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Reggie's Non-Bottle Victorian Trade Cards

This page contains Reggie's Victorian Trade Cards that are used to promote products that were NOT sold in a bottle.

List of trade cards:

  1. Adams & Westlake Non-Exploding Oil Stove / Monkeys at Table Front Click to view photo Sold
    B&W card with picture of the 3 monkeys at table beside a stove. Front reads "Greatly improved for 1881. The Adams & Westlake Wire Guaze, Non Explosive, Oil Stove. A marvel of comfort and convenience." Back has more advertising. Excellent condition on front, back has four glue stains but all text is readable. SOLD.

  2. Arbuckle's Coffee

  3. Ball's Corsets / Victorian Lady No PIC yet For Sale
    Front shows beautiful color litho of Victorian lady and is entitled "Balls Corsets Fit At Once". Back has product advertising and dealer stamp for Thos. Mosher in Michigan. Card is in near mint condition. For Sale $12.

  4. Buffalo Soap / Pea Man in tree Click to view photo For Sale
    Color litho of a vegetable person: PeaMan, who is sitting in a tree while husband and wife squabble below. Image is perfect but sides have been trimmed. Reverse has B&W picture ad for Bell's Buffalo Soap. Reverse mostly intact with some glue marks and one small scrape. For Sale $12.

  5. Ceresota Flour / Boy with large loaf bread No PIC yet For Sale
    1902 tradecard for Ceresota Flour. Back has advertising and suggestions for use. Great condition with one small tear. For Sale $6.

  6. Chase & Sanborn Coffee / Hobo lighting pipe Click to view photo For Sale
    Front has color picture of hobo lighting his pipe. Sack on his hip is full of green and pink advertising flyers that he's putting up on walls. Beside him is a bucket (of glue?) with brush. Copyrighted 1886. Back has "Simple Rules for Making Coffee" with detailed instructions and cautions. Card is in excellent condition with just two bent corners. For Sale $15.

  7. Clark's O.N.T. Thread

  8. Congress Shoes / Sweet Girl with Basket & Bonnett Click to view photo For Sale
    Front has picture of very sweet little girl in white dress with bonnet, she's resting her arm on a basket of flowers. This trade card is in good shape with no tears or folds. The front has no discoloration. The back has advertising and 4 glue spots in each corner. This card measures 3 1/8" x 4 1/8". For Sale $10.

  9. Cortland Home Ventilator / folder card Click to view photo
    Pic only shows 2 pages of the large 4 page (double sided) Trade Card for the Cortland Home Ventilator (a stove). This card measures 6 1/2" X 20" when opened. It has 2 more drawings on the inside in red and green that show the effectivness of the system.

  10. Decker Brothers / Pianos Click to view photo Sold
    Front show picture of lady in glasses reading paper about Decker Pianos. Back has advertising and dealer stamp. Good condition with worn edges on one bent corner (bottom right). SOLD.

  11. Domestic Sewing Machines

  12. Duke of Durham Tobacco / Metamorphic with 2 babies New Before Click to view photo After Click to view photo
    Before/after metamorphic card. Paper scuff, paper remnants on back from scrapbook.

  13. A.J. Fisher Dry Goods / Sailor Boy No PIC Yet For Sale
    Front has picture of sailor boy holding rope on a ship. Back is plain. Great condition. For Sale $4.

  14. Good-Will Soap / Girl in Pink dress with green sash Click to view photo For Sale
    Pictures little girl in pink dress with green sash advertising Good-Will Soap. For Sale $8.

  15. Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea / Easter Belles No PIC yet For Sale
    Large 5 7/8" x 6 5/8" trade card entitled "Easter Belles" and copyrighted 1884 by the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company in NY. Picture shows three little girls in white dresses with blue trim and white bonnetts. Back has advertising info including a list of about 70 branch houses throughout the USA. Condition is good with some bends and bottom left corner missing. For Sale $3

  16. JW Hamblet Coffee / Girl in Blue Bonnett Click to view photo For Sale
    Large card 7 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches in very good condition with a great picture of a young girl in blue bonnett. From the JW Hamblet Company of NYC and Brooklyn, sellers of coffee and the celebrated cream java coffee. For Sale $20.

  17. Ray Hubbel's Metal Corners for Oil Cloths / Cherubs Click to view photo For Sale
    This card advertises Metal Corners for Oil Cloths, a rare subject. Card shows cherubs installing product in a detailed scene of a Victorian parlor. About 5" x 3", margins trimmed, scratch in lower left, glue traces on back. For Sale $12.

  18. Jackson's Tobacco / Rich Men Click to view photo For Sale
    Metamorphic card with before shot that shows two plain dress men, but flip down the flap and they become wealthy dressed men - just from chewing Jackson's tobacco (I got to get me some of that stuff). Card is in excellent condition with only some age staining. For Sale $20.

