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Rising Sun Stove Polish Victorian Trade Cards

The Rising Sun Stove Polish trade cards are very colorful and usually very humorous, making fun of lifestyles during the Victorian Age.

I'm trying to complete this series of cards, so let me know if you have any that I don't have yet.

Here's an actual bar of the product, still in it's original wrapper: TBD

  1. Rising Sun Stove Blacking / Black Humor: No Dinner Click to view photo
    Black humor trade card, this one is titled "No Dinner?" (as printed on bottom front) and it's for The Rising Sun Stove Polish" (as printed on back). We see an aproned black woman scolding her father/husband? and she says, "Look yere, old man! What kind o' stove blacking you call dat? Ise been rubbin' on dat stove all mornin' an' it don't gib it a polish worth a cent. You jest git de RISING SUN STOVE POLISH right away, or dar'l be trouble. You think I got time to 'speriment with such mud?" Card measures 5 3/4" wide by 3 1/4" tall. Colors are very good. Back of card shows a picture of the polish, made by Morse Bros., Proprietors, Canton, Mass. Verso has some blemishes caused by the glue removal. Condition is good overall with normal wear. Card's stock is on the light side and there is a tiny pin hole on front, but which doesn't interfere with the overall view. Companion card "Dinner Served" is listed below.

  2. Rising Sun Stove Blacking / Black Humor: Dinner Served Click to view photo
    Aproned black woman welcomes the old man (husband/father?) with open arms and exclaims, "Come in, Ephraim! Ise not mad with you dis time, case yer sent me de genuine RISING SUN STOVE BLACKING; an' it shines de stove in good shape. An' here's yer dinner all ready. Somethin' agin yer? No, deed I haven't: yer tink Ise an anjul to get along without good stove polish?" The freshly-cooked turkey cools on the well-set table. A cat brushes lovingly against the happy woman. Card measures 5 3/4" wide by 3 1/4" tall. Colors are very good. Corners OK, too. Back of card has a poem extolling the polish's virtues and an engraving of the Morse Bros. plant layout in Canton, Mass. Overall condition front and back is very good, despite normal wear for a card of this vintage. Card stock is on the light side. Companion card "No Dinner" is listed above.

  3. Rising Sun Stove Polish / A Tell Tale Stove Click to view photo For Sale
    Nice Victorian trade card advertising Rising Sun Stove Polish entitled "A tell Tale Stove". If you look closely you will see the stove is so polished that the mother can see the stolen kiss in the reflection on the stove! Measures 5 5/8 by 3 3/4 inches. The reverse side has a large pic of a box of the product and also reads in part "Beware of being humbugged by peddlars with Liquid Polishes (paint), said to be self shining, which stain the hands, pit the iron, and fill the house with a poisonous and sickening odor when heated." For Sale $10.

  4. Rising Sun Stove Polish / A Tell Tale Stove No PIC Yet
    Same as card above, but has both halves.
    1st half shows boy stealing kiss and reads "A Tell Tale Stove - polished with the Rising Sun Stove Polish". Mother can see reflection of kissing couple in the shiny stove.
    2nd half shows the unhappy couple and reads "And what came of it - illustrating that the course of true love never did run smooth". Card in fine condition.

  5. Rising Sun Stove Polish / 4 Part Tale Front/Back Click to view photo Insides Click to view photo
    4 part tale of Rising Sun Stove Polish. This trade card opens out - first photo shows front/back while second photo shows the inside. The four parts are entitled "The Crafty Shopkeeper", "The Wretched Household", "The Beautiful Chromo", and "The Happy Home". Some rubs to front image. There is also a very small round hole that goes through all pages. Other than that there is nothing else wrong with it. The card measures 3 3/8" X 5 3/4" when closed.

  6. Rising Sun Stove Polish / Story of Foolish and Wise Man Click to view photo
    A great before and after for Rising Sun Stove polish. One side shows the story of a Foolish Man, while the other the story of a Wise Man. The fold is partially separated for about 1" at the top & 3/4" at the bottom. The left margin has a minor tear. The reverse has a poem on one side & graphic of the product box on the other. Both are unobscured.

