomach" and many more. Card is in great condition but has dog ear fold in bottom left corner and the top and bottom borders have been trimmed.
  6. Burdock Blood Bitters / Girl Studying No PIC Yet
    Front has color picture of girl studying - the picture is grainy (i.e. low resolution). Back has advertising that starts "Invalid Ladies, This is For You ...". Front is undamaged but back has a few small spots missing that obscures a few words. But overall condition is very good.

  7. Burdock Blood Bitters / Edwin Booth Click to view photo
    Front pictures Edwin Booth in black&white. Back has list of five things that product "can and will do". Very good condition with 2 bent corners and small tear.

  8. Burdock Blood Bitters / Lady with Red Plume Hat Click to view photo
    Front has wonderful picture of Victorian lady with a red plume hat. Back has advertising and testimonials. Card is in great condition with some yellowing and one creased corner.

  9. Burdock Blood Bitters / Horseshoe Surrounding Lady Click to view photo
    Great chromolithography of a Victorian woman surrounded by a horseshoe on trade card advertising Burdock Blood Bitters. The Horseshoe and "B" are gold paint. The reverse side has testimonials praising the curative powers of the bitters and text that reads in part "A most successful combination for regulating the Bowels, for purifying the Blood, for toning up the Nerves, and imparting strength and vitality to the entire system". Measures 4 3/8 by 3 inches. Great condition with a slight corner crease and some light stain on back, but image is unobstructed and back is easily readable.

  10. Burdock Blood Bitters / Blackbird hung from a pie Click to view photo
    Disturbing 1880's trade card for Burdock Blood Bitters. Caption reads "Fritz Spindle Shanks The Raven Black. He takes a flop and spindle-shanks will ne'er again renew his pranks. No. 10" The blackbird is hanging from the pie. The back has advertising copy that begins: "Invalid Ladies This is for you. Foster, Milburn & Co., Buffalo, NY. The dealer's name and address is imprinted in heavy black ink that has bled through to the front." "Presented by A.A. Crain, Monticello, NY Condition: Front is good except for bleed through. Some album glue marks on back. Dimensions: 2 3/4 by 4 1/4. Removed from Victorian scrapbook that only has cards from 1880's.

  11. Burdock Blood Bitters / Louise Pallin Click to view photo
    Color front shows picture of Louise Pallin. Back has advertising text that starts "Uncomfortable, depressing, sleep robbing, demon dyspepsia has had a long ...". Excellent condition with some stains.

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