  19. Kingsford's Oswego Starch, Columbian Expo / Topless Indian Queen with Eagles Click to view photo
    Color front shows topless Indian Queen with eagles. A booklet having 12 pages of text and full color illustrations on 2 inside covers (Expo Agricultural Bldg, Kingsford Oswego Factory); back cover (Kingsford Expo exhibit); and 4 inside pages (each showing a different starch product). Indian maiden shown on the front because Kingsford Starch was made from Indian corn. Excellent condition with binding creases but no problems.
    Also see Brown's Indian Queen figural bottle.

  20. Lane & Steil Furniture / Puzzle Card Click to view photo For Sale
    B&W front is puzzle card - your are suppose to find kangaroo, tiger, bull, hog, sheep, and other animals. Back has advertisement for Lane & Steil Furniture. Circa 1880s. Excellent condition. For Sale $10.

  21. Larkin Soap / Monkey Wedding Click to view photo For Sale
    Color litho of a monkey wedding advertising Larkin Soap. Bottom of card has been cut off. Reverse is blank. For Sale $5.

  22. Lautz Soap / Little Girls Kissing Click to view photo For Sale
    Beautiful color picture of two little girls kissing. An innocent picture in the 1880's, but doubt you would see advertisers show this scene today. For Sale $15.

  23. D.D. Mallory & Co / Diamond Brand Baltimore Oysters Click to view photo For Sale
    Beautiful picture of winged cupid. Back side is blank. For Sale $8.

  24. Met Life Insurance Matched 4 Click to view photo Extra 3 Click to view photo For Sale
    Set of 7 trade cards advertising Met Life Insurance. The first 4 are matched and measure 3 1/4 by 5 1/4 inches. They are in good condition and show children in various poses (with a sailboat, birds in a nest, etc.) on front in lovely color and on the back is black and white print with info on Met Life (Industrial or Burial Fund Insurance...cost 5 cents per week and to members over $2,000,000 invested..5 cents a week will insure a child aged from 1 to 12 ... 50 cents a week will insure a person aged 35 for $710 ... Apply to C.P. Williams, Portland, Me.). The 3 extra Met Life cards are in less fine but still fairly good condition: one is 3 1/2 by 5 1/4 and shows a young bowl with a butterfly net and his arms around a girl, similar insurance type info printed on the back, great color, a few tiny surface flecks and very slight warp to upper portion; the second is 6 1/4 by 2 3/4 and shows a girl with fishing pole and fish. It is crinkled and knicked on the upper portion of the card, with some tiny surface flecks; the last card is 3 by 4 1/2 inches and shows a girl and smaller boy walking with lunch pails, printed info on back, nice color, slight crease on one corner. For Sale $25.

  25. New Home Sewing Machines / Our Newly Married Neighbors Click to view photo For Sale
    1882 trade card for New Home Sewing Machine. Part of a series that depicts life in the neighboorhood. Lithographed by Morgan & Co. Card is in excellent condition with just a bent corner. For Sale $12.

  26. Old Judge Cigarettes / Buxom Victorian Lady Click to view photo For Sale
    Nice large (6 1/8 by 4 1/4 inches) tradecard advertising Old Judge Cigarettes. The display side is shown. The reverse side has textual advertising in bold blue and red print that reads in part "Very Purest! Very Finest! Blood will tell! So Does Quality! Unequalled for Quality, Purity, and Workmanship!" The display side has a small stain at the upper right corner as shown but no creases, rubs, or tears. The reverse side has rubs along the four borders from prior glue marks, but they do not obscure any of the textual advertising. For Sale $22.

  27. Patriotic Set Click to view photo For Sale
    FLAG/PATRIOTIC ADV TRADE CARDS 1880s Five (5) gold advertising trade cards for various products or various series. Vary in size from about 2" x 3 �" to 3" x 5". Very colorful and charming. Spot on one but all in good condition as shown in photo. All have blank backs. For Sale $20.

  28. Pearline Soap
    1. Pearline's Washing Compound / Girl wrapping dollars in doll's hair Click to view photo For Sale
      Notice the dollies hair being wrapped in dollar bills. It is not in the best of shape, but cute all the same. It measures appx 2 1/2" x 4". Corners are rounded - don't know if they are suppose to be or not. Some smudges and discoloration on front. The back has age discoloration (or glue discoloration) on the entire surface of the back. For Sale $10.

    2. Pearline / Girl on bed whispering hush Click to view photo For Sale
      Girl on bed whispering hush. For Sale $6.

    3. Pearline / Girls sitting with flowers No PIC Yet For Sale
      Color picture on front shows two girls sitting with a boquet of flowers. Caption reads "Why drudge and toil each cleaning day, When Pearline drives hard work away.". Back has advertisement taken from The Boston Beacon about Pyle's Perline. Card in excellent shape with no tears/bends. For Sale $7.