  7. Rising Sun Stove Polish / An Acrostic Click to view photo For Sale
    Large Victorian tradecard with nice chromolithography on the front and an advertising for "Acrostic" on the reverse side. Measures 6 by 3 1/4 inches. The display side has scattered pinpoint stains that are not distracting; a mild crease of the tip of the lower right corner is also hard to see; the reverse side has pin point stains of the top border with mild yellowing. Both sides are shown. For Sale $5.

  8. Rising Sun Stove Polish / Modern Cinderella New Click to view photo
    Color fold open card. One side reads "The Modern Cinderella" and shows a girl looking at her reflection in the polished stove. Other side shows girl dressed for the ball.

  9. Rising Sun Stove Polish / Lady shooing salesmen Click to view photo
    Front shows lady shooing away two salesman. Caption reads "Go Away with your polish. I buy the Rising Sun Polish off a Regular Dealer and you don't humbug me anymore with paste or paint stove polish - The Rising Sun Stove Polish is the best in the world." The back reads "Acrostic" with a verse made up of the initial letters of RISING SUN STOVE POLISH. The back has glue removal stains and some damage, plus there is a notch missing from the border as shown in photo.

  10. Rising Sun Stove Polish / Smelly Stove Click to view photo
    Front of card shows mother and daughter around stove and reads "Oh! Mamma: That stove paint smells awfully bad mand makes that look horrid. Why don't you buy the Rising Sun Stove Polish. Mrs. Smith uses it and she says its the best in the world." The back shows a graphic of the Stove Polish and partly reads "A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever". There back is yellowed and has glue removal damage but most of the box is readable.

  11. Rising Sun Stove Polish / Goat butting stove Click to view photo
    Color front shows goat butting his reflection in a very shiny stove that was obviously just polished with the amazing Rising Sun Stove Polish. Card in very good condition with crease and small tears along right side border.

  12. Rising Sun Stove Polish / Before-After Lady Cleaning Stove Click to view photo
    Matched pair of cards. 1st titled "LOOK ON THIS PICTURE" shows pretty Victorian lady looking at a dirty lady on her knees cleaning the stove - even the baby is dirty. 2nd titled "THEN ON THIS" shows same lady looking again, but this time the other lady is clean (and the baby) and so is her stove. The backs of the cards each have advertising for the company - each has a different ad. The back of one of the cards has a sliver of the paper peeled away. Other than that, the cards are in great condition - clean front and back.

  13. Rising Sun Stove Polish / Before-After Lady Cleaning Stove
    Duplicate of cards above. Has some age stain and edges have been trimmed, but otherwise nice. For Sale $2.

  14. Rising Sun Stove Polish / Before-After Husband wanting dinner Click to view photo
    Before and after. In first scene husband is disappointed that supper is not ready because stove and kitchen are dirty. In second scene the kitchen/stove are spotless and dinner is waiting. Card in very good condition with light soiling on front. Back has paper loss from being in an album.

  15. Rising Sun Stove Polish / Factory New Click to view photo
    Color fold-open card. One side shows manufacturing complex in Sharon, Mass. in 1881 (bottom) and another side shows the imposing residence of Elijah A. Morse in Canton, Mass. Morse was one of the proprietors (along with his brother) of the company. Measurements are the same as the previous item. Cover page shows us a logo for the product and a poem singing its praises. Back page has a nice illustration of the plant 20 years ago. Wear and soiling at edges; fold beginning to slightly separate, but of little distraction. Tiny, insignificant bend at bottom right of page shown in jpg. Overall condition still merits VG, despite the trivial.

  16. Rising Sun Stove Polish / Jewish Peddler New Click to view photo
    Folding card with color on two front sides. Shows stories of purchases by Mrs Sillybilly and Mrs Wiseman. Mrs Wiseman buys Rising Sun Stove polish and has wonderful results. Mrs Sillybilly bought another stove polish from Jewish peddler (ethnic bias here?) and has disastorous results.

  17. Rising Sun Stove Polish / Uncle Sam Store Display New Click to view photo
    Color front shows building with crowd of people in line to buy product. Uncle Sam (dressed as Maine Yankee) is in the foreground showing product to people from around the world. 8" x 12" store ad.
    I do not own this pricey item, but love the PIC so I posted it anyway.

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