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Dr. Thomas Ecletric Oil Victorian Trade Cards

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List of trade cards:

  1. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil / Monkey pulling polar bear's tooth Click to view photo
    Front shows monkey pulling down on rope that is tied over tree and to polar bear's tooth. A painful site with the polar bear's bloody mouth. Sign on tree reads "Teeth extracted without pain", which must mean polar has taken lots of product. Back has advertising text and lists some things that the product "will positively cure". This card is in very good condition, with only minor wear to the corners.

  2. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil / Lady in head dress Click to view photo
    Exotic chromolithography is noted in this nice Victorian tradecard advertising Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. Front has picture of fancily dress lady with head dress - the bustline on her dress reads "Dr Thomas' Electric Oil". The reverse side is in the same good condition as the display side and has extensive advertising text promoting the product and also has numerous testimonials. The reverse side reads in part "Are you limping with rheumatism or any kind of lameness-Suffering from a cut, scald, bruise, burn, bite, or strain-Troubled with toothache, earache, or headache-Enduring the agonies of those fearfully prevalent disorders, colds, asthma, or catarrh? If so, Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil will do you good...". The dealer's stamp on the reverse side is for EA Lavigne, Springfield, Mass. Measures 4 3/8 by 3 inchesand has no tears, rubs, or creases asides from some softening of the upper right corner.

  3. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil / Lady in head dress Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo
    Identical to card above (except for dealer stamp). Very good condition but is yellowed.

  4. Dr Thomas Eclectric Oil / Cat in box with bottle Click to view photo
    Color picture shows cat sitting in box of product with paw resting on a bottle. Very good condition but has stain on back that has partly bled thru to front. Still a nice card.

  5. Dr Thomas Eclectric Oil / Cats by globe - 9 bottles on back Click to view photo
    Front shows color picture of cats with a globe that reads "Dr Thomas Ecletric Oil is used all around the world". On back is 9 bottles, each with a reason for using the product. Card is in very good condition with some light creases and some staining on back.

  6. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil / Sledding Accident Front Click to view photo
    Front pictures girl riding sled and man falling down. Back advertises "It will positively cure toothache in 5 minutes, earache in 2 minutes, backache in 2 hours, lameness in 2 days, coughs in 20 minutes, hoarseness in 1 hour, sore throat in 12 hours, deafness in 2 days, pain of burn in 5 minutes, and some more I can't quite make out. Front side is a 1/2" tear, back is missing some print but most is legible. There are also some pencil markings on the back.

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