  29. Phelps, Dodge & Palmer Ladies Fine Sewed Shoes / Girl on Toadstool with Frog No PIC Yet
    Red on gold trade card that pictures small girl on toadstool with umbrella; she's looking at a frog. Back has advertising text.

  30. Pet Cigarettes / Two Girls Click to view photo
    Color front shows two girls hugging. Company from Richmond. Nice condition but has surface rub on bottom right side & repair bottom left side For Sale $12.

  31. Prize Medals Stoves / Cupid with Stove Click to view photo For Sale
    Color litho on front shows stove with cupid. Reads "Prize Medal, Rathbone, Sard & Co.". Very good condition, 4 1/2" x3". SOLD.

  32. Putnam Horseshoe Nails / 3 Riding Scenes Click to view photo For Sale
    Series of 3 trade cards for Putnam horseshoe nails. Each card shows color litho of a different horse riding scene: "On The Road", "The Retreat", and "Those Horrid Boys". Back has advertising. All 3 in excellent condition. For Sale $22.

  33. Rising Sun Stove Blacking & Polish

  34. Roby's Celebrated Double Busk Corsets / Lady with corset looking in mirror Click to view photo For Sale
    Victorian Tradecard for Roby's Celebrated Double Busk Corsets ("Those who have them will have no other!"). The display side is shown and is in excellent condition with no rubs, creases, or tears. The reverse side is also in excellent condition with textual advertising and no yellowing or stains. Measures 5 3/8 by 3 1/4 inches. SOLD.

  35. Rutland Stove Liners / Girls Kissing over broken doll Click to view photo For Sale
    Picture of two girls kissing over a broken dollie lying on the floor. Card in very good condition with no tears/folds, but back has glue spots and the writing on back is splotchy in some areas. For Sale $15.

  36. Solar Tip Shoes

  37. M. Stetzer Dry Goods / Girl in Dress with Rose No PIC Yet
    Front has color picture of girl in dress holding a rose. Back advertises "M. Stetzer, One-Price House, Dry Goods, Notions, Fancy Goods, Jerseys, &c., 611 N. Gay Street, Near Aisquith Street, Baltimore, MD.". Card is in excellent condition.

  38. Swift Lard / Pigs at School Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo For Sale
    Color front shows pigs at school. Advertises Swift Silver Leaf Lard. Back shows factory. For Sale $15.

  39. Union Pacific Tea / Kids with Flag floating in an Egg No PIC yet

  40. Welcome Soap
    1. Welcome Soap / Cupid Click to view photo For Sale
      Front shows picture of Cupid presenting box of Welcome Soap to two ladies. Front says "Curtis Davis & Co / Boston, Mass.". Back is blank. Great condition. For Sale $13.

    2. Welcome Soap / Dr. and Baby Click to view photo For Sale
      Front shows picture of Dr exclaiming joy to lady holding a smiling baby. Front says "Curtis Davis & Co / Boston, Mass.". Back is blank. Great condition. For Sale $10.

    3. Welcome Soap / Gentlemen Shaking Click to view photo For Sale
      Front shows picture of portly dad welcoming suitor to dinner, mother and daughter in the background. Front says "Curtis Davis & Co / Boston, Mass.". Back is blank. Great condition. For Sale $8.

  41. White Sewing Machine Co / Girl waving flag and riding chair No PIC yet

  42. Willimantic Thread

  43. Wilson's Reliable Yeast / Man jumping from chair as dog looks New Click to view photo
    This is an old Victorian trade card advertising Wilson's Reliable Yeast. Measures 3" x 4 1/4". Advertising on the reverse. Very good condition.

  44. Wind Mill Iron Pump / Two Pane showing windmill and pump in operation Click to view photo Sold
    B. S. Williams & Co Wind Mill Iron Pump ... of Kalamazoo Michigan. Folded two pane card. Unfolded 6 1/2" x 6". Says "For a better way see below". Inside is lengthy story of Mr Spoopendyke who ejaculated with happiness when Mrs Spoopendyke turned the water on. Written in ink is July 6 1883 Vergennes (quite faded but still legible). Also is stamped J A Watts & Son Middlebury VT. SOLD.

  45. Wool Soap / Little Girls in Shirts showing tushie Click to view photo For Sale
    Front reads "My Momma Used Wool Soap" "I Wish Mine Had". This card is in excellent shape with only a very minute tear on right middle edge. Other than that, no folds or creases. The advertisement on the back is in great shape with only two glue strip lines at top and bottom, but not bad. For Sale $12.

  46. Lucille Young / Bust Developing Treatment / Chicago Click to view photo Sold
    3"x3" label in sepiatone for Lucille Young's Bust Cream which was to be massaged onto the breasts to make them larger. Unused label is in excellent condition. SOLD.

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