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Hood's Victorian Trade Cards

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List of trade cards:

  1. Hood's Sarsaparilla / Star Puzzle Click to view photo
    B&W front shows star puzzle. Very good condition.

  2. Hood's Sarsaparilla / Cupid with Box blowing Horn Click to view photo
    Color front shows cupid with box of medicine blowing his horn. Back has advertising text. Very good condition with some corner bends and light spotting.

  3. Hood's Sarsaparilla / Metamorphic Lady watching Horse crash Glass Click to view photo
    A very nice Victorian metamorphic trade card advertising HOOD'S SARSAPARILLA. Front shows pretty woman standing before a druggist's store, numerous boxes of Hood's Sarsaparilla in the window. Captions read "When e'er you meet / Upon the street, / A Girl whose hair is red. / At once you'll see, / 'Twixt you and me, / A White Horse too 'tis said." Under this is printed: 'So runs the legend, Here's the maid, / To see the White Horse, turn the page, / And be the omen bad or good, / USE SARSAPARILLA made by HOOD." When the fold-out is opened there is a great lithographic illustration of the white horse breaking through the front window of the druggist! Caption for this reads, "'Tis ever so, they're ne'er alone, / the White Horse now you see, / The maiden's frightened at the sight, / As she might so well be, / But people wise, like you and me, / Who HOOD'S SARSAPARILLA take, / care naught for omens ill or good, / they pin their faith and hope on HOOD." Finally, back of card has printed information about the product, mentioning how it cures Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Sick Headache, Indigestion, Catarrh, Rheumatism, Kidney or Liver Complaints, and That Tired Feeling. Excellent trade card in excellent condition with just some creases near the fold. Colors even brighter than scan shows.

  4. Hood's Sarsaparilla / Barnum Circus Click to view photo
    Hood's Sarsaparilla trade card with picture of Barnum (the circus dude) holding the product. Glue spots that appear on back in photo have been cleaned off successfully with a damp cloth. Colorful front, excellent condition.

  5. Hood's Sarsaparilla / First Lesson - Dog killing Rat No PIC Yet
    Front size shows picture of mother dog killing rat in front of 3 puppies. Front reads "Take Hood's Sarsaparilla 100 Does One Dollar" and "First Lesson". Back has extensive advertising about curing catarrh by purifying the blood.

  6. Hood's Sarsaparilla / Girl in English riding outfit with 7 dogs Click to view photo
    Hood's Sarsaparilla trade card with colorful picture of little girl in English riding outfit surrounded by 7 dogs. Back has text advertising. Card has yellowed and has 3 glue spots on back, but otherwise in great condition.

  7. Hood's Pills / Girl with head in hands Same picture in standard card Click to view photo
    Die cut card with picture of little girl with head in her hands. Front reads "Hood's Pills, Cure Liver Ills". Back has advertising for the product.

  8. Hood's Sarsaparilla / Lady thru Newspaper Photo of similar card Click to view photo
    1884 Hood's Sarsaparilla tradecard with wonderful chromolithography resulting in a 3-dimensional appearance of a ladies face busting through a newspaper full of advertising for Hood's products.

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